Agios Tychonas village: a place for a comfortable life

Деревня Агиос Тихонас: удобное место для комфортной жизни
28 July 2021 DOM LiVE

Last time we visited the northeastern and northwestern areas of the village of Agios Tychonas and found beautiful views, high buildings and residential complexes there.

Today we will walk through the southern part of the village and take a look into the residential area to the west of the village.

Southern areas

We can start in the picturesque center of the village.

From the center we will move south, along a ravine or a dried-up river bed. Here you can see some more interesting villas and residential complexes.

A little closer to the highway, the developer is building a new residential area.

And here is a large-scale private construction project.

In the same area, the developer Coast & Hills is preparing to begin construction of the Amathus Gardens villas.

This very road, which runs south from the center of the village, passes under the road and goes to the sea in the area of the church of St. Barbara and the ruins of ancient Amathus.

Western Territories

Separately from the main territory of the village of Agios Tychonas, but also beyond the road, lies a cottage village bordering Mouttagiaka. It is built up with private villas.

Agios Tychonas differs, for example, from Mouttagiaka, in much narrower streets, over which the huge cathedral of St. Tikhon rises, a less convenient road network, and a large difference in height.

From this, life here acquires a special taste and really resembles life somewhere in the mountains.

If this is not to your liking, you can safely settle a little higher, on a hill, to admire the breathtaking views of the mountains or the sea every day. Or vice versa, going down to the southern or western outskirts of the village, from where it may be even more convenient to get to Limassol.

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