Limassol and surroundings: exploring Agios Tychonas. Part 2

Лимассол и его окрестности: изучая Агиос Тихонас. Часть 2
7 July 2021 George Vidiakin

Last time we reached the Four Seasons hotel and wondered why this Limassol hotel is not on the official website of the famous chain.

The answer is simple: the Limassol hotel has nothing to do with the Canadian Four Seasons chain (OK, except for the name).

We should admit that the Cypriot owners of the hotel do not hide this. The official website states that the hotel, owned by Muskita Hotels Ltd, is "independently operated."

Although this fact is not hidden, on travel portals (such as Trip Advisor), you can find outraged customer reviews, who discovered this 'colorful local feature' only after checking in.

"Four seasons" are surrounded by modern and not very modern houses.

Let's move on. Here we can see the Mediterranean hotel. At first our attention will be attracted by the high-rise dominant - the Mediterranean Residences tower.

After it we will see a low hotel building. By the way, it's a very good example of Cypriot modernism.

Because of this architectural style, the hotel strongly resembles Soviet sanatoriums. Especially if you add a little fantasy. Like this (Yalta, July 1972):

If we go further, we can see a giant construction site through the fence on the right.

A tower is also being built here - Amathus Residences. As you might guess, it is directly related to the nearby Amathus hotel. The hotel, by the way, is also an excellent example of modernism.

Directly across from Amathus, across the street, Prime Property is preparing to build two very high Infinity Towers.

The pit for them now looks like this:

Behind the Amathus Hotel, there are apartment buildings and shops on both sides of the street.

Suddenly, under one of the restaurants, this appears:

This is probably some kind of ancient tomb. There is another one next to it.

After going a little further, we reach the end of the sidewalk. By the way, this is where the bike path, which began in Mouttagiaka, near the Aquarius hotel, also ends.

This adorable Aphrodite welcomes everyone who finally came here

There is now no sidewalk along the road, so it is better to go down to the sea and follow the footpath and wooden deck.

Remains of a medieval tower mark the beginning of a walking path

To our left there will be a place where the ancient city of Amathus used to be (we talked about it in detail in the first part).

Somewhere here, at the bottom of the sea, rests the ancient port of Amathus, which will soon be opened for divers

You can return to the road in the area of the church of St. Barbara.

Let's turn off our main path and climb up to a pretty cottage village on the top of the hill. You can get here by car or, after parking on the west side, go up the stairs.

The houses here are very adorable.

An interesting idea is to make a climbing wall on the outer wall

Facade lettering: Hearth of Philosophy

At the very peak, there is a place called the Eagle Eye, from where there is a stunning view of Agios Tychonas and neighboring Parekklisia.

After traveling up the hill, we will return to our avenue.

Urban development is gradually reclaiming space here. On the left, on a small hill, there are private houses, and then the territory of the Atlantica Bay hotel begins.

Напротив расположился жилой район Halcyon, перед которым очень удачно облагорожена территория.

Finally, we reached the new Amara Hotel.

If we turn left at the roundabout, we come to the large residential complex Amathusia Coastal Heights from Cybarco.

Let's go back along the sea. The seacoast is occupied mainly by hotels and apartment buildings, sometimes private housing comes across.

The municipal authorities are especially fond of the bridges, of which there are several along the path along the sea.

The sea path ends in a rather ingloriously dilapidated section.

Finally, let's take a look at the outskirts of the Agios Tychonas neighborhood.

What hides the road that runs along the highway?

A real residential complex on a tree.

Summing up, we can admit that Agios Tychonas is very different. Here you can find ultra-modern high-rise buildings, new residential complexes, and secondary housing of varying degrees of preservation.

Due to the abundance of hotels, there are always a lot of foreigners here, and the restaurants and beaches make this area very lively (which inevitably affects the locals, who are forced to put up with noisy gatherings until the morning). If you are attracted by the diversity, the pulse of life, excellent beaches and delicious food, feel free to choose this place to live and relax.

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