Agios Tychonas village: modernity under the guise of history

Деревня Агиос Тихонас: современность под видом истории
23 July 2021 George Vidiakin

Agios Tychonas is a unique place that combines the features of Cypriot mountain villages and Limassol suburb.

Very interesting examples of architecture have been preserved here or have appeared in recent decades. There are also towers. We stayed near one of them last time.

This tower can be called the most atmospheric. It has been qualitatively restored, and the stone is successfully combined with the wood. But, the village has more examples of the 'residential turrets'.

The cathedral

Separately, it should be said about the huge temple that adorns the center of the village and is visible from everywhere.

Let's start from afar.

In ecclesiastical terms, Cyprus is divided into metropoleis. The boundaries of metropoleis and districts do not always coincide with each other. For example, Pissouri belongs to the Limassol district, but to the metropolis of Paphos. In turn, the metropolis of Limassol includes the diocese of Amathus with its center in Agios Tychonas. That means that the temple of this village has the status of the main church building of the Amaphunt diocese. By the way, it was consecrated not so long ago - only in 2017.

It's amazing how powerful and fundamental this church looks.

Partly this effect is achieved by low-rise buildings around, partly - by masonry and stone blocks, which are lined with walls. Here are some more photos.

Let's go northeast

If we continue to keep the same road that led us to Agios Tychonas, then we can go to the famous tavern Tria Alonia (which means "three threshing floors"). Now, however, it is closed for repairs.

The historical part of the village ends here, the cottage suburb begins.

Suddenly, an old bridge is visible on the ground to the right, it looks like the Venetian bridges in Troodos.

If you go further without turning off, you can come to the center of neighboring Parekklisia. But, we do not need to go there yet, so we will turn left and move up the hillside.

Views of the slope from the top of the hill

Here, among private houses, the Ikon residential complex is located.

The road outside the gate leads to such buildings.

Ikon is adjacent to a private villa.

The view from here is amazing.

And now to the northwest

We return to the historic center.

Now we will move to the north-west, along the street Grigori Afxentiou. Here, a gigantic black parallelepiped immediately catches the eye of a casual passer-by.

This is not the residence of the supervillain from the James Bond films, but a private home.

Around it, on the hill, there are several more residential buildings.

And there are several houses along Afxentiou street.

Next time we will visit the southern quarter of the village of Agios Tychonas and a small area of ​​luxury real estate in the west, which is connected with the village only administratively.

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