Most Interesting Trends in Real Estate Market in 2021. Part 2

Самые интересные тренды на рынке недвижимости в 2021 году. Часть 2
11 October 2021 Vlad Yazykov

The pandemic appears to be far from over.

This summer, the world was optimistic about the gradual opening of borders and lifting of restrictions. However, closer to the fall, the infection went on the offensive.

The hopes for the miracle that vaccination was supposed to create were not fully justified. By the end of the second pandemic year, the world is still far from recovery.

But, if a coronavirus is unambiguously evil, then the coronacrisis is an exam, another challenge for the human ability to adapt to any conditions. It was this ability that once made our species dominant on the planet (at least among multicellular organisms). However, it still needs training from time to time.

The pandemic has accelerated many processes that would normally require a gradual transformation of consciousness, and has led to the rapid development of means and technical capabilities for their implementation.

The main trend is that humanity has realized that a modern person may well not leave his home and at the same time lead an active life, work, rest, communicate. Everything that is needed for a huge part of humanity can be found on the Internet and this will take just a couple of clicks.

This, of course, also applies to online work, which first became popular 10-15 years ago! The better the conditions for Internet access became, the more people began to work away from offices.

It was this trend that influenced the preferences of potential buyers, investors, and ultimately developers and builders.

The first conclusion is that for a modern hermit it does not matter at all how far from the economic, financial and political centers his den is, the main thing is that it has reliable Wi-Fi.

From this postulate, a request arises - if the house is not only "my fortress", but also "my office", then let it be comfortable, safe and, preferably, for peace of mind and moral satisfaction - environmentally friendly with a minimum carbon footprint.

In the planning solutions of apartments, we see a demand for designing a study, or the allocation of a separate working area in small living spaces, says one of the experts associated with the design of premises.

This is also recorded by sociological surveys.

60% of EU residents, according to Eurostat, after the March 2020 lockdown, people are thinking about improving their living conditions. It is not only about the number of square meters, but also about the quality. New demands are emerging for modern housing. Three factors will gain even more value for the homebuyer during and after the pandemic: security, privacy, and developed infrastructure near the home.

Of course, we should not expect that consumer preferences will immediately change the projects of developers.

However, it is likely that in the coming years, within a particular residential building, one can expect a decrease in the number of apartments per floor, an increase in the average area of ​​apartments, the introduction of contactless access systems and management of engineering systems. It is also possible that "non-residential" study rooms will appear in the layouts proposed by the developer, as well as an increase in the percentage of houses equipped with loggias.

The demand for open spaces in the form of balconies and terraces has returned, where both leisure and work can be organized. For small apartments - a request for the possibility of maximum transformation for any process - be it work, training or leisure. For luxury real estate - the same reasons have caused the demand for zoning and maximum comfort.

This year, the demand for smart home control systems has also grown significantly. People want to be able to manage business processes with one click, and all the necessary equipment in the house with a click.

This trend has also affected commercial real estate. Developers testify to the emergence of demand in hotel room layouts for the design of a sports area and a working area equipped with a large screen inside the room.

The second is that there is no need to visit the office every day, which means that you do not need to live near your work.

There are places that are more interesting than the city center both in terms of environmental friendliness and in terms of tranquility and safety. The ideal option is a villa or a low-rise residential complex outside the city.

Such residential complexes have a low building density, beautiful natural landscape and good infrastructure. They will undoubtedly be in demand. The pandemic has returned interest in suburban life, but not everyone can afford to live in a private home. Mid-rise suburban projects surrounded by nature and with high-quality infrastructure are a great alternative to a private home for citizens who have moved out of town and have completely switched to remote work.

Residents of apartments in such residential complexes will have access to round-the-clock service, as well as separate rooms for meetings, events; the project has a coworking space and landscaped terraces. Everything so that you can live and work comfortably, almost without leaving your home.

Thus, the previously existing clear boundary between residential and administrative buildings becomes transparent: housing turns out to be a little bit of an office, and an office is a little bit of housing. At the intersection of this border, there are, for example, coworking spaces, which a worker who does not have a comfortable office in the apartment can visit. The teleworking trend has given the green light to the idea of ​​creating coworking spaces in residential buildings.

And finally, the third trend is the migration of online workers from northern countries to ones with warm maritime climate.

At the same time, the trend of moving to warm regions is worldwide. For example, in America, employees of large corporations who have started to work remotely move from New York to Miami. And many Russians prefer Cyprus.

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