Top Attractions In Larnaca

Достопримечательности Ларнаки на Кипре - что можно посмотреть самостоятельно
10 November 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Larnaca is deservedly called one of the oldest existing cities in Cyprus. It is more than three thousand years old!

During this time, Larnaca has experienced several heyday and decline. Now it is a large city in Cyprus, which amazes with the number of attractions. Both ancient and modern. Moreover, some of them are located directly inside the city center.

Attractions in the heart of Larnaca

If you are not going to rent a car or take a guided tour, you can visit all these places. On foot and by public transport.

1. Finikoudes embankment

The first thing that tourists want to see is the sea! Even if it's winter outside, everyone wants to look at the sea.

Therefore, visiting the Finikoudes promenade is a great idea. Moreover, several other attractions can be found here: a fort, a marina, Europe Square and so on.

The promenade runs along the sea coast and the beach of the same name, Finikoudes. The entire space is fenced off with soundproofing barriers, and on the way there are cafes, restaurants and shops.

Walking, you can fully plunge into the atmosphere of Larnaca and get to know the city better. You can get here on foot from the center, by taxi from distant areas, or by public transport.

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2. Old fort

The fort, or fortress of Larnaca, is located right on the coast, at the southern end of the Finikoudes promenade. Its creation is attributed to the 14th century, but its modern appearance belongs to the 17th century. It was then that it was rebuilt after destruction.

During the reign of the British Empire, the fortress was used as a prison and even as a place of torture and execution. Now a museum remains "in memory" of these terrible times. But, even if you do not go inside, you can fully enjoy the view of the ancient fort from the outside.

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3. Larnaca Marina

The marina on the island is called the ports and marinas. Now the improvement of the Larnaca marina is in full swing: soon there will be developed infrastructure, elite residential complexes, shops and entertainment centers.

In the meantime, tourists admire the beautiful yachts and watch the ships enter and leave the port. Since the marina is located on the northern part of the Finikoudes promenade, it is simply impossible to walk past it.

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4. Europe Square

The square "crowns" the embankment. This is a small space where you can sit and relax. The main thing that is advised to pay attention to is the buildings of the colonial era. Indeed, all buildings have been restored and are in perfect condition.

One of them, by the way, houses the Larnaca Art Gallery. If you wish, you can go and look at the creations of contemporary artists and their predecessors.

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5. Pierides Museum

This is a private museum that rivals the municipal one in scope. It was founded by archaeologist Demetrios Pierides in the 19th century, and the collection of 2500 exhibits is still growing!

Here you can see Cypriot household items, clothes, tools and even weapons! Some artifacts date back to the Neolithic era - that is, they are at least 8 thousand years old. This is exactly the time when the first people settled on the territory of present-day Larnaca.

The museum is located not far from Europe Square. So it will be on the way to look here!

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6. Archaeological Museum

Do not confuse it with the previous museum. The Larnaca Archaeological Museum is located in Kalogreon Square. However, it will not be difficult to reach it on foot.

You will see ancient exhibits that are important milestones not only in the history of Cyprus, but also in world history! The artifacts mainly belong to the heydays of the Mycenaean culture, and almost all of them are very valuable to researchers.

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7. Old Turkish Quarter - Skala

If you go from the fortress on the Finikoudes embankment towards the Mackenzie district, there will be absolutely amazing places. This is an area called Skala. It is conventionally divided into new and old parts.

If the new one is the location of new buildings, then the old one is the embodiment of Larnaca in the 70-80s of the last century. It is quiet, calm and even sleepy here. There are refugees who fled the North during the 1974 conflict.

This is not to say that Skala is insanely beautiful - but it is definitely atmospheric. If you are exploring Cyprus on your own and on foot and want to learn more about it than just external facts, then be sure to take a look here.

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8. Mackenzie Beach

Mackenzie is one of the most modern and actively developing areas in Larnaca. It is located between the city and the airport, which makes it convenient for life and tourism.

Mackenzie Beach is not just a place to relax, but an interesting location: the secret lies in the proximity of the airport. Landing planes fly right over the sunbathers!

Many tourists and locals have learned to take funny photos: they "catch" airplanes with their hands, "hide" from them. In general, the beach is good: it is comfortable, equipped with everything you need, and there are excellent bars and restaurants nearby.

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9. Church of St. Lazarus

Let's go back to the center of Larnaca. There are many interesting things left here! For example, the cult temple of St. Lazarus. The church was built in the 9th century, which means that it is more than a thousand years old! So she herself, despite the fact that she was subjected to destruction and restoration, is considered a great value.

True, the shrine kept in the church is even more valuable for the entire Christian world. These are the relics of Saint Lazarus - the very one who was resurrected by Jesus. Cyprus managed to save some of them, and all believers can bow to the ark with miraculous remains.

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10. Panagia Faneromeni Church

Another shrine in Larnaca, however, is not as old as the previous temple - it is only 100 years old. And the new building was erected in 2006. However, every believer needs to look here. The fact is that an ancient tomb of 3000 years old is kept on the territory of the church.

It is believed that Christians took refuge here from persecution in turbulent times, and there have been many of them over the course of three thousand years. Since then, pilgrims have come to Panagia Faneromeni to ask the Virgin Mary for health, as well as to worship all those who have endured persecution in the name of faith.

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11. Church of Panagia Chrysopolitissa

You can walk here from the previous church. And you will not regret it: the beautiful architecture of the 18th century will conquer you with its beauty. Of course, the temple was in this place before. But it was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. And the beautiful bell tower was erected in 19th century.

The interior is no less beautiful: the carved iconostasis is covered with gold, there are silver splashes. Also of great value are the icons of the XV-XVI centuries, which have been preserved to this day.

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12. Ancient Citium

A few steps from Panagia Chrysopolitissa there is a unique location - the excavations of the ancient city of Citium (Kition), which are actually the center of present-day Larnaca.

The ancient city of Kition was founded in 1200 BC. It was a large and developed city, in fact the capital of a whole kingdom. Fragments of the temple, walls and frescoes have survived to this day.

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13. Jami Kebir Mosque

Not only Orthodox churches adorn modern Larnaca. There are echoes of other times in the city when Cyprus was under the control of the Ottoman Empire. The building with the minaret that we see today was erected in the 19th century, but it was only a "restoration". Previously, there was already a temple here, but historians cannot agree in any way: is it a Christian church or a mosque?

Jami Kebir can be seen from the embankment of Larnaca and other points of the city. Anyone of any religion can go inside: the main thing is to take off your shoes and cover your head (mandatory for women).

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14. Kyriazis Medical Museum

It would seem that what could be interesting in a medical museum for an ordinary person, not a doctor? Yes, a lot of things! For example, from antique instruments and devices to quite “modern” Coca-Cola, however, from the beginning of the last century. When the drink still helped with a cough.

The private collection is impressive: it has been collected by more than one generation. Even now, doctors continue to transfer obsolete, but very interesting exhibits to the museum. It's hard to tell. Better to come in and see once!

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15. City park

Cyprus is an arid island and, in a sense, there are problems with vegetation. This is especially acute in the city, so every park, even a small one, is an important location.

Larnaca Municipal City Park is just a refined island of greenery, with playgrounds and cultural institutions: a library, a theater and the Natural History Museum. It is nice to come here with children or just take a walk if you want to get to know the local life better.

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16. Art Gallery + Bar Apothiki 79

Not all of the island's attractions must be ancient. Sometimes one unusual place is enough to fall in love with him. And the bar-gallery Apothiki 79 belongs to just such places.

Something interesting is happening there all the time: exhibitions, screenings, performances by musicians, concerts. All this takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and over a cup of coffee or wine.

Address: Agiu Lazarou, 81-83

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17. EmiraPottery workshop

Want to take a piece of Cyprus with you from your vacation? Then take a look at the unique pottery workshop for adults and children. You can just watch, or you can do it yourself!

If you are not ready to waste time, then just buy a piece of traditional Cypriot tableware. Either way, Emira Pottery will delight you as a traveler.

Address: Mehmet Ali, 13

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The nearest suburb of Larnaca

If you are in the mood for a ride or a walk further - welcome to the outskirts of the city! There is no less interesting here than within it.

18. Salt Lake

More precisely, there are several lakes, but attention is usually paid to the largest one, called Aliki. Earlier the territory of this place was part of the sea, and then it was separated by a strip of land.

Either way, Larnaca's lakes have two remarkable features. First, when the water dries up, the lake is covered with a crust of salt. And in the rays of the sun it can play so that a mirror surface appears! And someone even saw magic mirages.

Second feature: pink flamingos. They arrive on the shores of the salt lake in October, nest, breed and leave Larnaca in April. Flamingos can (and should) be watched, but not disturbed. Therefore, loud shouts and even more so hunting are prohibited.

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19. Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque

The fourth largest shrine in the Turkish Muslim world is located in Larnaca. According to legend, the mosque was erected on the burial place of a respected woman named Umm Haram.

The mosque has stood on the shores of salt lakes for three centuries. Services are held twice a year on major holidays. The rest of the time, the shrine is open to the public and can be viewed during the day.

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20. Kamares Aqueduct

Previously, the length of the aqueduct was 10 kilometers. A huge value for those times. By the way, the aqueduct was erected during the reign of the Ottoman Empire by decree of one pasha. Kamares supplied water to the whole city!

Unfortunately, now only 300 meters are left from the Larnaca aqueduct. But there are enough of them to surprise, admire and understand how long our civilization has existed.

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21. Zenobia sunken ferry

If you flew to Larnaca airport, you probably managed to hear about the sunken ferry, which you must look at from the plane. But if you're unlucky, it doesn't matter, you can take a diving excursion and go down to the ship on your own.

Zenobia has been on the seabed for 40 years. During this time, she managed to become part of the ecosystem and fall in love with many divers: both local and visitors.

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22. Church of Panagia Angeloktisti in Kiti

Not far from Larnaca, there is the Kiti settlement, where the ancient Angeloktisti temple stands. Firstly, it is old, they began to build it from the fifth century AD. But, in the XI century it had to be rebuilt almost from scratch, since the temple was destroyed.

Secondly, frescoes dating back to the 6th century have survived since ancient times! And the architecture of the temple itself is impressive. If you get from Larnaca to Kiti, be sure to check out this masterpiece.

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23. Church of Panagia Semistrelia

A relatively new temple in Larnaca, which opened in 2006. Its peculiarity is a Russian Orthodox church, and services are held there according to the Russian canon. It turns out that he is very popular with his compatriots living in Cyprus!

A bonus for those who decide to get to the temple - from it you can see Stavrovouni Mount, on which the eponymous monastery is located. It will be discussed below.

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Sights in Larnaca district

If you have the opportunity to rent a car or take an excursion, be sure to use it. As in the suburbs of Larnaca there are a lot of beautiful villages and interesting places that will surprise you.

24. Stavrovouni Monastery

One of the largest and most famous monasteries in Cyprus. Stavrovouni is an active male monastery, so women will not be allowed inside. However, this does not mean that one should give up the trip - the appearance of the temple located on the mountain is impressive.

And it's worth climbing the mountain: it offers a view of the sea and mountains. For those who did not get inside, you can look into the church, which stands very close to the monastery.

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25. Khirokitia

Scientists have established that Choirokoitia was one of the earliest settlements in Cyprus. That is, at the moment it is about 9 thousand years old! Exactly as many as people inhabit Cyprus. Unsurprisingly, the site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the complex you can see both ancient ruins and reconstruction. Thanks to the latter, you can imagine what the settlement looked like in the Neolithic era and a little later.

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26. Lefkara Village

It is impossible to talk about Cyprus and not mention agritourism, that is, about rest in the villages. Visitors are struck by the cleanliness and likeness of the Cypriot villages. White walls, brightly tiled roofs, fruit trees and cobbled streets.

Lefkara is a large village in the northwest of the Larnaca district. Tourists are mainly interested in Pano Lefkara - the upper and older part of the village.

Lefkara is famous for its craftsmen. Women create unique embroidery using the Lefkarian lace technique, which is famous all over the world. Legend has it that Leonardo da Vinci once bought lefkaritis.

Men are not far behind. They invented a unique jewelry making technique. The finest wire is forged from silver, and light, weightless jewelry is created (woven) from it. You can buy both silver and lace at local shops.

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27. Village of Zigi

It is a small village by the sea. And it is famous for its fishermen and taverns. If you are a lover of seafood, you should definitely, just definitely, visit Zigi!

You will go on a gastro tour and an agricultural tour at the same time. Admire the local harbor, walk the cobbled streets and taste the freshest and most delicious fish. Tip: grab some fish meze at one of the taverns, but be warned: the portions are gigantic!

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28. Vavatsinia village

This is a high-altitude settlement in the Larnaca region in a picturesque place. Here you can enjoy nature: a forest, a dam, a view from the hills. And also visit the church of Saints Cosmas and Damian. Collect water from the holy spring, inspect the building of the 19th century church.

After the walk, you will want to have a snack: feel free to go to any tavern. And be sure to try the local drinks - wine or zivania.

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29. Kato Drys Village

A small but very cozy village. Despite its modest size, it has two museums and three churches. You will have time to look at both the Museum of Folk Art and the Museum of Honey and Rural Life.

After that, you can walk around and get around all three churches for sightseeing. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious lunch in the tavern and coffee in the cafe in the central square.

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30. Vavla village

Another small village. But a walk along it acquaints guests with Cyprus, which is known only to local residents. Here you can feel the atmosphere of silence, tranquility and antiquity.

Cobbled streets and two small temples are all that Vavla can boast of. But its views and location literally fall in love with, and tourists are ready to come here again and again.

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31. Mazotos village and camel park

To make a fascinating journey and to please children - this is what a trip to Mazotos gives. The village is located near Larnaca, so it will be easy to get there.

Of the interesting things, there are several old temples, the Museum of Sculpture and, of course, the camel park. The kids can ride the animals and feed them. Time will fly by happily and unnoticed!

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Official page of the park

32. Skarinou Village and Golden Donkeys Farm

Another fun for adults and children. Outdoors, you can mingle with a variety of animals. Moreover, not only with donkeys, but also with rabbits, chickens and other smaller brothers. Of course, you can also ride a donkey.

The park also offers a stroll through the botanical garden, look at the traditional Cypriot house-museum and wax museum, take beautiful photos and relax with the whole family.

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33. Cape Cavo Greco

Although the cape is located in the Famagusta district, tourists from Larnaca often independently reach this natural beauty. And for good reason: white rocks carved by the wind and the sea, turquoise sea water and incredible space - this is the Kavo Greco nature reserve.

Geographically, Ayia Napa is closer, but you can easily get to the cape in any convenient way. Grab a snack and good gear for an unforgettable photo shoot!

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