Rental property in Cyprus and pets

Аренда недвижимости на Кипре и домашние животные
28 November 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Renting an apartment in Cyprus is a common practice among newcomers and local residents who do not have their own housing.

It is not always possible for tenants to stay at the same apartments for a long time. Then moving becomes frequent, as well as the search for a new place for temporary residence.

For most residents of Cyprus, pets are an integral part of their daily life. But renting Cyprus real estate if you have a beloved pet is often not as easy as it seems at first glance. A cat or dog can complicate searching for a new home. Four-legged friend, of course, is priceless, but only for his owner.

'Rent out my apartment for a family without babies and pets' is a popular ad in Cyprus.

It is not difficult to understand the position of the real estate owners: children draw on the wallpaper, scratch furniture with toys and walkers. Dogs and cats are completely "unreliable" tenants: their hair flies all over the house, the animal has to sharpen its teeth, claws, play noisily. The tenants are happy with their pets, but for property owners they are a big problem. And who would want his property, which brings a stable income, to be damaged or completely destroyed.

In this case, there are several options left:

  • tell the owner about the pet in advance and look for solutions that satisfy both sides
  • look for a new landlord and repeat the first paragraph
  • deceive the owner and hide the pet.

Which one to choose, of course, is up to you.

However, it is best, of course, not to try to hide the fact that you have a cat, dog or guinea pig: the landlord sooner or later finds out about this, and then the conflict can certainly not be avoided. It is more correct to discuss all the conditions before the deal is concluded, then the chance to come to an agreement with the landlord and find a compromise is much higher.

The best thing to do is to find a property owner with the same attitude towards pets that you have.

As a last resort, you can simply increase the amount of the deposit to reassure your future landlord. Another tip is to ask your previous landlord to write a letter where they can tell that there were no problems with your pet. It is not superfluous to prove that the pet is not aggressive: show documents on vaccinations, castration and removing claws. Also, if your pet's breed is hypoallergenic, this is also worth mentioning.

It should be noted that landlords who initially don't want tenants with pets often change their point of view after a well-structured personal meeting.

Indeed, when the phrase “client with an animal” is used, the owner imagines how a “huge wild animal” is destroying his apartment. If the tenant convincingly assures the landlord of his responsible attitude towards rented housing, love for cleanliness, mentions regular cleaning in the apartment, tells banal but important rules for caring for a pet (walks, trimming nails, etc.), and also demonstrates his good manners, it will undoubtedly reassure the landlord.

All details regarding the pet must be fixed in the tenant agreement. In other words, the document must contain:

  • The landlord consent for the 'pet residence' (indicate the breed, name, you can print a photo. In this case, at one fine moment the owner will not come and say that you did not agree about pets)
  • Deposit amount
  • The procedure and terms of apartment inspection upon leaving
  • The procedure and terms of damage compensation in case it exceeds the amount of the deposit
  • The cost of especially valuable items that may suffer.

In addition, when signing the tenant agreement, the tenant needs to carefully and accurately inspect the property inside the real estate.

Property quality, as well as all defects can be written to the document or photo report. So you are sure that you will not have to pay for other people's mistakes.

By the way, did you know that there is a 'pet rental loyalty' rating?

If the pet is small and not exotic, it's easy to find a decent home for its owner.

The easiest way to rent an apartment is if you have “harmless” animals like fish, a parrot or a hamster that live in a birdcage or aquarium. Such pets scare few people.

In second place are indoor decorative dogs like Affenpinschers, Pekingese, Chihuahuas or Chinese Crested. It is believed that they rarely destroy the real estate and scare the neighbors as their teeth are too small. Such dogs overtake even cats in the rating: they are less allergens, do not sharpen their claws on furniture, and they use the street if they want 'to go to the toilet'.

Cats are in third place because of the habit of claws sharpening and 'marking territory'. Also, many do not want to take tenants with cats because of allergies: sometimes the allergic person cannot live in a real estate where a cat lives even several months ago!

Finally, in fourth place are dogs of large breeds. Most owners are afraid that there are more destruction fr om big dogs. And the neighbors may not like dogs, especially if they have children.

We must admit that the number of pets also plays an important role.

It's much easier to rent an apartment is if you have only one pet. If you have two, the searching of a new home becomes more difficult. If there are three or more animals, most likely you will have to agree to apartments in poor condition or make a serious proposal to the owner (for example, pay for a year in advance).

Well, when renting a house with a pet, be prepared for that some landlords don't agree to rent out their real estate to tenants with animals. You may have to lower your requirements for the Cyprus home interior or location. If the apartment is in a good location, but in poor condition, think about making some minor cosmetic repairs there (if the owner is potentially ready to rent it out for more than a year and the place suits you).

Be that as it may, any market includes both demand and supply. Therefore, the success of searching and renting depends only on the joint abilities of the tenant and the landlord to negotiate.

We hope that your pets are good and non-aggressive, as well as your landlords are kind and positive!

If you want to rent (or buy) real estate for your family and four-legged, visit our website.

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