The sea and beaches of Cyprus: the best locations for relaxation and life

Море и пляжи Кипра: лучшие локации для отдыха и жизни
28 July 2020 Irina Zholnirova

Almost the entire coast of Cyprus can be considered one large beach. But in fact, it's not true, as different parts of the island have unique seacoasts.

What is the sea around Cyprus?

The short answer, it is the Mediterranean sea. But this is not an entirely correct definition, since Cyprus is surrounded at least by 4 different smaller seas.

  • Cilician sea is placed on the northern part of the island
  • Levantine sea is located near Ayia Napa and Protaras
  • Cyprus sea is near Larnaca and Limassol
  • And the big Mediterranean sea (that actually includes the seas above) is on the western side of the island, along the entire Paphos region.

The Mediterranean sea is considered the coldest as in summer the sea is not warmer than +26 degrees and waves often rise on coastlines which are not protected by natural bays. The swimming season starts here quite late: in the second half of May. But at the same time, Paphos has the most beautiful sunsets, plus there are magnificent sea caves. So the picturesqueness of the west coast overcomes all the disadvantages.

The Levantine Sea and its resorts are valued for amazingly clear water with its turquoise tints. The coast is mostly sandy, but there are also picturesque cliffs, especially at Cape Greco. In summer, the sea heats up to + 27-28 degrees, there are no waves in the beaches even in winter as they are closed by bays.

The Cyprus Sea is placed near Larnaca and Limassol. This is the warmest water area, as the water can be +29-30 degrees in august. The coast here is different: there are both pebbles and sand. The water in the Cyprus Sea is the saltiest, so it is easy to stay on it. But there is also a disadvantage as it does not have that amazing transparency that so attracts tourist photographers.

The Cilician Sea is now not popular for visits, as the entry for foreigners to North Cyprus is difficult. But we can say with confidence that the water and beaches there are excellent, that's why the north of the island was a fashionable resort until 1974, and celebrities from all over the world came here to rest.

The best beaches in Ayia Napa and surroundings

The entire southeast coast of Cyprus boasts impeccable sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Rest here can be both calm and family, and quite stormy: club and active.

1. Nissi Beach (on the map)

This is one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus, and one of the best. This is a spacious sandy shore facing a calm, amazingly clear sea. The beach is landscaped according to the modern European standards: changing cabins, shower, toilet, and drinking water are free. You can rent an umbrella or sunbed for EUR 2.5. Along the coast there are centers of water activities and diving, and a little further from the water there are shops and eateries. At night, Nissi turns into one big dance floor: there are big drunk parties.

2. Konnos Beach (on the map)

The beach is not inferior in terms of livability to Nissi Beach, but at the same time it is located in a picturesque place: Konnos Bay, which shelters the sandy coast from waves and winds. It is great not only to sunbathe and swim in the sea here, but also to take a boat trip. There is enough entertainment for adults and children. It is enough to transfer to a quieter part of the beach for those who want a quieter atmosphere. The location of Konnos is also perfect: it is nearby the protected area of Cape Greco with its amazing sea caves and white rocks.

3. Fig tree bay beach (on the map)

The most famous beach Fig three, located in Protaras, closes the top three ranking. This is a cozy and incredibly beautiful beach for families with children and those who appreciate diving and snorkeling. The beach has all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay, so no one is bored here.

4. Kalamies Beach (on the beach)

The beach of Pernera has the most picturesque views. It has both a groomed and wild part, but everywhere there is sand. Kalamies is located in a cozy cove hidden from strong waves, and there is a view of a pretty chapel in the north.

5. Makronissos Beach (on the map)

The most beautiful place for rest and excursions as there are excavations of antique tombs on a small cape near the sea. The eastern part of the beach is fully groomed and suitable for the most sophisticated tourists. The western part is wilder, but the views are indescribable here. There are equipment rental and traditional beach activities.

6. Ayia Thekla Beach (on the map)

An excellent and safe beach, equipped with showers, changing rooms and rentals of everything you need for a beach goer. Bonus: there is a very white church with a dazzling blue roof not far away is the Ayia Thekla Chapel, which is a key attraction in Cyprus. From the coast, you can see the micro-island, which makes the landscape even more beautiful.

Larnaca beaches

Larnaca has the warmest sea. The beaches are mostly sandy (the shade of the sand is gray due to volcanic rocks), so the resort is often chosen for families with children. Many beaches are quiet and calm, unlike ones in Ayia Napa.

1. Finikoudes Beach (on the map)

The city's main beach stretches along the Finikoudes promenade. The coastline has fine and soft sand, the sea here has gradual increase in the depth, for some it is too gradual. Actually here you can walk along the main promenade of Larnaca. The pedestrian and beach areas are fenced off from the carriageway by a noise barrier.

2. Mackenzie Beach (on the map)

The picturesque Mackenzie Beach is located on the southern suburbs of Larnaca. Tourists love this place for its location: the beach is placed near the airport, and planes fly very low over it. The planes look exotic, the noise from the turbines are romantique. The beach is spacious, you can relax on it cheerfully or calmly, just as you want.

3. Yanathes Beach (on the map)

Spacious but calm beach. It is comfortable to relax here, as there are changing rooms, restrooms, equipment rental with umbrellas and sun loungers. The main advantage of the beach is the beautiful deep blue color of the sea and the small distance of green spaces. It has a very romantic atmosphere at dusk or dawn.

4. Zygi Public Beach (on the map)

The fishing village of Zigi is famous for its taverns, where seafood is cooked so tasty! Another plus of the place is that it is quiet, and that there are no crowds of people.

*** If Ayia Napa is a kind of center of parties and adult activities, then Larnaca is a territory of calm and spacious beaches. The feature of the Larnaca region is wild and semi-wild beaches, where you can practice windsurfing, diving and other water sports.

Limassol beaches

Limassol can be a great place for beach holidays with as well as active city life. The sea here is the saltiest, thus it is not as transparent as in the east of Cyprus (in Ayia Napa). Pebble beaches here are mixed with sandy ones. A special beauty is in the west of the Limassol region, where wild beaches fascinate at first sight.

1. Lady's Mile (on the map)

It's the longest beach in Cyprus, as it is 7 kilometers long! Most of the beach is a good place to rest, for families with small children or for active visitors, who come here for extreme water sports. Due to the fact that the coastal strip is long, you can choose a “piece” to your liking.

2. Dasoudi Beach (on the map)

It's a long sandy beach near the center of Limassol. A distinctive feature is that it's near the eucalyptus park. It is pleasant to swim in the sea during the summer heat, and then step back into the shade of the trees and take a break from the heat. The sea here has gradual increase in depth as possible in Cyprus.

3. Beaches of Agios Tychonas area: Loures Beach, Armonia Beach, Castella Beach, Onisilos Beach

Agios Tychonas is a tourist area remote from the center of Limassol, it's ideal for a relaxing holiday with beaches and moderate activities. The beaches of Agios Tychonas are known for their cleanliness, relative silence and mixed coverage as there is volcanic sand with medium-sized pebbles. The sea here is very warm and calm, thus it is an ideal place for a family vacation.

4. Beaches of St. Raphael Marina: Parekklisia Beach and Panagies Beach.

There are two sandy beaches on both sides of the beautiful small Rafael Marina. The water here, despite the close distance of the yacht-parking, is very clean. This is so clean that Parekklisia Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag! The infrastructure of the beaches is well-developed, there are water activities, including diving.

5. Amathus beach (on the map)

A very picturesque beach, and not only because of the beautiful coastline. There is a great site nearby, the excavations of the ancient city of Amathus. After examining the ruins, you just want to dive into the beautiful refreshing sea.

6. Governor's Beach (on the map)

It is located on the border of the districts and is sometimes ranked among Larnaca beaches. It is one of the most beautiful 'natural' beaches in Cyprus. The sand is dark, volcanic, and the bay is surrounded by whimsical white rocks. Here your soul and body can rest in peace. And if you want romance, you can stay in the part of the beach called Kalymnos as there is a camping site with trailers and tents.

7. Curium Beach (on the map)

This beach is also beautiful because of the high white cliffs that adorn the coast. Despite the silence and seclusion, the beach is equipped with everything you need. Residents and guests of Limassol and neighboring cities come here with pleasure.

*** Limassol beaches are distinguished by their ability to please everyone, as they can please both active tourists and those looking for relaxation and comfort.

Paphos beaches

The western coast of Cyprus is a separate story with a series of attractions. The beaches here are adjacent to the ruins of antiquities and nature reserves, so that exclusively beach holidays in Paphos are rarely practiced. You need to bet on natural beauty - then you will definitely not go wrong!

1. Vrisoudia Beach (on the map)

The beach is divided into two parts, and the first part is often called SODAP. It is located in the city center and has everything for a comfortable stay: washing and changing cabins, toilets, restaurants nearby and water activities (including equipment rental). The seacoast is predominantly sandy, with a few small areas of pebbles. Nearby there is a public transport stop and various shops.

2. Lighthouse Beach (on the map)

Great place for romance, especially during sunset. The beach is landscaped, the cover is sandy and pebble. In some places there are large stones that need to be avoided. The sea here is surprisingly clean, although transparency of the water is a rare phenomenon for the western coast.

3. Pachyammos beach (on the map)

Completely sandy beach in the southern part of the city. It looks very nice and at the same time is arranged as comfortably as possible. The size of the beach is small, and this adds a special comfort.

4. Coral Bay (on the map)

One of the most beautiful beaches in Paphos and all of Cyprus. There is absolutely everything for a fun and carefree vacation: beach equipment, activities and equipment rental. But the main thing is still the view that opens in all directions of the bay.

5. Lara beach, or Turtle beach (on the map)

This is a protected beach where endangered species of turtles nest. Therefore, there is a limited presence of civilization: you can only lay a soft lounger, as sun loungers and umbrellas are prohibited. In this place, you can feel the closeness of nature and its special charm. Swimming is a great pleasure here, as the beach is completely sandy and the entrance to the water is shallow.

6. Beaches of Polis Chrysochous Bay: Argaka Sandy beach, Municipal Beach of Polis, Latsi beach, Asprokremmos Beach

In the north of the Paphos region there is a large bay with several small and quiet beaches. All of them are intimate and cozy, but at the same time, sun loungers, umbrellas and changing cabins are available.

Perhaps any of the beaches in Cyprus can be called excellent as the municipal authorities monitor the cleanliness.

Everybody can find something special for themselves: someone loves wild seacoasts, others prefer crowded city's beaches.

It is worth starting from the place of your residence/holidays: if you are going to rent a house in Cyprus for the duration of your vacation, take a closer look at the beaches nearby. Then you don't have to waste time and energy on the road.

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