Trends in architecture and construction in 2023

Тренды в архитектуре и строительстве на 2023 год
18 November 2022 Vladimir Melnik

Construction is the largest segment of the world economy, which undergoes many changes every year.

Some of them are not so significant, while others are large-scale and have long-term consequences for the whole industry. The construction business directly depends on the global and local processes. Developers are making every effort to quickly adapt to modern realities and issue promising architectural solutions.

Multi-storey buildings

The coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis has significantly transformed the commercial real estate market. Now there is a high demand for office space in Cyprus.

Light metal structures and tempered glass will be the main elements of facades for a long time, while the filling of high-rise buildings requires fundamental changes. Architects are actively working on projects that can maximize the functionality of existing and future buildings. As a result, offices will be able to quickly transform into hotels, exhibition space or residential apartments without significant costs. This will allow building owners to reduce risks and expand the range of rental offers.

Taking into account modern trends in urban development, the concept of Life-and-work balance is laid at the initial stage of designing business centers. It implies the presence of infrastructure in buildings and in the surrounding area, allowing employees to relax in comfortable conditions after a busy day. There is an area for a green zone with elements of design, cafes, shops, sports grounds and other service centers.

Most multi-storey residential complexes also have space for commercial and service infrastructure facilities on the lower floors. One of the popular design solutions is playgrounds, green areas and swimming pools on the roof.

Modular homes also continue to be a promising architectural trend.

70-90% of their components are assembled at the factory, and then they are brought to the construction site. For some types of buildings, the modular method is more efficient than classical construction. These include medical clinics, hotels and typical residential buildings.

Decades ago, arches were key elements of outdoor design and were often used to create an entrance to courtyards and streets. Today, various architects are bringing similar solutions back into modern building projects. Visually, buildings with arches look interesting and more technologically advanced, and their functionality allows the flow of natural light to penetrate and improves wind resistance.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles has significantly increased control over construction processes.

Drones are used mainly at large facilities and perform the following tasks:

  1. topographic survey and geodetic reconnaissance of the site,
  2. monitoring the operation of mobile equipment,
  3. surveillance for the purpose of protecting the object,
  4. participation in the organization of personnel safety,
  5. photography of the object.

The use of drones ensures the efficient use of funds and can significantly reduce the amount of waste on construction sites.

Advanced design technologies are involved in almost all areas of the construction industry. The most popular of these today is Building Information Modeling (BIM). The program enables builders to develop a concept and study the project before the start of work. A virtual tour of the building allows you to pinpoint problem areas that can disrupt the process. This approach saves time and resources both at the planning stages and during the construction process. Design technologies have come a long way from compass and paper to the regular use of modern software.

Cottages and townhouses

Every year more and more people prefer a house in the suburbs and leave high-rise buildings in cities with a difficult environmental situation. Life surrounded by nature continues to be a living idea in different climates.

The characteristic features of individual houses of the near future are as follows:

  1. concise form, straight clear lines;
  2. lack of architectural excesses;
  3. flat roof, with the possibility of arranging a recreation area;
  4. the facade of the house, interior and furnishings are designed in the same style.

A picturesque and comfortable patio is still in the architectural trend. Outdoor terraces surrounded by greenery, barbecues and mini-resorts with swimming pools create excellent conditions for relaxation and give the house a constructive personality.

Panoramic windows and glass walls remain the top trend of 2023.

Sufficient natural light improves performance, is good for health and comfortable living. Large sliding windows and glass walls are a great way to bring more light into your home and enjoy great views. Conceptual solutions for glazing cottages: no frames, glass panels are mounted at floor level or below and then hermetically connected to each other.

Most of us like to manage and control the processes that take place in our own home. Using sensors connected to the Internet, the smart home system allows you to remotely influence the following parameters:

  1. home climate,
  2. lighting inside and outside,
  3. security and video surveillance systems,
  4. control of household appliances,
  5. garden care.

Smart homes provide owners with comfortable living conditions, while remaining energy efficient and multifunctional. It is not surprising that artificial home intelligence is rapidly gaining popularity and acquiring new options.

Homeowners are showing increasing interest in sustainable building materials with a long service life.

On the one hand, this is due to attention to the health of households, on the other hand, the need to reduce global dependence on non-renewable resources. Such materials are easy to recycle and contain a minimum amount of contaminants. Biocement, various natural wood waste products and organic paints are increasingly being used on construction sites.

When developing the exterior design of a house in 2023, special attention should be paid to lighting.

In addition to its main function, lighting will make any facade more attractive. The combination of sources that direct the light to the walls will decorate the building at night and focus on key architectural elements.

The upcoming 2023 promises to be a very busy year in terms of new building trends.

The rising cost of materials and the emergence of ambitious requests are forcing developers to find new architectural solutions. Sustainability, design facilitation and the adoption of advanced software are becoming sustainable themes in the context of the industry's development. In other words, the importance of facades gives way to the internal content of buildings.

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