Should you buy a top floor apartment in Cyprus?

Стоит ли покупать квартиру на Кипре на последнем этаже?
4 November 2022 Irina Zholnirova

If you live in an apartment on a top floor, you should have a beautiful view through the window! But, besides this fact, there are some points that should be taken into account. Let's talk about them now.

1. Property in Cyprus

Before buying property in Cyprus, you should get acquainted with the features of local housing. There are some nuances on the island that you should understand before buying real estate.

1.1. New property or not?

New buildings in Cyprus are of good quality. Each house is being built according to modern requirements, therefore, as a rule, there are no problems for first years.

Old property for resale. Here you need to look specifically at the condition of housing. If you find a good old apartment, then you should make sure that the roof does not leak and is sufficiently insulated. In winter, large heat losses can occur because of the old roof.

1.2. Number of floors

There are quite a lot of new and secondary low-rise real estate in Cyprus. For example, Paphos has only 2 skyscrapers, and some areas of Larnaca and Limassol are built up with exclusively low buildings - a maximum of 4-5 floors.

This means that the apartment "on the top floor" is an absolutely ordinary apartment. But in this article we will discuss apartments that are located on the 10th floor and above (30 meters above the ground and more).

1.3. The concept of skyscrapers

In Cyprus, especially in Limassol, you can already find new buildings of 20+ floors. But there are still a small number of such buildings.

All available units in high-rises in Cyprus for sale and rent

1.4. Regular apartment and penthouse

It must be understood that a penthouse is a special offer that can be found in business and luxury class complexes. This is the most comfortable and spacious housing, which has a number of advantages over other apartments in the same complex:

  1. large living space with at least 3 rooms and several bathrooms;
  2. access to an outdoor roof garden or a large terrace with a gorgeous view;
  3. the presence of a private pool or jacuzzi on the terrace;
  4. often a penthouse has two, three levels, in some cases more (for example, a five-level penthouse in the Ararat complex);
  5. apartments occupy the entire floor or share it with only one neighbor, which ensures high privacy.

Penthouses are always a more expensive offer. However, it is the added comfort and unique lifestyle that many Cyprus property buyers enjoy.

Reference: you can see a selection of the best penthouses in Cyprus at the link.

After we have outlined some of the features of apartments on the top floor, we can analyze the pros and cons of this type of housing.

2. Benefits of living on the top floor

If you look at the situation objectively, then there are obviously more advantages, if we talk specifically about Cyprus. Therefore, the option with the last floor is recommended to be considered in more detail.

2.1. The best view

In multi-million cities, even in the top area, the view from the upper floors may not be the most pleasant: just a built-up area with little greenery. In Cyprus, the situation is completely different: here are no low-rise buildings and large cities, thus the view from the high window is beautiful.

And it can be not only the seaview, but also the mountain view as well! Many high-rises have panoramic windows and large terraces!

2.2. Increased privacy and silence

The noise of the street disturbs many people. Heavy cars and children playing under the windows can disturb the normal life of some residents. But not those who live in the upper floors (15+ floors), as such noise does not reach them.

Also, you will have less neighbors: first, there is no one from the floors above, and second, few people visit upper floors without special need. This provides an increased level of privacy.

2.3. Good investment

Apartments on the upper floors of new buildings in Cyprus are definitely more expensive. Investing in them means making a big profit later if you plan to rent or resell the property.

Today, many tenants are ready to pay a bit more for these views. This is especially true if we are talking about foreign tenants and those who work remotely: it is extremely important for them to have a good view from the window.

2.4. Great lighting

The apartments on the upper floors always get more light. This is perfect for those who need good natural light throughout the daylight hours.

Interesting: daylight time is a few minutes longer if you live above the 15th floor.

In addition, the sun also heats the room. Thus, the apartment will be warm even in winter. Of course, this can be a disadvantage in the summer - but curtains and air conditioning solve the problem.

2.5. Purity

Dust and pollution from the street does not fall on the upper floors. There is no big traffic in Cyprus, but at rush hour it can still be felt.

2.6. Having your own outdoor space

It can be either a roof garden (which is often found as the second level of a penthouse), or just a very large terrace that occupies 15-30 m2. Apartments on higher floors often have larger terraces.

A list of all penthouses in Cyprus for sale and rent

3. Disadvantages of living on the top floor

Of course, there are also disadvantages of living on the upper floors and even in penthouses. It is better to know them in advance, as they can be serious and even outweigh all the benefits mentioned above.

3.1. Personal height intolerance

This is perhaps the most objective reason not to buy an apartment in Cyprus on the top floor. Some people can feel fear or discomfort.

Important: topfloors panoramic windows can enhance the sense of height and even cause dizziness.

In addition, there are cases when people with high blood pressure begin to experience health problems when living in these apartments. Of course, now we are talking about apartments on floors 30+, and there are not so many of them in Cyprus (see below). Nevertheless, it is worth at least trying to spend 2-3 days in apartments above the 30th floor in order to understand your condition and your feelings.

3.2. weather problems

In the old housing stock, you can meet such problems as:

  1. roof leak;
  2. its insufficient heat and sound insulation;
  3. incorrect location of windows (for example, on the windy side);
  4. poor or old equipment at home: an elevator that is often turned off, and so on.

In new buildings, of course, there are no such problems. Especially when it comes to complexes not of economy class, but higher. However, even in an elite skyscraper, residents may encounter the following troubles:

  1. Too much heat during the daytime. The sun, getting into the apartment through the panoramic windows, can heat the air inside very much. Only a powerful air conditioner can solve the problem.
  2. Increased humidity. Here you need to understand that we are talking about two rare cases for Cyprus: a cyclone (only a few times during the entire cold season) and a cloud that “lands” on the house. As for clouds, this is only possible near very tall buildings (above 100 meters) and more often it happens not near the sea, but closer to the mountains (and there are practically no such skyscrapers in Cyprus). So the problem can occur very rarely.

It can also be noted that windiness is felt more strongly on the upper floors. If you have high-quality thermal insulation, there is heating and the windows are fixed correctly (double glazing and sealed frame), then there is nothing to worry about.

3.3. More expensive real estate

It was said above that apartments on the upper floors, even if they are not penthouses, are more expensive in Cyprus. Sometimes the price can be 100% higher!

Let's give an example: in the Trilogy Limassol complex, the price difference is 5.5 times! Despite the fact that the area of ​​​​housing is only 3 times larger.

4. Myths about apartments on the top floor

Of course, there are also lots of myths about the top floor apartments. Many of them have lost their relevance, and some have never existed at least Cyprus at all:

  1. Increased danger. Unfortunately, life on the upper floors used to be really dangerous for pets and for children. Now this problem has been completely solved: modernity offers a variety of devices to protect pets, children and adults. So talking about the danger of the 23rd floor compared to the 5th floor is simply pointless.
  2. Increased humidity. It was mentioned above - for Cyprus, this problem is practically not relevant, despite the humid climate. And yes: if a cyclone comes, then it is felt by the inhabitants of the entire region, regardless of which floor they live on.
  3. Inconvenience when climbing up. If an elevator does not work, it becomes a real disaster if you live on the 6th floor and above. But here it is worth understanding: in new buildings, elevators work properly, and usually there are several of them. If one is broken, the second or third one will always work. Electricity in the cities of Cyprus is rarely turned off, and modern complexes have autonomous power systems. So there is no point in worrying about this issue.
Of course, when buying an old property, you need to check everything twice. Otherwise, you can get an unpleasant surprise. But, again, new buildings in Cyprus are much more comfortable and do not have as many problems as old buildings.

5. TOP-5 skyscrapers in Cyprus with 30+ storeys

Well, as an example, we will cite the most daring high projects of Cyprus:

  1. Aura Limassol, 43 floors. One of the tallest new buildings in the history of Cyprus. It will be located on the coastline, which will give the residents of the upper floors the feeling of flying over the sea.
  2. NEO Limassol, 39 floors. Luxurious apartments on the seashore will give a sense of freedom and an unusual, most comfortable life on the highest floors.
  3. One Tower Limassol, 37 floors. The magnificent complex offers not only a luxurious life, but also maximum accessibility to the entire infrastructure of Limassol.
  4. Trilogy Limassol, 39 floors. Magnificent complex with all amenities and apartments with the most breathtaking sea views.
  5. Loel High Rise Residential, 35 floors. A new project that is under construction.

Interested in housing in Cyprus? Look at DOM! The agency's website contains the largest real estate database in the country - more than 30 thousand residential and commercial properties throughout the island! Here you will find information about the latest development projects. Choose and contact professional boxers who will help you make the right choice!

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