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7 November 2023

Top Developers in Paphos

Town planning in Paphos is cost-effective and promising for many reasons.

This world-famous resort combines the magic of ancient architecture with the romance of sun-drenched beaches. According to experts, Paphos offers the best quality of life in Cyprus and is optimal for those who have moved to the island in search of a measured life and comfortable climate.

These arguments confirm the attractiveness of the region for local and foreign developers. The following selection of the most creative and successful players in the construction market, whose activities are designed to change the image of the ancient city.


The company, founded in 1977, is one of the largest real estate developers on the island. The development concept proposed by the company's founder Elias Eliades was aimed at transforming the country's construction sector. The company's professional efforts, among other things, contribute to the international prestige of Cyprus. Pafilia has a number of landmark developments to its credit, such as the Minthis Golf Resort, comprising some 500 villas, and the tallest coastal building in the European Union, One Tower (Limassol). Both projects have brought the company 39 international awards. Thanks to highly qualified technical and design departments the developer builds high quality and demanded residential complexes on the island.

The developer's business partners are reputable design and architectural studios, and its foreign representative offices are active in Russia, Greece, China and Switzerland. Pafilia assists foreign investors in obtaining citizenship of Cyprus and pays great attention to the after-sales service of its objects, for which a specialized subsidiary was created.

Projects in progress in Paphos:

  1. Elysia Park— a private residential resort with a huge swimming pool and excellent facilities for children in the Universal neighborhood.
  2. The Grove — a stylish complex of private villas surrounded by orchards, combining elegance and Mediterranean design.

Available for sale real estate options in Minthis Resort project
Available for sale and rental properties in One Tower Limassol project
Available for sale real estate options in Elysia Park project
Available for sale real estate options in The Grove project

Lemon Maria Developers 

One of Paphos' leading property developers, with an impeccable reputation, began writing its biography in 1993. The company specializes in the construction and sale of premium segment properties, while adhering to competitive pricing. The distinctive feature of the developer is the personalization of each object: the investor has a say at the design stage of his property, and an experienced team of professionals builds a dream home in accordance with his wishes. Lemon Maria offers stylish interior design and modern architecture, and the highest quality materials are used in the process.

In its activities, the company adheres to the following values that shape its relationship with consumers:

honesty and respect, serving as a guarantee of mutual trust and successful business;

reliability ensures strong relationships with customers and contributes to the growth of the investment portfolio;

Responsibility is essential to maintain high standards of construction and customer service.

When selecting a project, Lemon Maria experts strive to recommend the best size and cost-effective options for the customer. Projects in progress in Paphos:

  1. Signature Residences an apartment building built within walking distance from the main town square
  2. Emerald Villas a residential complex of three villas, located in the prestigious area of Konia.

Available for sale real estate options in the project Signature Residences
Available for sale real estate options in the project Emerald Villas

INEX Group

Over the years, the company has achieved significant results in the design, construction, marketing, and sale of real estate in the Cyprus market. The portfolio includes world-class residential and resort complexes, as well as comfortable office centers. For each project, the developer applies advanced technologies, and unique design and preserves harmony with the surrounding nature. The business strategy implies the use of intelligent energy management systems and environmentally friendly building materials in all the objects under construction. Priority is given to selecting the best and most prestigious locations in the region.

In addition to the construction and sale of ready-made projects, INEX realizes the following:

involvement of potential investors in the design of future projects;

after-sales service of the properties, including household equipment;

assisting owners in renting out their properties to third parties.

In order to demonstrate its attitude to active lifestyle, the company has founded a cycling club that unites followers of this sport from small to large. Inex is not just a developer, but an innovator in creating the living space of the future. Projects in progress in Paphos:

  1. Navie a residential complex consisting of multi-level terraced buildings in the quiet neighborhood of Agia Marinouda.
  2. Palisandro Hillsa village of 17 luxurious villas in the green area of Peyia.
Properties available for sale in Palisandro Hills project.

Atex Developers

Since its inception, Atex is known as a full-service developer with a voluminous portfolio of projects of various purposes. Here are: apartments, villas, shopping and office centers, coastal hotels and playgrounds. The main architectural features of the buildings are correct geometric shapes, panoramic windows and spacious glazed terraces. In addition to its main activity, the company acts as a consultant on immigration programs in Cyprus and regularly organizes study tours for foreign citizens. During such a trip, potential investors and future citizens of Cyprus can choose the best property for themselves and get acquainted with the peculiarities of the sunny island.

All projects are financed by the developer at the expense of its own funds, due to which a flexible pricing policy is applied in relation to buyers, including credit terms. A qualified subsidiary team has been created for competent maintenance and repair of the properties. Atex Developers is an example of reliability, the highest standards of construction and respect for its clients. Projects under construction in Paphos:

  1. Belissimo Villa a luxury modern development of four villas in the Chloraka area.
  2. Almond Hill 2 a community of elegant and retro-style villas on Tala Hill.

Properties available for sale in Belissimo Villa project
Properties for sale in Almond Hill 2 project

Olias Homes

The company entered the Cyprus construction market in 2002. It owes its current success to its founder and Managing Director Haris Hadjimitsis. Thanks to his deep understanding of the real estate market and his experience as a civil engineer, the developer has abandoned standard construction methods and faceless standard finishes. Hadjimitsis' goal was for Olias to pioneer high-quality buildings and cutting-edge design for the foreseeable future.

Initially, the company developed a range of commercial projects such as government buildings, hotels and supermarket chains. Over the years, the team has moved on to custom design and construction of luxury properties, setting higher quality standards. Olias combines innovative technologies and modern eco-friendly materials in its production activities. The international team of professionals is united by the common goal of exceeding investors' expectations, as their satisfaction is the main driving force behind the company's activities.

Projects in progress in Paphos:

  1. Verna Homes four exclusive villas, equipped with a sophisticated security system, in the Konya neighborhood.
  2. Balsa Green Residences a residential complex of 14 apartments in close proximity to Venus Beach and the royal tombs.
Properties available for sale in the project Verna Homes
Properties available for sale in the project Balsa Green Residences

Medousa Developers

A company with 20 years of successful experience in the real estate market. As a full member of the Scientific, Technical, and Land Chamber of Cyprus, the developer has chosen the Paphos region for the realization of its projects. Medousa offers its customers not only first-class residential complexes but also commercial facilities, including hotels and supermarkets. A landmark project for Medousa is the Cypress Park retirement village on the outskirts of the town. It was the first exclusive resort for the elderly in Cyprus. All commissioned buildings meet the highest quality standards, are highly energy efficient and constructed using environmentally friendly materials.

The professional design team preserves the individuality of each property and confirms the thesis that luxury is in the details. The management emphasizes on post-sale service of housing, prompt and efficient support of its buyers. By entering into an agreement with Medousa Developers investors get the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life. The real estate from the company is as beautiful as it is functional. Realizable projects in Paphos:

Panorama Apartments is a gated exclusive residential complex in the Lower Geroskipou neighborhood with five apartment buildings.

Ruby Residents- 13 luxury villas with panoramic sea and city views in the Empa area.

Properties available for sale in Cypress Park project
Properties available for sale in the project Panorama Apartments
Properties available for sale in Ruby Residents project

Island Blue

The young ambitious team specializes in luxury projects and is not afraid to challenge the market leaders. Taking into account the trends and demand for square meters in Paphos, investors are offered exclusive private villas in the best areas. In addition, the company builds low-rise residential complexes in the regions of Paphos and Limassol. Island Blue provides a full cycle of operations with housing - from project development to sale. All constructed buildings are characterized by a modern architectural style and the use of innovative technologies. At the same time, each object retains its individuality.

The key approach of the developer to its investors is the following: the buyer should realize that comfort and beauty are not a luxury, but a necessity of today. Five top awards in the International Property Awards category testify to the international recognition of Island Blue's activities and its stable position in the Cyprus real estate market. Projects under construction in Paphos:

  1. Paphos Suites a four-storey complex located in a quiet residential area in the east of the city.
  2. Avalon Gardens 2 a group of individual cottages in the village of Emba, offering the perfect combination of comfort and natural beauty.

Properties available for sale in Paphos Suites project
Properties available for sale in Avalon Gardens 2 project

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