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10 October 2022

Top 10 new interior design trends for apartments in Cyprus

Today, few people look at fashion as a direct indication to action. Designers and fashion houses do not dictate the rules anymore. But they provide useful advice sometimes.

The new trends in interior design in 2023 are interesting and varied, so you will definitely like one of the ideas. It is especially useful to read this article for those who have long been thinking about repairing and changing their home. Now is the time to do it!

1. Self-expression through interior details

The attitude to the situation inside the apartment or house has recently changed. If earlier attention was paid to only 2 factors - functionality and beauty - now the list of interior requirements has expanded. Today, design must reflect the character, temperament and lifestyle of its owner.

Therefore, the scheme “I like this interior, I will choose it” is a thing of the past. It is replaced by "I like this interior." Accordingly, every detail carries not only a functional, but also a semantic load.

Some bold ideas turn the rooms into a real gallery that shows the values ​​​​of the life of each particular family. It can be both decorative elements and entire structures. For example, a family with several children can move the play area from the nursery to the living room and not worry that guests will be surprised by the mess. Philosophy of life and its convenience - first of all.

This trend also allows you to shift the focus of importance and priorities. For example, if some 10 years ago you would never have hung a hand-embroidered picture in the living room because it “does not fit the style”, then today you will do it. And if the sofa and the picture do not harmonize, feel free to change the sofa.

2. Attraction to eco

The whole planet is coming closer and closer to conscious consumption. This progress cannot but be reflected in the applied side of life. Furnishing an apartment is no exception.

There are two interesting areas that coexist perfectly in eco-philosophy:

  1. The abundance of natural materials.
  2. Use of recycled materials.

Moreover, both directions can be successfully combined in the same interior. The main thing is a conscious approach to what will happen AFTER this furniture / wallpaper / textiles cease to serve you.

By the way: this trend implies a long and productive service of all things in the house. So, when making repairs in accordance with the eco philosophy, be prepared for the fact that it will serve you for at least ten years.

Eco-direction also expresses a closer connection with nature. Therefore, it is reasonable that raw or minimally processed materials are used - wood, stone, and other natural textures.

Eco-friendly furniture is actively used in the Art Nouveau style - made from recycled materials or printed on a 3D printer. It can be either individual chairs or a whole kitchen set.

3. Restraint of the color palette

Of course, no one canceled bright colors. But still, the trends of 2023 suggest that there are two clear directions that firmly hold leadership positions:

1) Monochrome and gravitation towards cold light shades. This trend works well in apartments in Cyprus, as it gives a feeling of freshness, coolness and freedom - this is great for the local hot climate.

2) The predominance of brown tones, tinted with the colors of spices or pink powder. This is a warm and cozy combination that can be both calm and bright enough. It is ideal not only for bedrooms, but also for living rooms and kitchens.

In any case, a riot of colors in this fashion trend is not provided, although no one excludes saturation and contrasts. If you are not going to make major repairs, but would like to update the situation, change the textiles in the room to brown-ochre or brown-powder. If you are dominated by cold shades that do not combine with brown (blue, purple), then focus on the color “aged gold”.

4. Texture and relief

One of the mottos of new trends in interior design is tactility and saturation of sensations. All this is possible thanks to the use of textured materials not only in repairs, but also in decoration (furniture upholstery, unusual carpets, fancy textiles, the use of natural raw materials).

This trend goes well with the eco trend (see above). Natural stone and wood allow in this case to achieve amazing results. Also, embossed plaster, rough-knit things and pronouncedly rough surfaces will be used. The main thing is to achieve the feeling that you have already touched the objects, although you just looked at them.

5. Geometry

If you like correctness and clarity, then you will love this trend. He proposes the use of geometry wherever possible: in furniture lines, wall and ceiling decoration, decor, wallpaper ornaments and textiles. Separate styles are simply created in order to show geometricity in all its glory - high-tech, loft, contemporary.

But you can bring and not very many changes to your existing interior. For example, change the lamps or add a couple of paintings with geometric abstraction.

Another interesting trend within the trend is the attraction to arches. Of course, not everyone is ready to start a major overhaul in order to change the shape of windows and doorways. In this case, you can get by with a picture on the walls or buying an “arched” sideboard.

6. Attention to "work areas"

It is interesting that today more and more owners prefer to pay more attention not to "guest" areas where strangers are, but to personal and even utility rooms. Therefore, the plan and furnishings of the laundry room, bathroom, boiler room, pantry, dressing room and other rooms are carefully worked out. What can we say about more functional bedrooms, offices and nurseries!

Some apartment owners are even ready to put some economic zones on “public display”. The main thing in this case is to successfully beat them. Indeed, who decided that the washing machine has no place in the common kitchen-living room, if it is convenient?

Against this background, there are more and more open shelves and places to store things. If earlier cabinets and chests of drawers prevailed in the interior, now any little things can safely take their place in the interior of the room.

7. The need for a home office

Today, the office is becoming a necessity for all people, and not just for those who work remotely. This trend was facilitated by both the coronavirus pandemic and the development of Internet technologies in general. Many people prefer the format of online meetings, whether it is a consultation with a doctor or guitar lessons.

Therefore, the allocation of a separate office or a small working area is becoming more and more relevant. As a rule, this space is played up in bright or cool colors and dynamic lines, which increases the working tone. In small apartments, this is a module at all, which unfolds at the right time.

8. Functionality and minimalism

The interior becomes “what is comfortable”, and not “what is beautiful”. Therefore, designers start, first of all, from the functionality of the room, and only then “wrap” it in a beautiful package.

Some go even further and do not adhere to any particular style at all, taking the ideas they like and embodying them as they go. This is also acceptable, because the motto of this trend is “the main thing is to like it.”

At the same time, the abundance of furniture and things is not very welcome. Indeed, why do we need a chest of drawers and a bookcase if everything can be placed on one shelf? The sofa can have a large section for storing linen, and the plasma does fine without a TV “wall”.

Minimalism and its “brothers” are quite popular in Cyprus apartments. They allow you to create a large and open space that goes well with the sea views from the window. In addition, the layout of Cypriot apartments allows you to create a single multifunctional space in which it is comfortable to live, work and receive guests.

9. Appeal to traditions

It is curious that with all the gravitation towards modernity and minimalism, a tender nostalgic love for traditions remains in the trends of 2023. This is expressed in the appeal to the retro style and the use of outdated things in a new format.

For example, it is very fashionable to restore a grandmother's chest of drawers and put it in the center of the living room composition. The main thing is that the shape and color fit, then it will not stand out from the general style.

By the way, updating and using old things is another plus in karma for those who strive for environmental friendliness and conscious consumption.

You can also refer to styles that came from traditional life. In Cyprus, this is a Mediterranean style, which involves the use of wooden furniture, “grandmother's” textiles and bright, but not very intrusive decor.

10. Open and functional kitchen

Both the pandemic and other factors have caused people around the world to spend more time in the kitchen and cook for themselves. Therefore, the requirements for space for cooking have expanded significantly.

If we take into account that Cyprus usually has an open layout (the living room and kitchen are not separated by a wall), then there are automatically a lot of ideas. The main trends that I would like to highlight are:

  1. open shelves;
  2. lightweight tables – both for eating and cooking;
  3. simple surfaces in discreet colors;
  4. combination of matte and gloss;
  5. the use of "technological" materials: plastic, metal, glass.

It is preferable not just to update the kitchen, but also to enrich it with modern appliances: good combines and blenders, a coffee machine, etc. Recommended styles are high–tech and minimalism. Also, a loft is good for all of the above, but then it should fit well into the atmosphere of the entire living room as a whole.

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