How to protect your Cyprus home from theft while on vacation?

Как на Кипре обезопасить своё жильё от краж во время отпуска?
30 August 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

After a long quarantine, the residents of Cyprus finally got the opportunity to go on a long-awaited vacation.

Therefore, starting in mid-August, abandoning all business and gathering their families in armfuls, some moved from stuffy cities to mountain villages or hotels on the seacoast, while others went to visit relatives and friends outside the island.

Anyone who has lived in Cyprus for a long time knows that a carefree vacation can be a big grief if, on your return, you find a broken lock and an empty apartment. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in Cyprus. Vacation season is a “hot season” for thieves.

It would seem that there is nothing to worry about a two-week absence! Just a few hours will be enough for an experienced burglar to clean out your apartment. At the same time, it is not difficult to calculate empty real estate today - observation and experience help criminals. The owners of housing on the island, who publish detailed reports on their whereabouts on social networks, often become ideal "spotters".

First, the reckless vacationer takes the last selfie at home, then checks in at the airport and complains about the long flight, and the next day publishes a winning photo by the pool. And now - the attacker knows for sure that the victim's apartment is now empty and defenseless.

According to local police, the number of similar incidents in Cyprus in the summer is on the rise, especially in the Paphos area.

How can you secure your home during a long absence? We offer you some effective advice, using which you can guarantee to protect your property not only from theft, but also from other unforeseen situations.

Insure your apartment and property

Property insurance services are provided by a number of insurance companies in Cyprus. The price usually includes protection against fire and flooding, falling trees, damage to property as a result of major repairs or reconstruction of neighboring premises, natural emergencies and illegal actions of third parties (built-in and cabinet furniture, household appliances and electronics, etc. are insured). In addition, you will be protected from liability to neighbors in the event of communal accidents.

But do not forget that it is necessary to start issuing a policy in advance - it will be valid no earlier than 14 days after the day of payment. If your apartment has a mortgage, then you already have an insurance policy, which is mandatory for an encumbered apartment. Contact your agent to find out what claims your policy covers.

Arming your property

Arranging the arming of the apartment is not difficult. First, decide whether you need a video surveillance installation or not. In the absence of video cameras, sensors are installed in the apartment that react to various actions of intruders. Information about penetration into the apartment is transmitted to the central control panel of the security company. A few minutes later, a rapid response team arrives at the site.

The cost of the service is calculated individually and depends on the amount of equipment and the sensor model. Minimum package: at the entrance to the apartment, a device is installed with a button panel for arming and disarming the apartment from the alarm, two motion sensors and a door opening sensor. Installation work takes 2-3 hours. The service will cost an average of 70-80 euros per month in Cyprus.

Protect your valuables

If valuables, money, and important documents remain in the apartment or house, we recommend placing them in a rented safe deposit box (individual bank safe). This service is provided by many banks in Cyprus. Another simple way is to give valuable property for safekeeping to relatives or friends.

If the previous options do not suit you, take pictures of valuables, rewrite the serial numbers of electronic equipment, save the images in email or on the "cloud". These measures will assist in the search for property by the police in the event of an adverse incident.

Conduct a routine inspection. Shut off the water and turn off the appliances

Carefully inspect all engineering systems and communications. Check the integrity of the water supply pipes, their joints, valves and flexible piping for mixers, most often water leakage occurs precisely due to worn out communications. Unplug TV, computer and other household appliances from electrical outlets. An exception may be a refrigerator, router and air conditioner. Ideally, turn off the electrical panel.

Reliable doors and windows - a protective minimum

It's no secret that the apartments on the lower floors are the most delicious objects for burglars. In 70% of cases, thieves get inside the house through the windows. At the same time, in some situations, they break the glass, and sometimes it is enough to slightly loosen the old frame or push a special device through a loosely closed window. First of all, in the risk zone, apartments and houses, reliably hidden from prying eyes thanks to bushes or trees.

The classic protection in such a situation is metal grilles. But we must admit that they are outdated for a long time. Firstly, few people like to feel like a prisoner in their own house, and the bars not only spoil the view, but additionally shade not the lightest apartments on the lower floors. Secondly, in the event of a fire, protection from thieves can complicate evacuation and cause tragedy. Therefore, it is better to protect windows with a special shock-resistant film. It will give the glass additional strength - to break them, attackers will need at least an ax.

Hacking the door is the second main method of burglars. At the same time, most often criminals physically open locks, and do not pick up master keys for them. The security of your home largely depends on the class of the door. There are more than a dozen degrees of burglary resistance. But, unfortunately, household doors in Cyprus are rarely more reliable than the fourth stage. As professionals say, almost any door can be hacked. However, burglars cannot waste their time, so they will rarely get involved with a complex non-standard lock and a serious metal structure - it is easier to find another victim.

Take care of information security

Do not talk about the dates of your absence on social networks, instruct the children, they are often the source of information by naivety. On the contrary, inform your relatives and friends in detail so that they can look after the apartment or house and take mail and receipts from the mailbox - an overflowing mailbox can be a signal for intruders about your absence.

Leave the keys to a trusted person

Hand over one set of keys for your home to a trusted person, this will help you to quickly take action in case of utility breakdowns. It is even better if you can agree on periodic inspections of the apartment, for example, every 3-5 days. This is ideal if you have a lot of houseplants at home or if you have aquarium fish that are difficult to attach to friends or to a pet hotel.

To make it nice to come back

Make sure that when you return home, there is drinking water, food for "light" snacks, baby food, if you are planning a trip with children. Do the cleaning and prepare fresh towels and linens. Check your supplies of household chemicals - powder, toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Check the refrigerator and cabinets in the kitchen, throw away perishable food, and don't forget to take out the trash.

That's all! Have a great trip!

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