TOP 10 cities and towns in Cyprus: advantages and disadvantages of buying property there

ТОП-10 крупных населенных пунктов Кипра: преимущества и недостатки покупки недвижимости в них
20 September 2022 Irina Starinskaia

Cyprus is a true oasis in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. It is versatile and amazing.

To those who already discovered the secret of Aphrodite's island, it gives fresh embraces of the sea, inspires with bright flowers and aromas of fruits.

Let's imagine that we decided to stay here and now we have to choose a property to live in. Where exactly will it be and why? Let's go over the 10 most popular destinations on the island.

The island of Aphrodite (located in a predominantly mild subtropical Mediterranean climate) has an interesting feature: on the west coast it is a bit cooler than on the east. There are also some noticeable differences in flora and fauna. In addition, there are two large mountain ranges: Kyrenia on the northern coast and Troodos in the southwest. In the mountains, the air is always fresh and saturated with coniferous leaves. In winter, the peaks of the ridges are covered with snow and spring flowers.

As for buying/renting real estate in Cyprus, you can note not only the three largest cities - Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaca, but also other popular points in the West and East. Let's talk about everything in their order.


We already told a lot of times that Limassol is a business center of the country. The city stretched along the coast and even at the entrance to Limassol it becomes clear that the atmosphere of the city is significantly different from other areas of the island. Skyscrapers, busy people, many of whom adhere to a business style - all this is so new for the southern island.

As you might remember, Limassol is considered the most "Russian" city of Cyprus. Today, over 50 thousand Russian-speakers live in the city. This is about a fifth of the total population of Limassol and its suburbs. And soon there will be even more Russian speaking newcomers.

Many international foreign companies choose Limassol for their relocation. This is due to the soft tax program of the government of Cyprus, convenient location and developed infrastructure.

Today, the demand for real estate in Limassol is far ahead of the supply. Thus, the average price per square meter is the highest on the island - 4 thousand euros per m2.

At the same time, the market is oversaturated with luxury offers, which were actively built during the now closed passport program, and the average buyer spends about 350 thousand euros on housing here.

The advantages of buying real estate in Limassol include: a developed infrastructure, a rich business environment, many educational institutions for children of any age and, of course, the most convenient and efficient port in the entire Eastern Mediterranean. Most significant cultural events take place in Limassol. The the city has a 17-kilometer promenade with beaches and paths for bicycles and jogging.

The disadvantages of the city are that it is a little noisy and expensive compared to other areas on the island. You can escape from the big city by moving to areas further from the city center. In Pyrgos (10-minute drive from Limassol), a new house with three bedrooms, a small garden costs 420 thousand euros (+ VAT). For about the same price, you can buy a house under construction in the central part of Limassol, in Germasogeia.


In recent years, foreign investors have paid special attention to Larnaca. The city is developing now: the port is being renovated, sights are being reconstructed, the embankment, bike paths and park areas are expanding. Last year, the first major shopping center was opened in the city. Well, the favorable location between the capital (Nicosia) and the financial center (Limassol) makes Larnaca an important link for business.

Larnaca is the air gate of Cyprus. Every year, millions of passengers from all over the world arrive here to learn the ancient island of Aphrodite or stay here forever.

Many families choose Larnaca for its calm and measured pace of life, the presence of international schools and developed infrastructure. The average monthly expenses for a family are much lower here than in Limassol. But if you wish, you can find a top-class service, which is famous for the most expensive city in Cyprus.

Investors see great potential in Larnaca. This is especially true for the new construction market. If today you buy liquid real estate near tourist locations and the sea, then in the future the price will increase by 15-20% in 2-3 years. A new three-bedroom house in a quiet, developed area of ​​Aradippou costs 330 thousand euros (+VAT). The historic center is within easy reach, and the popular Pascal International School is a couple of minutes drive away.

What are the disadvantages of Larnaca? For those who are accustomed to big cities, it may seem provincial and boring. In winter, in bad weather, residents sit at home and endlessly prepare for Christmas, in spring there is a strong smell of souvlaki (or maybe it's an advantage?), in summer residents languish during the heat waves, throwing plastic frappe cups everywhere. This is the worst-case scenario for you if you are a desperate skeptic. If you love ancient history, water sports and the sea you will look at Larnaca differently.

Library in Oroklini by the sea. Here you can bring books that you are tired of, or choose something interesting.

Aliki salt lake in Larnaca


Almost all who first arrive on the island are waiting for a trip to Paphos, a small town in the southwestern part of the island. It was here that the sea goddess of love Aphrodite appeared from the foam. After visiting places associated with the cult of the goddess, tourists go to New Paphos, which today is a modern city with a magnificent harbor and a breathtaking Archaeological Park, on the territory of which the remains of ancient tombs, residential buildings and theaters are located. The country's second airport is located 6.5 km from the city.

In the summer in Paphos it is not so hot, as in the eastern and central parts of the island. Even in August, the water in the sea is fresh and invigorating. At the same time, the city is completely strewn with greenery and flowers. Despite the fact that the city is considered a tourist city, in the off-season there is an atmosphere of calm and silence. Paphos is an ideal place to build or buy a private house. In the central part of the city there are offers in low-rise apartment buildings.

What to do in Paphos? For families with small children - there are the largest zoo on the island, museums and parks. Fans of nightlife also find something to do here: there are many hot places along the embankment. In addition, Paphos hosts cultural and film festivals throughout the year.

But is it worth considering the city as a permanent place to live? The pluses of life in Paphos include the magnificence of nature. The cleanest beaches, the fragrance of floral aromas all year round, picturesque hillsides. Hiking enthusiasts appreciate the proximity of the Akamas Nature Reserve, a forested promontory with two hills, a nursery for sea turtles and the ancient baths of Aphrodite.

The infrastructure of the city is well developed. There are large supermarkets, pharmacies, health centers, hospitals, international schools and many kindergartens.

Real estate in Paphos is mainly represented by low-rise buildings, since high-rise buildings are not allowed to be built. One of the most impressive resorts in Cyprus, Aphrodite Hills, is located in the city. This is an elite golf village in the area of ​​Kouklia, with an area of ​​234 hectares, located 20 km from the center of Paphos. Here you can rent or buy real estate of various formats: from apartments to spacious villas with a vast adjacent territory.

Residents benefit from the service of a 5-star hotel located on site, an upscale year-round spa, a variety of quality restaurants and chain coffee shops. Despite the grandeur of the project, in this area a new one-bedroom apartment (total area of ​​83 m2) can be purchased for 200 thousand euros. This is a hallmark of Paphos - the city teaches to live beautifully and without fuss. By the way, you don't have to know how to play golf. But if the desire wakes up, there are golf course hills and a school nearby.

Affordable options for buying property in Aphrodite Hills

The disadvantages of Paphos include a meager labor market and remoteness from business centers. Having a private car will solve the problem with public transport. There are few economical offers in new buildings on the real estate market.

Today, developers are mainly engaged in the construction of expensive gated projects away from the center. For example, in the area of ​​the village of Latchi, there is a new elite seafront residential complex Akamas Bay Villas, which includes forty multi-level residences with private gardens, created with great attention to the art of landscape design. Prices start from 1.5 million euros.

Available options for buying property in Akamas Bay Villas


A small town in the northwestern part of the island near the Akamas nature reserve. Its population is only 3 thousand people. The city lives on tourism, but it does it somehow casually and imperceptibly. Here you will not meet crowds of tourists with cameras. Lovers of peace will be very comfortable here.

In addition to the tourism industry, residents are engaged in agriculture and fishing. Annual fishing festivals and yachting championships are the most popular local entertainment.

Polis is ideal for solitude, family holidays and life with small children. Its beaches are amazing and calm. Here you rarely hear loud music and the roar of the engine. On our website, a wide range of real estate of this cozy corner of Cyprus is presented.


Another pretty fishing village on the western coast of Cyprus, Pomos is located an hour's drive from Paphos. First of all, it is famous for the fact that the famous Pomos idol was found here - a figurine of a man with outstretched arms. Scientists attribute the exhibit to the 30th century BC. Today it adorns the Cypriot coins of one and two euros.

Less than a thousand people live in Polis, but they are very hospitable and cordial people. The locals are mainly engaged in fishing and agriculture, growing olives, citrus fruits, and avocados. The municipal pebble beach is small, but quiet and peaceful. Only on weekends there is loud music playing in a small bar by the water. The city also has sandy beaches in very picturesque locations.

It offers residents a bank, several shops and a fish market, which in the evening turns into fish taverns with the freshest seafood delicacies.

Pomos real estate is represented by villas, the cost of which varies from 215 to 466 thousand euros and more. If you dream of living close to the mountains, but having the opportunity to enjoy the sea and a private atmosphere every day, then a house in Pomos is ideal.

The highlight of Pomos is the Pomos Bungalows residential complex, which is a bungalow in a modern style with an open plan and stunning views in all directions. The house has a luxurious bedroom, spacious bathroom, living room, gourmet cuisine, entertainment area, as well as a veranda and roof terrace from which you can enjoy breathtaking views.


The capital of Cyprus has a special atmosphere. There are many foreigners, young people and even residents of the occupied northern part of the island who come to southern Cyprus every day for work or to have a child in an English school. In the ancient architecture, Ottoman notes are strongly felt (wooden balconies, arches, narrow high turrets). Last year, the reconstruction of Freedom Square, which connects the historical and modern parts of the city, was completed. This unique creation of the architectural bureau Zaha Hadid is already known all over the world.

The pros of buying property in Nicosia are endless. This is especially true for new buildings. These are metropolitan infrastructure, modern architecture, affordable schools at embassies, medical centers, high-quality roads, well-groomed trees with lush green crowns along the sidewalks, breathtaking mountain landscapes from the windows of houses. At the same time, a new 2-bedroom apartment in the heart of Nicosia costs 264 thousand euros. A new 3-bed house under construction in the Strovolos area will cost 387 thousand euros (+VAT).

The disadvantages of buying a home in Nicosia include climate: sudden changes in air temperature (in summer it is suffocatingly hot, in the evenings it gets colder). The streets and parks of Nicosia are not crowded, but the cafes are always full of people. On Sunday evening, there are traffic jams at the entrance to Nicosia, locals return from the beaches of Larnaca and Protaras. There are no beaches in Nicosia, but it is possible to install a pool near your house.

Ayia Napa

A former fishing village, and since the late 20th century, a popular resort town on the southeastern coast of Cyprus, it is famous for its stunning beaches with turquoise waters and snow-white sand, which makes you want to run. All year round, traditional taverns in Ayia Napa Bay serve fresh seafood. The city is also famous for its vibrant nightlife in the central square of Seferis during the tourist season. For this reason, in the summer, many shops are open almost around the clock.

Less than three thousand people live in Ayia Napa. And almost all of these people are involved in the tourism business in one way or another. When buying property in Ayia Napa, be prepared for the fact that in winter everything is closed here. On Christmas holidays, the city is decorated with numerous installations, garlands, and even a fair is held, and on other days everyone has fun themselves, as best they can. Winter is ideal for visiting the famous open-air sculpture park, located on the picturesque coast of the outskirts of the city.

Today, the cheapest offer in the database of the top real estate agency DOM is a 2-bedroom apartment in the central area of ​​the city, which is estimated at 117,000 euros. This option is perfect as an investment and for renting out.

In Ayia Napa, the construction of a new Marina is being completed. This grandiose project is a real decoration not only of the city, but of the entire Mediterranean as a whole. Offers are already available in the iconic spiral towers and villas with their own berths, the price of which varies from 2 to 8.5 million euros. Thus, the city is slowly but surely changing the status of a youth resort to an elite one.


In the east of the island, next to the cheerful Ayia Napa, there is a calm and relaxing resort town of Protaras. It is famous for its magnificent beaches and the Fig Tree Bay, which got its name from the fig plant that has been growing here for centuries.

To the south of the center is the Cape Greco forest park, where you can admire the infinity of the sea, the rocky coast and pine forests from a bird's eye view. The population of Protaras is about 20 thousand people. Almost all of them are involved in tourism.

The advantage of buying property in Protaras will be the long-awaited solitude and peace, the opportunity to breathe clean air and enjoy deserted beaches in winter. At the same time, the prices for new buildings here are very moderate.

A new 3-bedroom apartment with a communal pool in the Kapparis area can be bought at a price of 265 thousand euros (+VAT). New 3 bedroom house with a private pool in the same area is valued at 482 thousand euros (+VAT). Highway to Larnaca is only 3 km away.

The disadvantages of Protaras include the infrastructure built exclusively for tourists. For a permanent residence of a family with children, the city is not suitable for everyone. In terms of investment, the local real estate market is growing much slower than Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaca. For true connoisseurs of nature and natural luxury, villas with natural finishes, heated pools, and magnificent gardens are ready for purchase.


In contrast to Ayia Napa and Protaras, the city center of Paralimni, located in the southeast of Cyprus, is not a mecca of tourism. At the same time, life here is calm and measured. The town has the church square, where three temples are located next to each other. Near Paralimni is the village of Derinya, famous for its fragrant strawberry festivals.

Restaurants and cafes are designed for local residents, so the prices are moderate and the food is delicious. Local children mostly attend local Greek schools or travel by bus to the American Academy in Larnaca.

The most luxurious real estate is presented in the port. A 3-bedroom penthouse in a luxury complex of Paralimni Marina is estimated at 3 million euros (+VAT).

Troodos (Kakopetria and Platres)

The most popular areas for mountain lovers in Cyprus are Kakopetria and Platres. The first is famous for traditional crafts, cuisine and picturesque courtyards. Kakopetria is located at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, at an altitude of 667 m. Its population is just over a thousand inhabitants. This is certainly a tourist village and rarely does anyone decide to settle here for many years. And yet, sometimes there are unique real estate options in restored traditional houses. There is a public Greek school in Kakopetria, and children get to private schools by bus.

On the southern side of the foot of the Troodos is the village of Platres, which means "mountain village". It has long been considered the elite mountain resort of Cyprus and an invaluable storehouse of fresh air all year round. In the deciduous forests, towards the end of autumn, here you can see a real golden autumn in Cyprus.

Platres has many offers for buying real estate. This ranges from traditional houses in the middle of a pine forest to ultra-modern new villas in gated communities with private roads. Ecologically clean areas do not have the infrastructure of large cities. In the event of a force majeure situation, residents have to drive at least an hour to the nearest major hospital. But what is surprising is that this does not frighten the population of mountain villages, but rather makes them even happier.

We have reviewed ten popular destinations in southern Cyprus. Each of them has many unique characteristics. But it is worth remembering: what is a minus for one person is a big agvantage for another. The island is much wider and more diverse than it seems at first glance.

Interested in housing in Cyprus? Check the DOM Real Estate website! The agency's website contains the largest real estate database in the country - more than 30 thousand residential and commercial properties in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia, Protaras and Ayia Napa! As well as information about new projects and all developers of the island! Choose and contact professionals who will help you make the right choice!

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