Is a swimming pool in Cyprus a good investment?

Жилье на Кипре с бассейном: стоит ли брать?
29 December 2020 Irina Zholnirova

A home with a pool in a Mediterranean country is a great thing. You can swim near your home all year round. But the pool requires expense and regular cleaning. Do you need a pool or is it better to abandon the idea?

Private pools in Cyprus

Cyprus is a hot island, so there are many swimming pools in private houses and residential complexes. People do not always have the opportunity to get to the sea, and besides, not everyone likes crowded beaches.

Another undoubted plus is that it can be used all year round, unlike sea water, which cools down to +17⁰С in winter. In Paphos, during especially cold periods, the sea can even cool down to +15⁰С.

Finally, not everyone tolerates sea water bathing well. On the one hand, salt is a natural antiseptic, on the other, it dries out the skin and hair. Some people may have an allergy or a strong reaction to seawater.

The pool allows you to swim at any time of the year, without crowds of vacationers, who lay in municipal beaches. In other words, the pool is comfortable, healthy, and the pool can save your free time as you don't need to get to the sea.

Swimming pool in a residential complex, or apartments with a pool?

Perhaps for some people, the phrase "apartments for sale in Cyprus with a pool" sounds too gorgeous. They imagine huge 2-storey Cyprus villas for sale, some of which are occupied by a luxurious pool. And only millionaires live in such a place.

But in Cyprus you can live in an ordinary apartment and still have access to the pool. How is this possible?

It's simple! Just buy a property in a gated complex with a swimming pool. There are enough such complexes throughout Cyprus, in Limassol, Paphos, and Larnaca. Sometimes real estate has two apartments: one indoor, the second is outdoor, the last has sun loungers and umbrellas. Just like the real beach!

Advantages of swimming pools in residential complexes:

The main advantage of the pool (for those who live in the apartments) is its immediate vicinity. You just need to climb down or up (if the pool is on the roof) and then you can relax or do exercises.

But this is not the last advantage, as there are several more:

  • access to the pool at any time of the day, even in the dark as there is usually the lighting
  • safety, especially for children
  • additional conditions: sun loungers and umbrellas, spa, gym in the same complex
  • you do not need to take care of the pool
  • You can swim all year round and in bad weather.

In summer, residents go to the pool to sunbathe and cool off, in winter they warm up here and play sports. You can always choose a time to visit when there are not many neighbors at the pool.

Cons of swimming pools in residential complexes:

Living in a closed residential complex is not the cheapest pleasure. All services have to be paid monthly. For example, only the pool costs € 50-100 per month, and there is also payment for separate parking, cleaning the territory, etc. There are other points that force people to buy housing in Cyprus without a pool:

  • some people think that a small pool for a whole residential complex is unhygienic
  • some do not like the type of pool: indoor or outdoor
  • if you don't have the opportunity to swim regularly.

In elite residential complexes, all services are included in the cost of living, but in budget complexes, part of them can be paid. For example, you can not pay for the bath but for the parking.

Swimming pool in private Cyprus houses

What a cottage or villa in Cyprus without a pool! It is even strange to imagine such a picture. Indeed, many people who move to the south dream of their own pool and recreation area. This is a great solution but only if all points are thought out and calculated.

Advantages of a swimming pool in a private house in Cyprus:

Your own pool can be almost any type. The possibilities for its design are unlimited, so people show imagination and turn their home into a beautiful place where the whole family lives comfortably. Why a private pool is great:

  1. You can use it at any time and not be afraid that other people can bother you.
  2. The size and shape is set by you as you want.
  3. On hot days, you can swim all day round.
  4. You don't need to go anywhere to swim and relax.
  5. Bathing safety for children: even toddlers can splash around in the specially designated area.

The pool in the house is a gathering place for the whole family, guests and relatives during the warm season. Often, residents of houses spend most of their time outside the walls of the house. Therefore, the arrangement of an open area, including a pool, is important.

Disadvantages of the pool in a private house:

The main disadvantage is the need to independently take care of the good condition of the water and the cleanliness of the pool. Some people think this is a real "headache" and prefer to abandon the idea of ​​installing a pool on the site. What else can argue against the pool:

  • High water consumption and, accordingly, impressive water bills. There is a lack of fresh water in Cyprus, so the cost of a cubic meter is not small. In addition, the price rises with the consumption. For example, a cubic meter of water if you use 50 m3 per month costs much less than if you use 200 m3.
  • Large electricity bills. Pump, purifier, softener, heating, lighting, all these require energy consumption. It is also expensive in Cyprus, so some do not build a pool as they do not want to pay € 100-200 per month for it.
  • Complexity of installation. Cyprus is a fairly hilly area. If the site is uneven, then installing a pool can be a problem. Sometimes leveling and preparing the area is more expensive than installing the pool.
  • The need to monitor the condition of the water. Standing water blooms, is filled with microbes, its acidity level (pH) changes. All this needs to be noted and regulated, otherwise swimming will be simply dangerous to health.
  • The need for regular cleaning. You need to periodically clean and disinfect the pool or call specialists. This takes time and money.

Outdoor pools constantly have to be cleaned of leaves and twigs that fall into the water. This is also the owner's task that requires constant attention.

Is your own pool in Cyprus a luxury or a waste of energy and money?

To summarize. Each family decides whether they need a pool or not. If the sea is far away, and the additional costs of € 50 to € 150 per month (on average) do not seem a problem, then why not?

The pool will delight you every day, and will also help you keep fit.

If there are no swimmers in the family or the sea is within walking distance, then, perhaps, the pool is an extra expense. Although many living in the seafront properties still prefer to have their own pool. After all, the beach is always full of people, while its own territory is a quiet and peaceful place.

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