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18 January 2023

5 tricks for furnishing bathroom in new apartment in Cyprus

The modern bathroom is a territory of personal hygiene, relaxation and privacy.

Due to numerous pipes and a wide range of materials, bathrooms are under special control during construction. To keep the status of a multifunctional and most visited area in the house, it must attract with its interior and modern equipment. The need and possibility of installing certain services is determined by a compromise between the proposals of designers and the wishes of future owners.

Smart shower

During planning modern bathrooms, architects are less and less paying attention to factory-assembled plastic shower cabins. They are replaced by local design projects. The absence of bulky details, the presence of durable and safe glass doors and partitions give the bathroom brightness and versatility.

Smart showers which have a remote controll system (you can use your mobile phone) regulate the temperature and water pressure, turn on floor heating, and change lighting. The programmable hydromassage function makes it possible to select individual effects on different parts of the body. Intensive streams of water are provided by "tropical" nozzles of a large area or artificial waterfalls built into the ceiling. Innovative equipment allows you to fix personal settings, which has a positive effect on water consumption. To create the effect of a spa steam room, the shower can be supplemented with a steam generator, while ensuring efficient air circulation.

At the same time, modern technologies and the warm climate of Cyprus today make it possible to organize a comfortable shower in a private house even under the open sky or a transparent panoramic roof.

False Windows

Not every building project provides for a window opening in the bathroom. Without this structural element, the room is deprived of natural light and visual enlargement. To some extent, to compensate for the absence of these options, false, equipped in a niche of the appropriate size, is capable of compensating.

There are several ways to make them, from the simplest to the most advanced:

  1. Painted windows or wallpaper. The image of the window frame and the landscape is created directly to the wall with waterproof paints or printed on a vinyl base.
  2. Stained glass windows with illumination. They are made by drawing a picture on the glass of an acrylic film, by photo printing or by sandblasting. They are durable and are 'not afraid' of moisture.
  3. 3-D wallpaper with backlight. Recently popular three-dimensional images are the basis for the production of false cones. Protected by glass, the wallpaper looks voluminous and realistically conveys the perspective.
  4. Digital virtual windows. A moisture-resistant LCD panel suspended on the wall is controlled from a computer or mobile device. Users have the ability to choose a scene, adjust the brightness and run special effects.

To give false windows a complete look, it is recommended to equip them with a frame made of aluminum, decorative plastic or treated wood.


One way to get the most out of your bathroom experience is to have music that matches your mood. In all cases, the sound source is a moisture-resistant speaker system. The number of speakers is determined by the geometry of the room, but not less than one pair. One option involves connecting a Bluetooth amplifier to them, which is compatible with a network player, computer or the phone. An alternative way is to install a digital radio in the bathroom, the size of a household switch. This device receives a signal via the Internet, has a built-in amplifier and a connector for connecting a flash drive. At the output, the system produces crystal clear and spacious sound, easily perceived through shower jets and even underwater.


Bathrooms can be imagined without bathtubs, but not without mirrors. In addition to their main function of reflecting beauty, they become the main accessory and means of virtual room correction. In a set with mirrors, mirror baguettes, plinths and mosaics are harmoniously combined. Considering all the nuances of the room, it is important to choose the right size and shape, including those with built-in light sources.

It is worth noting that:

  1. horizontal rectangular mirrors "cut" the wall and visually lengthen the room;
  2. round mirrors are suitable for bathrooms of any proportions and soften their strict geometry;
  3. square mirrors harmonize well with narrow and rectangular rooms;
  4. vertically placed rectangular or oval mirrors visually “raise” low ceilings;
  5. mirrors should not be mounted opposite each other.

Mirrored hanging cabinets with or without their own lighting can serve as a reflective surface in the bathroom. A special visual effect occurs when reflected in the mirror fashionable, in recent times, pendant lights. Bathroom mirror frames should be made of durable waterproof materials: metal, plastic or specially treated wood.


Live plants add some style to the bathroom, help relieve stress and filter the air after using household chemicals. Varying the number and location of green spaces indoors, you can achieve the effect of the surrounding jungle, create the atmosphere of a healing spa, or simply designate a few color accents. Depending on the proportions and design of the bathroom, plants can be hung in decorative planters, occupy niches or shelves of various designs. A tall, spreading tree placed on the floor will be a good addition to a spacious interior.

The range of representatives of home flora is quite wide, so when choosing, you should remember about the natural habitat of the plant you like. You should also consider the presence or absence of a window (in this case, you need to install additional lighting) and the reaction to a warm and humid environment. Most suitable for bathing plants, with dense fleshy leaves, grow in tropical rainforests with low light. But cacti, accustomed to roasting all day in the sun in the middle of the desert, should be abandoned.

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