European Commission Issues Second Warning to Cyprus

Еврокомиссия сделала очередное предупреждение Кипру
9 June 2021 DOM LiVE

The investigation of the Golden Passports case was completed in Cyprus on Monday, June 7. The Investigative Committee found out that about 53% of all Golden citizenships were issued illegally.

The results of the investigation caused another wave of indignation from the European Commission, which immediately sent a second warning letter to the government of Cyprus.

It is worth noting that this time the claims concerned not previously issued passports, but ignoring the EU's requirements to suspend their issuance.

Despite the fact that Cyprus has suspended accepting new applications on November 1, 2020, they still continue to process and issue passports to those foreign investors who submited documents before this date.

European politicians believe that the granting of citizenship of an EU member state for investment violates the principle of sincere cooperation in the third paragraph of Art. 4 of the Treaty on the European Union, and the principle of the integrity of the institution of EU citizenship, as enshrined in Art. 20 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU.

Due to the fact that a member state of the European Union grants citizenship to interested investors, they automatically become EU citizens, receiving all the rights corresponding to this status: free movement, residence and work in the EU, the right to vote in elections, etc. The consequences of granting citizenship apply to the entire European community without taking into account the views of other countries in the bloc.

The European Commission has repeatedly clarified that the rules for granting citizenship must necessarily comply with EU law. However, Cyprus remains responsible for deciding who can become a Cypriot..

As you may know, Cyprus received a warning letter from the EU October 2020, however, the island continues to violate the rules.

Now the European Commission decided to take the next step in the process against Cyprus. European politicians stressed that the problems expressed in the first warning letter have not been solved by Cyprus. Therefore, the European Commission issued a reasoned opinion on this issue.

The government of the country was assigned a period of 2 months to take the necessary steps to solve the problems that have arisen and give an answer to Brussels. If nothing changes during this time, the European Commission will appeal to the Court.

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