Plus 21 - Exclusive Residential Complex in Larnaca

Plus 21 – эксклюзивный жилой комплекс в Ларнаке
10 August 2021 DOM LiVE
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Under the close scrutiny of the Department of the Environment, an Environmental Impact Assessment (MEEP) study of the construction and operation of the new Plus 21 multi-storey residential complex in Larnaca will be carried out.

Laday Ltd and Island Beach Development Ltd, which will be engaged in the project, recently submitted an application for the construction of a high-rise building.

According to the release, Plus 21 will appear at the intersection of Goethe and Franz Schubert Streets, about 350 m east of Larnaca Salt Lake, 800 m north of the airport and just 80 m from the sea and Mackenzie Beach.

Plus 21 –  престижный и уникальный жилой комплекс в Ларнаке

The building area will be 2,296 m2.

It is worth noting that the site falls within the Ka3 urban area, which has a build-up ratio of 1.40: 1, a coverage ratio of 0.50: 1 and a maximum number of floors of 4. In accordance with Law 127 (I) / 2018 on Impact Assessment, an Environmental Impact Assessment Study (MEEP) must be prepared and submitted in the context of the consideration of an application for a city planning permit for the said project. The project is categorized as “high-rise buildings with a number of floors in excess of the allowed number specified in the Local Plan and / or Policy”.

In a 7-storey building, the total height of which will be 30.45 m, there will be 2 blocks for 37 apartments: 9 one-bedroom, 20 two-bedroom and 8 three-bedroom. In addition, the complex will have a spacious underground parking for 37 cars and a communal pool with a recreation area.

A distinctive feature of the complex will be that the apartments on the ground floor will have a private garden, while the penthouses will have a private lounge area and swimming pools.

The preliminary cost of the project is estimated at 5 million euros.

Plus 21 – эксклюзивный жилой комплекс в Ларнаке

You can learn more about this and other new projects from the specialists of the DOM real estate agency in the city of Larnaca by phone +357 24621001, or by personally visiting the office at Gregoriou Afxentiou 7, Larnaca, 6023, Cyprus.
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