Yachting in Cyprus

Яхтинг на Кипре
27 September 2020 Anton

Millions of people all over the world are fond of yachting. For some it is a fascinating hobby, for others yachting becomes the meaning of life.

There are several yacht clubs and marinas in Cyprus which you can visit. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are from, or how far you can go. The marinas of Cyprus gladly welcome you, and those who want to learn how to operate a ship can take captain's courses, which later allow not only to sail, but also to participate in regattas!

Yes, there are regattas in Cyprus, and quite often.

Cyprus harbors

In total, there are 4 large harbors in the Republic of Cyprus, they are:

Ayia Napa Marina (on the map)

Ayia Napa Harbor can accommodate 600 yachts at once. The harbor basin is 6.5 meters deep, so even super-yachts up to 65 meters in length can moor to the pier, while garages can accommodate smaller vessels up to 10 meters in length. If you decide to ship your vessel here, the staff of Ayia Napa Marina undertakes to monitor your yacht 24x7, provide fuel, water and electricity, provide laundry services, recreation areas, Wi-Fi for large vessels whose length exceeds 24 meters and, of course, round-the-clock assistance from staff. For a fixed fee.

Larnaca Marina - (on the map)

Larnaca harbor provides up to 450 berths and docks, the maximum depth of the harbor basin is 3 meters, which allows fairly large vessels to moor, up to 40 meters in length. This is more than enough for a typical millionaire yacht. The marina administration also provides yacht owners with facilities to maintain their vessels for a fixed fee. Larnaca is a pretty iconic destination for both overland businessmen and captains alike.

St. Raphael Marina (on the map)

The marina of Sant'Rafael is ready to accommodate ships of 30 meters in length, a pool depth is 4.5 meters. The harbor with 237 berths also provides electricity, water, television, internet and yacht services to its customers at reasonable prices. There is a yacht club of the same name at the harbor of Sant Rafael. And there is also a wonderful hotel.

Latchi Harbor & Marina (on the map)

An incredible place near Polis and Akamas National Park. These places are famous for their blue lagoons and sandy beaches. This harbor is not big, but there is enough space in it to moor a boat or yacht. Akamas is well known for its beauty. Many Cypriots come here to relax on the weekend, and a boat trip in these places can be one of the brightest impressions about the island!

Paphos Harbor (Limanaki) (on the map)

Paphos Harbor is not a marina. However, there are always many tourist vessels, catamarans, fishing and sailing boats. From time to time, large yachts come to the harbor, since the depth of the harbor basin allows them to harbor. In Paphos harbor, you can always be sure of your boat, as it is perfectly protected by breakwaters. An old fort, restaurants, beautiful sunsets and a convenient location attract both tourists and enthusiastic sailors from year to year.

Limassol Marina - (on the map)

Finally, the largest and most luxurious marina in Cyprus!

The marina of Limassol provides 650 berths at which even 110-meter giants can moor.

Here you can do everything such as refueling the yacht or building and modifying a new one.

Marina offers a wide range of services to yacht and boat owners, such as:

  • Port
  • VHF monitoring channel 12
  • Marina staff 24/7
  • 24-hour security, including video surveillance
  • Mooring assistance
  • Crew quarters and changing rooms
  • Showers and toilets
  • Private parking
  • WI-FI access
  • High speed fiber optic Internet, telephone and IPTV
  • Refueling
  • Fresh water
  • Single and three phase electricity
  • Draining gray and black water
  • Disposal of used oil
  • Bilge pumping
  • Buggy

To pay for parking, captains can use one of the service packages, which is very convenient.

For wealthy gentlemen and ladies, Marina can kindly provide 162 luxury apartments and 74 exclusive villas.

On the territory of the Limassol marina there is an artificially created island, on which there are houses of those for whom such life is not a luxury, but an everyday life.

There are also lots of restaurants, boutiques, bars and a yacht club. Perhaps this is the most luxurious place throughout the island!

In addition to the existing ones, several more marinas are planned to be built in Cyprus, in which foreign investors are actively showing interest, such as:

Paralimni Marina

In addition to a pier for 300 yachts, the developer plans to erect commercial real estate. There will be villas and high-rise buildings, as well as shops, bars and restaurants. A commercial project should contribute to the economic development of the region, the Paralimni Marina is due to be completed in 3-4 years.

New Marina of Larnaca

An ambitious project, the goal of which is to create the largest and most luxurious marina on the island. The project should be constructed in 10 years, there will be a pier and shopping centers, an educational institution, a road and a commercial real estate zone. According to the plan of the designers, Larnaca Marina will have 650 berths and be able to accommodate large vessels.

United Marina of Paphos

A long-term project designed to create the necessary conditions for the reception of cruise ships, as we as small vessels, fishing boats and yachts. The project has been postponed more than once due to various reasons, including the problem of maintaining the ecological balance in the region. Now the matter has moved off the ground. The proposed construction site is between Peya and Kisonerga.

Since there are marinas in Cyprus, it is logical to assume that there are also yacht clubs.

Indeed, they exist and constantly take part in sailing regattas!

Regattas are races on sailing yachts. They can be amateur and professional, even a person with minimal sailing experience can take part. If you have small experience, it's better to participate in amateur competitions, since professional ones last much longer, and you need to get used to the sea. In any case, you will have enough impressions for a long time!

There are a number of clubs which participate in competitions:

Paphos International Sailing Club

An sport organization that aims to teach people water sports, including yachting. Joining the club is not difficult at all. You don't even need to have your own boat. Here you can rent a yacht, sign up for a crew for a trip. The club holds weekly meetings where you can have a good time and meet interesting people!

Begafigo Famagusta District Sailing Club

The club was founded in 2002 to promote sailing in the east coast of Cyprus. In 2005, the club achieved the recognition of the Cyprus Sports Organization, and in 2006, it was awarded by the Cyprus Sailing Federation for its contribution to the expansion of sailing and the expansion of sailing tournaments in Cyprus.

Today the club has over 300 members, a fleet of 65 monohull and multihull boats and 16 sailing yachts moored in the port of Larnaca. Begafigo operates coastal and maritime sailing academies, club championship and participates in national championships in SAF classes of Optimist, Laser, Open Sea.

St Raphael Yacht club

The club takes an active part in sailing regattas and is considered one of the most prestigious in Cyprus. Provides comprehensive support to captains and sailors, is engaged in research activities in the maritime industries.

Latchi Sailing Club

Latchi Nautical Club includes windsurfing, yachting and powerboats. Provides support for water sports in this region.

Cyprus International Sailing Club (CISC)

Has been operating since 2017. The club organizes master classes given by Olympic and world champions, as well as its own trainings in Limassol.

All yacht clubs on the island are members of the Cyprus Yachting Federation.

Anyone who is not yet a happy owner of a yacht, but has a desire to learn maritime business, can contact one of the clubs. The best of which (in our opinion) is CISC.

Those who wish can undergo training in nautical business here, and later become members of the club, which also gives a number of advantages. Here, under the guidance of experienced instructors, you can take a sailing yacht management training course for only €340 or refresh your yacht sailing skills if you know something, but have forgotten.

In total, up to 5 people are trained on the course, and this is the most optimal number of participants for a yacht management course.

You can also make a gift to your beloveds or friends by presenting them a 5-hour sailing yacht trip or a yacht management lesson.

It is possible to rent a racing yacht here for only €200-250 per day, however, you must have a certified skipper.

As you can see from the above, yachting in Cyprus is not a hobby for exceptionally rich people, almost anyone can learn how to operate a yacht for quite reasonable money!

Cyprus is an island where all dreams come true! DOM LiVE wishes you a fair wind and an unforgettable experience!

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Source: DOM LiVE
Photos: limassolmarina.ru, cisc.com.cy
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