Internet in Cyprus

Интернет на Кипре
1 March 2021 DOM LiVE

Many Europeans associate Cyprus with the paradise of IT technologies and the modern developed world.

This is partly true, Cyprus really has a good IT industry, here are the head offices of many companies in information technology from Europe and post-Soviet countries. However, this does not mean that the home Internet in Cyprus is modern and high-speed.

On the contrary, compared to Europe or Russia, the Internet in Cyprus is slow and expensive. Moreover, in 2019, the European Commission found out that Cyprus had the most expensive Internet connection in the entire Union.

Nevertheless, it is no longer possible to survive without a global network, so today we will consider the most popular tariffs and services for home and mobile Internet in Cyprus.

Home internet in Cyprus

Let's first take a look at the main internet service providers on the island which offer wired home internet.


CYTA (link) is the largest semi-state telecommunications provider in Cyprus. The company is ready to provide you with home Internet on the following terms:

Attention! All prices in the article are valid as of March 1, 2021.

CYTA provides discounts to some categories of citizens (large families, citizens with disabilities). Also, you can purchase a package of services (home phone service + Internet or TV + Internet, etc.), in this case the Internet is cheaper.

It costs €71.40 to set up a connection and the modem is provided for free. CYTA also gives emails, antiviruses and other nice gifts.

Epic (MTN)

Epic (formerly MTN), another Cypriot provider owned by Monaco Telecom, offers the following high-speed internet rates:

At the moment Epic provides the opportunity to pay for 3 months at once and reduce the price by EUR 10 per month. Internet connection and router are free of charge.

Epic also offers a package of home phone service and Internet (more details can be found here), however, it is more expensive than the CYTA terms.

For the most budgetary option, there is a Broadband HomeBox service (20/60 Mbps download speed and 2/6 Mbps upload speed) for only EUR 9.99 per month for the first year of use and euros 29.90 per month after. Installation is paid. Yes, this proposal has its pitfalls, you can read them here.


PrimeTel PLC is a relatively young Cypriot company (founded in 2003) headquartered in Limassol.

Offers affordable prices for home Internet (some services are cheaper than CYTA):

Internet connection is free of charge.


Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd offers relatively inexpensive high speed internet service that operates in some areas of the island. You can check if Cablnet is available in your house or apartment on the official website.

If there they operate in your area, the company offers the following services:

The connection is free of charge upon signing an annual contract.


AlphaNet is a young company with good quality services. At the moment AlphaNet provides its services in Limassol.

The company has the following tariffs:

Network connection costs EUR 50 for tariffs from Economy to Premium. Connection to Ultra costs EUR 100, and for Advanced is EUR 150.

Attention! Installation of home Internet for some providers in certain cases can take up to 30 days!

Mobile Internet in Cyprus

Of course, you can buy a SIM card and travel around the island, always staying online. But yep, Cyprus cannot boast of high speed and low cost even here. Although, it is worth noting that mobile communications are getting better and better over the years.

Before comparing the cost of services of mobile operators, it is important to mention a few points.

First, mobile communications mostly work only in the territory controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, in the buffer zone and British overseas territories. You need to purchase a Turkish SIM card if you go to the North.

Second, a SIM card can be bought at a corner store, or you can buy a SIM card and link it to your ID at the office of a mobile company. In both cases, the cost of services may differ markedly. In the office, you can purchase a package for home and mobile Internet to save even more.

Now we will take a look at the cost of mobile Internet without linking the phone number to the subscriber's passport data. In other words, you can buy a SIM card at any store and start using it anonymously.

Epic (MTN)

By purchasing an Epic SIM card, you can top up your balance online or in many shops and kiosks. The cost of the internet is... impressive:

EUR 5 - 850 MB of data for 10 days;

EUR 10 - 2 GB of data for 30 days;

EUR 15 - 4 GB of data for 30 days.

How do you like it? Let's see the offers of another company.


Another company offers the following prices for mobile Internet without linking the number to the subscriber's name:

EUR 5 - 2GB of data for 10 days;

EUR 10 - 5 GB of data for 30 days;

EUR 15 - 10 GB of data for 30 days.

Slightly better, but still very expensive compared with European prices. How to reduce the cost? Contact the office, bind a SIM card to your account and choose a more suitable plan with a monthly fee. And even better: combine mobile Internet into one service package with home Internet (as well as TV and home phone service, if you need it).

Free Wi-Fi in Cyprus

At the moment, free Wi-Fi is rare in the cities of Cyprus. Yes, it is available at airports, in almost all restaurants and cafes (if you buy something or politely ask the employee), in shopping centers. The internet has even appeared on some of the new buses running in Larnaca and Nicosia, but at the moment, free Wi-Fi is the exception rather than the rule.

However, some mobile internet providers offer their own Wi-Fi hotspots network located in cities. You can familiarize yourself with the offer of PrimeTel or other operators. By the way, when purchasing home Internet or other services, operators can give free access to their Wi-Fi hotspot. Read the details in the description of the service you like, or even better - check the hotline.

Roaming in Cyprus for other Europeans

If the traveler arrived from another EU country, then it is not at all necessary for them to purchase a SIM card in Cyprus.

Internet roaming within the EU has been canceled since 2017. This means that the owner of a SIM card from Lithuania, France or Ireland can freely use the mobile Internet according to their home tariff and price list.

Technical moment. The owner of a SIM card from other EU countries often needs to allow an Internet connection in roaming in the phone settings. They will not be charged for this "roaming".

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