TOP 5 Most Popular Residence Permit Programs in World in 2022

ТОП-5 самых популярных мировых программ ВНЖ в 2022 году
18 May 2022 Vlad Yazykov

Most popular residence permit programs outside the European Union (but not Europe).


At first glance, it seems that Montenegro is not a very liquid option in terms of the prospects for obtaining citizenship. The country is not a member state in the European Union. However, according to experts, the citizenship by investment program of Montenegro currently has no analogues in Europe. It allows you to buy an apartment in a heavenly place or a share in a residential complex for 350 thousand euros, get local citizenship for the whole family in just 2-3 months and, if desired, sell this property in 5 years.

By the way, by this time the country can become a member of the EU (accession is planned in 2025). Therefore, the purchased property is very likely to increase greatly in price. For comparison, the Maltese citizenship program for real estate investments costs more than 1 million euros.

In order to apply for a country's passport, the applicant must invest 250 thousand euros in approved projects and "donate" another 200 thousand euros to the state in the form of a non-refundable contribution. With a passport, you can travel visa-free to 124 countries of the world, including the countries of the Schengen zone and Singapore, get a E-2 business visa to the USA. However, only those who hurry up have such an opportunity. The program runs until the end of 2022.

You can get the status of a resident or citizen of the country not only by buying real estate or investing in the economy of the state, but also by opening a business or on the basis of financial independence.


The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world. The country of oil sheikhs, high technologies. A rapidly developing state whose economic growth can only be compared with the speed of the construction of local skyscrapers that appear right in the middle of deserts. Specialists are always in demand here. Average salaries are high, and about 90% of the population are expats. This alone suggests that the country is very attractive for foreigners. The UAE has excellent medicine and it is one of the safest countries in the world.

Almost everywhere in the UAE, you can speak English, it is quite possible to do everything without knowledge of Arabic.

The UAE has an extremely favorable tax regime. Many taxes are completely absent here or have a low rate. For example, VAT is only 5%. The absence of taxes is beneficial to both real estate buyers and those who plan to do business in the country.

Permission for a long-term stay in the country when buying a property suitable for living in the United Arab Emirates can be obtained in a couple of months, when buying a property worth 750 thousand dirhams (204 thousand dollars). The first visa is issued for three years, then it can be extended if the object remains in the property.

Applicants who are ready to invest more significant amounts in the UAE economy are eligible for a "golden visa" and move to the Emirates with their family. The validity period of the visa directly depends on the size of the wallet. The amount of 5 million dirhams ($1.35 million) will last for five years, from 10 million dirhams ($2.72 million) — for ten. Visas can be extended many times, but they do not give the right to citizenship.

Possible disadvantages

High prices. Life in the Emirates is not a cheap pleasure. As a rule, either qualified specialists or very wealthy people who can provide themselves with a comfortable life move to this country for a long time.

It should also be borne in mind that the UAE is a Muslim country with its own rules. True, in recent years foreigners have been given indulgences, but in general there are restrictions on the purchase and consumption of alcohol, on public expressions of feelings, on the choice of clothes and statements.


The small island nation of Vanuatu, located on the other side of the globe, is an untouched paradise of Oceania. One of the dynamically developing offshore zones of the Pacific basin. Tax haven. And it is also a country offering unique opportunities. If you want to get a second passport as soon as possible, without paperwork and without spending large sums, Vanuatu is a great option.

The main optionis a donation to the National Development Fund of the country in the amount of 130 thousand dollars. Since July 2021, citizenship can also be issued when buying real estate in a project approved by the government of Vanuatu in the amount of 200 thousand dollars. Regardless of the investment option chosen, a spouse, children and parents can apply for citizenship together with the investor. It takes 30 days to get a passport, the package of documents is minimal, and the whole procedure takes place remotely.

The program is popular due to the large number of countries where citizens of Vanuatu can enter without a visa, such as the Schengen area, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia.

However, those who received a Vanuatu passport after May 25, 2015, visa-free entry to the EU is prohibited from March this year. The reason for the ban is the low level of verification of future citizens.


Do you want to get a residence permit in foreign country even cheaper? Then you should take a closer look at Georgia. The authorities of the country issue a residence permit when buying any real estate (except agricultural land) from 100 thousand dollars. Two points are important: the value of the property must be confirmed by an appraiser certified by the Ministry of Justice, and the ownership right must be registered in the Public Register of Georgia.

Otherwise, everything is very simple! It is allowed to use credit funds, the number of documents is minimal, and together with the main applicant, all members of his family, including parents, brothers and sisters, receive the status. They issue a residence permit for three months, you need to renew it every year, subject to ownership of the object.


An investor who is ready to invest in residential and commercial real estate in Cyprus from 300 thousand euros is granted permanent residence in the shortest possible time. The status is also issued to members of the applicant's family, and it is valid for life. But in order to preserve permanent residence and its automatic extension, residents must come to the island every two years. You can apply for citizenship after seven years of permanent residence in Cyprus. The Republic recognizes dual citizenship.

Read more about what you need to get a residence permit in Cyprus in our material.

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