TOP 5 Fastest-Growing Areas of Limassol

ТОП-5 самых быстроразвивающихся районов Лимассола
30 September 2022 Irina Zholnirova

Limassol is a large and dynamic city.

Some areas there are already fully built up, others are considered 'elite' (with very expensice real estate). Still other areas are far from the center, and it is not necessary to expect that housing there will really increase in price over time.

However, there are some more interesting options. There are municipalities and areas closest to Limassol which are still not fully developed. The first modern new buildings are just appearing there, although the infrastructure here is already well established. We will bring to your attention 5 promising areas of Limassol, where you can buy housing with a potentially large price increase.

1. Kato Polemidia

This is a separate municipality, which is located in close proximity to the center of Limassol. Kato Polemidia is landlocked and is located on small hills. Perhaps that is why foreign buyers have not yet appreciated it - according to tradition, they are interested in real estate closer to the sea.

In our opinion, Kato Polemidia can be much better than Agios Tychonas, Agios Athanasios, Germasogeia and even the central coastal areas. The fact is that it is not as busy as some of the mentioned locations. In addition, Kato Polemidia is a non-tourist area. This means that there is less seasonality and a more relaxed environment. But access to the infrastructure of the city is the closest. Just 5-15 minutes by car and you are in the center of Limassol.

Finally, from the windows of many apartments in Kato Polemidia, there is an excellent view: the city, the sea, the mountains. Thanks to the elevation, you can get a great panoramic view.

And real estate prices in this area please. In comparison, one square meter costs less than popular areas!

At the same time, the demand for housing in the area is constantly growing - both for purchase and for rent. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at Kato Polemidia if you want to invest and benefit from it. And the location is good for moving: very close there is everything you need to live with your family, do business and relax comfortably.

Here are some examples of great new builds in Kato Polemidia:

  1. Alexander the Great - small complex with underground parking and spacious layouts;
  2. Azalea Residence - mini-complex for 6 apartments, a 2-minute drive from the center;
  3. Charalambos Residences - ideal for family life, has excellent views and proximity to infrastructure;
  4. Epique Residence - business class complex with several residences, those on the top floor have their own rooftop terraces;
  5. Supreme Residence - complex of 4-bedroom villas with excellent views;
  6. Parkview Residence - complex in a quiet and cozy place, with a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable apartments.

All offers for buying property in Kato Polemidia

2. Zakaki

It is not a separate municipality, but part of the one of Limassol. When talking about Zakaki, it turns out quite an amazing story. It is located close to the city center, but has never aroused much interest among developers. Everyone who wanted to live in Limassol, but cheaper, rented or bought a house in Zakaki.

The situation began to slowly change with the construction of the largest casino City of Dreams Mediterranean. Even when it became known that a European resort would appear in Zakaki, there was no construction boom in the area. This amazing phenomenon is easily explained.

The fact is that the western regions of Limassol closely border on the territories of British military bases. And until recently it was not possible to get an agreement for the development of Zakaki and neighboring Ypsonas. Well, now... Now we have this agreement!

Therefore, complexes of new buildings began to grow in Zakaki like mushrooms after rain. Property prices in this location are still low (compared to other areas of Limassol), but the situation will change in the near future. Now the difference with popular areas is on average 20%.

Zakaki is a very promising area with minute access to the entire infrastructure of the center. Not far away is the historical center of Limassol, business and tourist areas. So the demand for real estate in Zakaki will soon grow very strongly, and with it the price per square meter.

Here are some good examples of real estate in Zakaki new buildings:

  1. Archie Residence - elite complex near the casino resort and golf resort;
  2. Casino Square - elite complex next to the casino, a closed area includes a swimming pool, a landscaped garden, a tennis court and a gym;
  3. Fremont Park - large gated complex of 6 blocks, has its own swimming pool, landscaped area, fitness room and sauna;
  4. Harbor City - large complex near the port and all infrastructure, with a swimming pool, playground and other amenities;
  5. Platinum 77 - well-maintained mini-complex of only 3 blocks;
  6. Sky Gardens - one of the few high-rise complexes in Zakaki - these are two blocks of 14 floors each.

Of course, there are many more options. You may be interested in offers with secondary housing.

All offers for the purchase of real estate in Zakaki

3. Ypsonas

Ypsonas is another area that borders the British military base. Also, Ypsonas is a separate municipality. Here the construction also began not so long ago, and so far it cannot be called very active.

Projects of several floors are popular. Due to their location, they all have good views, and the upper apartments offer a view of the sea.

Also, the area is constantly being improved and landscaped. This is possible precisely because the municipality is not part of the city, and it has the opportunity to be more attentive to the needs of its residents. For example, the construction of three parks has recently begun.

Real estate in Ypsonas is inexpensive... for now. Elite complexes of villas are already appearing here and opportunities for the tourism business are expanding. This means that housing prices will rise. Now the difference with popular areas ranges from 10-25%.

Here are some example options:

  1. Alteza - a small complex of 6 apartments, has large terraces and spacious apartment layouts;
  2. Ertha Residence is a new building with 13 apartments with a closed area, all amenities and attractive prices;
  3. Project in Ypsonas - a small modern complex with apartments already finished;
  4. VerginaCourt - the complex is located in a quiet area and is great for a comfortable life;
  5. Ypsonas villas - for those who have long dreamed of their own villa.

All offers for buying property in Ypsonas

4. Ekali and Nea Ekali

This is one area, part of which is considered to be newer. Ekali is distinguished by its proximity not only to the center of Limassol, but also to other areas. This provides access to all locations, which is convenient for business people.

Despite the proximity of infrastructure, it is very quiet here. The elevated position provides excellent views of the city and the sea. The beaches can be reached from here in 10 minutes without traffic jams. So many families choose the Ekali area as a place of permanent residence.

Real estate prices are below the "central" by about 10-25%.

Here are some interesting options for new buildings:

  1. Absolute Residence - cozy complex of several villas, there are ready-made options, and it is possible to order your own project;
  2. Elite Boutique Residences - small project in a quiet area, with access to all infrastructure;
  3. Sphera C & D - complex of two blocks with terraces and stunning views.

All offers for buying property in Ekali

5. Panthea

Panthea is the most remote "piece" of the municipality of Agios Athanasios (from the coast). Despite the fact that the sea is far enough away, it can be seen from the windows of many houses - this is possible due to the elevated and open position of the location.

Panthea is ideal for those who appreciate solitude, closeness to nature and at the same time the convenience of city life. There is already a fairly active development going on here, and apartments with villas are in great demand - the area has all the prerequisites to become an elite one.

You can get to Limassol in 15 minutes on a good highway. But all the essentials are closer. The difference in prices per square meter can be both insignificant and impressive (up to 30%).

Here are some great options for those looking to buy property in Panthea:

  1. Grace Residence - complex where everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from planning to heating;
  2. La Thea - complex with magnificent views of the city and the sea, the top - penthouses with private rooftop gardens;
  3. Levantas Residence - new building with 4 apartments, the last one is a two-level penthouse with sea and city views;
  4. Oscar Residence - small complex in a quiet place, but a stone's throw from the entire city infrastructure;
  5. Panthea hills - elite complex near the Mesa Gitonya interchange, with gorgeous views, a swimming pool and other amenities;
  6. Panthea Violetta - option for those who need a villa rather than an apartment;
  7. Pantheon Hill Residences - large and ultra-modern complex for luxurious living.

All offers for buying property in Panthea

DOM Real Estate agency has options in all areas of Limassol, as well as in Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia, Ayia Napa and Protaras. If you have any questions, please contact our brokers!

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