TOP 10 most romantic houses in the world

ТОП-10 самых романтичных домов мира
15 January 2021 Irina Zholnirova

It's time to take care of unforgettable days with your dear person, isn't it?! You can stay in one of their romantic houses below!

1. Hanging love cocoon in Aquitaine, France

The French call this place "love nest" (Lov'Nid) or "ball of love". This is a very interesting solution: the spherical house is insulated with sheep wool, there is a double bed of 2.5 meters diameter on the floor. There is a window mounted in the ceiling so that you can admire the stars. A romantic pastime is guaranteed!

The house has a number of nuances: there is no electricity or a bathroom in it as all the benefits of civilization are located below, on the ground. Descent and ascent to the house is an exciting adventure. Because there are no ladders - only woven mesh!

The whole structure is very durable, therefore lovers are happy to relax in this hotel-house. Of course, reservations for Valentine's Day must be made in advance.

Price: from € 90 per day.

2. Cave house in Andalusia, Spain

It would seem like a cave house... brr. Sounds uncomfortable. In fact, cave houses are not uncommon, and these are high-class housing. One of these houses-hotels is located in sunny Spain.

Only whitewashed walls of a natural form are left here, and the interior is very comfortable, atmospheric and even has a claim to a folk style. And most importantly, everything is very romantic, because you feel solitude.

The "cave" has all the amenities and even a pool on a beautiful terrace. The sea from the wonderful hotel is only 30 km. By car, this path can be done in half an hour.

Price: from €50 per day.

3. Shell house on the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico

One of the most famous houses in Mexico and around the world. The architects (the Ocampo brothers) did their best and built a magnificent house in the form of a shell on the island of Mujeres. One brother is a fan of the work of Salvador Dali, which can be guessed from the appearance of his creation.

The house stands in a tropical forest. The coast of the warm Caribbean Sea is not far from it. Inside, the shell house is beautifully landscaped, and staying in it for at least a day is a real pleasure!

The adjacent territory is equipped with no less dignity. Here you can relax, sunbathe, and even splash in the pool, which, by the way, also has a very bizarre shape.

Price: from €200 per day.

4. Secret House Hotel in Venice, Italy

This is the Secret Garden Suites hotel located in one of the most romantic cities in the world - Venice. The place itself suggests that the rest will turn out to be out of the ordinary.

The surprises don't end there. The hotel is called "secret" because in its courtyard there is something completely unusual for the Venetian landscape - they have their own garden! Yes, in the city of canals and solid buildings, there are small islands of greenery.

Just imagine: you have breakfast in this small garden in peace and quiet, and then go on a trip on a gondola... Perhaps this is real romance!

Price: from €170 per day.

5. Bubble house in Dournazac, France

This is a small domed house with only one bed. The main feature here is not the convenience and beauty, but something completely different... A view of the starry sky!

The bubble house is set in a well-tended small garden, so outsiders don't disturb your night under the stars. Of course, it is better to stay here in clear weather. Although, to meet the rain in such a place is no less romantic, right?

The area has all the amenities: toilet and shower, so that the rest will be of the highest standard. This house-hotel is very popular among the French, hence the high price is.

Price: from €170 per day

6. Underground round villa in Vals, Switzerland

A high-tech burrow house is located in the Alpine village of Vals, in Switzerland. The windows offer stunning views of the mountains and the famous landscapes of the Alps. In a word, real mountain romance!

In the photo, the villa looks small, but no… it has an impressive area of more than 200 m2. The house is divided between four bedrooms, a kitchen-living room and a library. By the way, every room has a window! So there is enough natural light in the house.

Well, the main feature of the villa is that the entrance to it is located underground. A real hobbit palace! Previously, the owners lived in the villa, but the interest among tourists became so great that they decided to rent it out.

Price: from 2100 € per week.

7. Simon Dale's eco home in Wales, UK

This wonderful house is the "younger brother" of the previous one. They call it the "hobbit mink" as the house is really small. It looks picturesque... no! Fabulous!

Its peculiarity lies not only in its appearance. It was built by a photographer named Simon Dale for his family. Yes, the man created this charm with his own hands. And he spent at the same time, according to various sources, from 3000 to 5000 pounds sterling.

It is interesting that the eco-house remains an ordinary home for an ordinary family. Tourists come to look at the house and take a photo, they cannot rent it.

8. Bird Isle in Placencia, Belize

A small island was enough to build a house with several outbuildings on it. Solitude, silence and only the rustle of waves nearby. Out of the box, beautiful and very, very romantic.

Holidays here are without crowds of tourists. Those who rent the 'Bird Islet' usually go for diving and seabed exploration, as well as swimming. The weather in Belize is excellent almost all year round, and the beach season does not end.

The pleasure of relaxing in seclusion is not cheap. But! It will be worth it, especially if the couple has decided to spend the most romantic weekend of their lives.

Price: from €650 per day.

9. Bamboo eco-house in Bali, Indonesia

This lodge can be found on request for "Hideout Bali" on the renowned private accommodation booking network. However, renting it is not so easy: the demand is so great that the reservation is made for six months in advance.

However, this is not a minus, but even a plus as such an excellent advertisement for a small but super-cozy house on the bank of a quiet river. Dense greenery grows all around, and there are no neighbors nearby.

Rest here is calm, secluded and uniquely romantic. Because the couple can enjoy exotic nature, birdsong and each other.

Price: from €150 per day.

10. Microhome airship in Dreamnin, Scotland

This is a real modern and ideal place for a romantic getaway for those who cannot imagine life without non-standard and unusual ideas. The architecture of the building itself is striking: it is a magnificent structure in the form of a futuristic airship.

There is everything that a modern home is supposed to have: metal, glass, complex geometric shapes. But at the same time, human hands skillfully entered their creation into nature: a breathtaking view of the mountains opens from the panoramic window.

You need to book a micro-house in advance.

Price: from €200 per day.

Bonus: Park Hotel Euphoria Art Land in Pyrgos, Cyprus

Cyprus also has its own unusual house-hotel. It is part of the Euphoria Art Land Park located in Pyrgos. You can walk in the park with a guided tour or on your own. In addition, in one of the three houses you can stay and spend the night.

The most romantic, of course, is the Blue House. It is skillfully decorated with mosaics and offers a magnificent view of the park and plants. The house has a double bed and all the amenities.

Price: from €100 per day.

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