Village of Agios Tychonas: history under the layer of modernity

Деревня Агиос Тихонас: история под слоем современности
16 July 2021 George Vidiakin

After visiting those areas of Agios Tychonas, which are located on the seashore, we will go to the center of the village, located two and a half kilometers from the coast.

We will have a fascinating walk through the narrow village streets, acquaintance with several local landmarks and examination of modern residential buildings of all styles and for every taste.

Church of Saints Stylianos and Anna

You can get to the historical center of Agios Tychonas from the road junction, on which a copy of a huge stone bowl, once found on the acropolis of ancient Amathus, is installed.

The original of this bowl is kept in the Louvre, it was transported to the museum in 1865. A bowl of 14 tons. From the top of the hill, it was transported on wooden carts with donkeys, before that they had dug it out of the ground, from where it was half sticking out.

From the embankment up, to the highway, there is the Onisilou street (street of Onesilus) (we talked about him in the first part of our trip to the area of Agios Tychonas).

Onisilou street

Before reaching the highway, you need to turn right, otherwise you will find yourself on the highway that will lead you to the west of the village.

After driving along Smyrnis street (Smyrna or Izmir, one of the main Greek cities of Asia Minor, which retained its importance until 1922, when Ataturk's troops almost completely massacred the Greek and Armenian population in the city), you will pass under the highway and get to Griva Digeni Avenue. On the right, almost immediately, you will see a beautiful temple of light stone.

This is the church of the Holy Fathers Joachim and Anna, St. Stylianos and St. Jacob of Euboea.

For brevity, the locals call it simply - Stylianos and Anna.

The church, which amazes with its integrity, the soft color of the facing stone and the elegance of the lines, is also unique in that it is a modern example of a multi-domed temple, the architecture of which is inspired by Byzantine churches.

In Cyprus, multi-domed temples (that is, with three to five domes) began to appear in the 9th century.

Since then, several churches have survived in this style: the temple of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion in Peristerona, St. Paraskeva in Geroskipou, the Apostle Barnabas in Famagusta (in the occupied territories) and the Church of St. Lazarus in Larnaca. The latter originally had three domes that were demolished. The fifth in this row is our today's church of Stylianos and Anna, which has four domes.

Church of Saints Barnabas and Hilarion (photo from the site of the village of Peristerona, source)

Agios Tychonas

If you move to the north-east, then after two kilometers you will find yourself in the historical center of the village of Agios Tychonas. Entering the village, it seems that there is nothing old-fashioned left here, there are modern houses of different quality and degree of renovation all around.

Finally, you reach a huge cathedral, which is dedicated to the most popular saint of these places - Saint Tychon of Amathus (it is in his honor that the village is named, about the temple is a little later). There is a recreation park and a tavern nearby.

The area to the south of the church is a very picturesque place to walk, somewhat reminiscent of the mountain villages of the island.

Of course, it cannot be said that Agios Tychonas is on a par with such popular places as Kakopetria or Omodos. There is no that tourist crowd and, at the same time, pristine simplicity, which are characteristic of popular mountain destinations for agritourism.

But Cyprus teaches its residents to pay attention to detail and appreciate even the smallest manifestations of history and tradition. Therefore, if desired, in Agios Tychonas, it is quite possible to consider the truly Cypriot specifics.

Residential towers

An absolutely amazing detail has also been preserved here - compact two-story towers, similar to Venetian sentinel structures (for example, in Alaminos). The most picturesque of them is located on the southern outskirts of the historic center, here it is.

There are a couple of such towers in the village, but we will talk about them next time...

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Дмитрий Виницкий
Дмитрий Виницкий
20 July 2021 10:46
Something is different from the house on the Venetian tower, similar to the restrictions of the building area ;)  
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