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28 December 2020

Sacred Gardens of Aphrodite or Geroskipou

The picturesque village of Geroskipou (Yeroskipou) is located just 3 km east of Paphos is (see the map)

The name of the village is translated fr om the ancient Greek "ἱερὸς κήπος" as a "sacred garden". During the ancient times there were beautiful gardens that surrounded the temple of the goddess of love and beauty - Aphrodite.

The coastal line of Geroskipou is still decorated by greenery and flowers: the beautiful areas of beaches, hotels and restaurants are adored by tourists and local residents.

The village combines history and modernity in an amazing way: five-star hotels, cozy cafes and taverns, fashionable boutiques, supermarkets and a medieval church coexist with each other.

The beaches are located along the coastline for almost 3 km, they are 'equipped' with everything you need: sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and changing rooms. Rescuers are on duty at special towers. If you wish, you can use pay tickets to the water attractions.

The most popular beaches are Pachiammos Beach, Geroskipou Municipal Beach and Riccos Beach. They all received the Blue Flag award for adhering to water quality and safety standards.

At the end of the beaches there is the modern Church of St. Nicholas. It's located between the Pioneer and Luis Phaeton hotels.

It has white walls and a blue dome which resemble the Santorin Island.

The church opened its doors for everyone on August 11, 2013.

Beautiful church with amazing sea-views.

The church of St. Nicholas is not big, but pretty beautiful. Also it is an ideal place to watch the sunset. You can also come into the church and light a candle if you like.

Opposite the church, believers leave stones with prayers for relatives, as well as the names of loved ones who have passed away.

In summer there are activities such as Paphos Aphrodite Water Park and Paphos Luna Park.

Everything is carefully thought out in the water park: convenient entrances to attractions, lots of greenery, cute and cozy atmosphere. The slides are designed thoughtfully so they are hidden fr om the sun by shadows and you don't have to be afraid of direct summer sunlight. The rides are also safe for children. The water park employees keep order. If you are a resident of Cyprus you can get a discount. For that you need to show any documents to the cashier while buying tickets.

There is a huge parking lot in front of the entrance, thus there is enough space for everyone.

After riding all the roller coaster, you can relax on the small boat and swim through the "lazy" river.

A real paradise for children is the Luna Park. There are all kinds of carousels, trampolines, swings, a Ferris wheel, a 5D cinema, a shooting range and a number of slot machines. You need to pay for entertainment with special coins named tokens, which can be bought at the box office.

You can buy souvenirs, walk and relax on the Poseidonos Avenue, a shopping street full of souvenir houses, shops, cafes and restaurants.

One of the most interesting attractions of Geroskipou is the church of Agia Paraskevi (see the map).

And this is one of the brightest examples of Byzantine architecture of basilicae. The temple was built in the 9th century, five domes together form the outline of a cross, towering above the ground. Outside, the church resembles the Church of St. Barnabas near Salamis, the Church of St. Lazarus in Larnaca, the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople as well as the Church St. John in Ephesus. There are frescoes fr om different centuries in the church - 11th, 12th, 15th, 16th centuries. Last but not least is an icon of the 15th century with the face of the Virgin Mary, belonging to the type of the Most Holy Theotokos Hodegetria. Next to the southwest wall of the church is an underground cave with a stream flowing. It was believed that the water of this stream is curative, but in the middle of the 20th century the cave entrance was sealed.

During the period of early Christianity, temples began to appear in caves. To hide from the persecutors of the church, believers had to gather and conduct religious services in secret. This is how the St George's Church arose, it is a church with a series of tombs called Seven Tombs of St. George. An underground path from the church leads to the temple of St. Paraskeva. Also there is the 7 St. Georges Tavern, a Cypriot tavern nearby.

If you pass the tavern and go a little further, you can see an amazing place - a complex of caves - seven carved caves, seven shrines of the grace of St. George the Victorious.

Inside a huge rock, there is a chapel dedicated to St. George (see the map). Next to the church there is a natural cave from which the sacred waters flow. They are reported to have been used by hermits during the Christian era, also there are two wooden stairs to facilitate access to the caves.

There is an interesting and mysterious underground corridor in a carved cave next to the church. It leads directly to the holy waters, which are located under the church of Agia Paraskevi, in the central square of Geroskipou.

There are also a lot of cats living here.

Few people know that Geroskipu was once famous for silk products. In 1925, the British built a factory and even brought quality control specialists from Italy. Silk fabrics were used for military purposes. But the factory did not last long: because of the emergence of cheaper synthetic material the factory was closed in 1952.

If we talk about the factories of Geroskipou, then it is impossible not to mention the Aphrodite Delights, the largest producer of national sweets in Cyprus such as lokum (Cypriot sweets made from fruit juice with nuts, coconut flakes and starch which are cooked according to the recipes created by Sophocles Athanasiou over a century ago).

In 2004, Aphrodite Delights confectioners made 2.5-ton lokum within three days. Later they got in the Guinness Book of Records. Visitors to the factory can have a guided tour wh ere they will be offered to taste lokum and other traditional sweets and subsequently purchase whatever they like.

History lovers should visit the Museum of Folk Art (see the map).

The museum is in a 19th century stone building. The building used to belong to the British Consulate. After the Second World War, the Department of Antiquities opened the Museum of Folk Art here, wh ere you can find collections of household items and art from different regions of Cyprus. Dishes, tools and other utensils are exhibited to create the best impression of the rural life of the 19th century.

A loom:

Results of work:

And here is the famous Singer machine:

Shapes for making shoes:

The result of the work, do you like the shoes?

A stunning variety of jugs and history of creating.

Do you like the kitchen utensils?

Those who are not indifferent to ruins and abandoned buildings will be interested in an abandoned farm, which is located near the water-park - (see the map).

When we first discovered this place, we mistakenly assumed that it used to be the ruins of an old prison. In fact, this is all that remains of a farm that has existed for over 100 years. When visiting the farm, you should be careful and prudent, as the buildings are already pretty tacky.

The main building of the farm. Looks like a prison, doesn't it?

It is better not to come inside.

And next to the farm there is a completely modern chapel wh ere you can light a candle.

There is even a car...

At the entrance to Geroskip is Eléa Estate Golf Club

You don't have to be a golf lover to enjoy the tranquil views of the emerald fields. The club house contains living rooms with fireplaces, a library, bars and a restaurant. It also hosts special events such as weddings, christenings and corporate parties.

The municipality of Geroskipou is the second largest area in Paphos. It is located near the airport, close to a large city. It has everything you need for life: sea, sun and developed infrastructure. A beautiful place, rich in history, in a word, an ideal place to stay here forever.

Are you interested in houses for sale in Cyprus? In the village of Geroskipou, real estate has been quite popular. Here everyone can find something suitable for themselves. There are both comfortable villas and apartments in apartment complexes with a swimming pool from reliable building companies. You can find a house on the mountain and enjoy the sea view and the sunset every day. Or you can fall in love in an apartment right next to the sea, to go for a jog along the coast and enjoy the sound of the surf and a light breeze.

Or on the mountain. Beautiful Cyprus houses.

We think the windows of this house offer a stunning view.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of urban cities, Geroskipou is the ideal place, away from the major cities of Cyprus. Here time seems to freeze, and this place is created for a calm measured life.

Village location:

  • The village is located (see the map)
  • From Larnaca airport: 128 km
  • From Paphos Airport: 10.8 km
  • From Limassol: 63,7 km

From the point of view of acquiring real estate like houses, apartments and villas, Geroskipou is gaining popularity and becoming quite famous. At the moment, there are a lot of offers for real estate, even new buildings, both in the mountains and right next to the sea. And they are not so expensive as Limassol real estate.

Are you interested in buying or renting a property in this lovely Cyprus village? Contact DOM real estate agency. Our specialists will select a suitable property for rent or purchase, as well as take you on a tour of apartments and/or houses.

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