Quad bike and buggy in Cyprus

Квадроциклы и багги на Кипре
29 November 2020 Irina Zholnirova

Cyprus is a beautiful island you have to explore, explore and explore. Driving a buggy or a quad bike throughout Cyprus is a cool solution for those who love extreme sports and activities in nature.

Quad bike and buggy. What is it?

A quad bike and buggy is an all-terrain vehicle with high suspension, enhanced shock absorbers. It is a very popular pastime in Cyprus, in an island where outdoor activities are always a pleasure.

Quad bikes usually have a larger engine displacement, so they are able to move very fast (over 100 km/h). They are ideal for those who love fast driving and thrills. You must have the category B of driver's license to drive quad bikes.

Buggy is an easier type of transport. It has many variations in engine displacement characteristics, fr om a tiny volume of 40-50 cubic meters to an impressive 500 cubic meters size. Weaker buggies can be driven without any driver's license, some rentals even allow children above 12 years old to drive. At the same time lightweight (sports) vehicles require the category A of driver's license, and powerful vehicles need the category B.

Quad bikes and buggies are great for off-road and mountain terrain. They are often used both for long safari tours and for private driving. It is especially fine to ride them fr om October to April, when there is no extreme heat in Cyprus, and nature is so green so everybody wants to spend their free time outside.

Quad bike and buggy rental rules

Anyone is allowed to rent a vehicle, even a foreigner fr om a non-EU country. The driver should have a passport and license (if needed, see above the categories of vehicle) or a copy of these documents. Some quad bikes can be driven only by drivers above the age of 21, buggies have softher age restrictions.

We advise you to take cash to pay for the vehicle. Bank cards are still not accepted everywhere in Cyprus. You will also need to keep your insurance. Without insurance car rental here is impossible.

Things you should know or do when renting an all-terrain vehicle:

  • you cannot drive quad bikes and buggies on high-speed roads and highways
  • you must use a helmet, otherwise you can be fined
  • remember that there is left-hand traffic in Cyprus
  • choose quad bikes or sports buggies for fast driving, and powerful buggies for mud-locked roads
  • do not forget that you have to refuel your vehicle, usually quad bikes consume more than a motor car
  • check the 'serviceability' of the vehicle before you drive out the rental center

If you are taking a safari tour, be sure to check if the price includes drinking water and food. Also check that your tour will be during daylight. It gets dark early in winter in Cyprus: sunset comes at five o'clock.

Rent or buy? + Prices

If you are an extreme or/and nature lover, you can buy a quad bike or buggy. Firstly, you will have the type of the vehicle which is more suitable to you, and you will always know it's characteristics and features. The condition of your vehicle will definitely be better than the condition of the rented ones!

At the same time, you will save some money on rent as rent can sometimes exceed €100 per day. Thus you can have long-time journeys. Finally, you can buy a used vehicle at a very reasonable price from €1000 to €3000.

Rentals are more suitable for those who came on vacation from another district of Cyprus or from another country. They will not have to worry wh ere to keep the "iron horse", how to repair it, and so on.

The prices for quad bikes and buggies rental in Cyprus are as follows:

  • weaker quad bike or buggy will cost in the summer (in season) - from € 30 to € 60 per day
  • in winter it will be cheaper € 10-30 per day
  • a vehicle with an engine of 500 cubic meters and more will cost from €50 for a few hours to €200 for the whole day in high season, in winter the price decreases for a little.

Also, prices depend not only on the season, as well as on the place of rental and popularity of the rental point.

Fuel consumption calculation

If you don't know, in Cyprus petrol costs about € 1.25 per liter. And as we mentioned above, the quad bikes and buggies 'eat' more, then cars.

How to calculate the approximate amount of fuel:

  • a 500-700 cubic meter unit consumes about 10 liters per 100 km
  • a weaker quad bike or a heavy buggy "eats" about 7-8 liters per 100 km
  • a light buggy consumes approximately 5 liters per 100 km
  • If you plan to drive through mud-locked roads or swamps, elevation changes, hills add another 2-3 liters for every 100 km.

Thus it is easy to calculate how much the fuel will cost for your trip

Where can you rent a quad bike or buggy in Cyprus?

All-terrain vehicles can be rented in all regions of Cyprus, because of their popularity they can be found not only in the suburbs, but also in the countryside. 

What can be said about Cypriot all-terrain rental locations:

  • it is cheaper to rent all-terrain vehicles on the island at the hotel or find a center on your own, as tour operators greatly inflate prices
  • most of companies offer good guided tour and lunches, but the groups usually go only to the most popular sites
  • the large companies have good sites wh ere you can make a reservation, but the cost of their services is significantly overpriced
  • small rental sites do not have sites, they are have own groups on Facebook, but this does not mean that the quality of their service is worse
  • you can rent it by yourself or with your friends if you have already driven a quad or buggy, otherwise it is better to take an excursion with an instructor
  • you need to choose a rental center close to the place wh ere you are going to ride, remember that you cannot go through big roads.

In general, there are a lot of rental centers in Cyprus, just google the nearest one. They can be found both on the coast and in the mountains of Cyprus, in Troodos.

Where to go on all-terrain vehicle in Cyprus

This is the most important question that worries fans of easy and difficult extreme sports. And, meanwhile, there are a lot of places on the whole island!

1. Cavo Greco National Park

Excellent place for inexperienced drivers, who want to drive without trainers. In Cavo Greco in the warm season you can drive to several beaches, swim, and continue driving.

2. Akamas Peninsula National Park

This is a large wooded area with a lot of natural beauty. There are amazing fields, rocky coasts, coniferous forests... It is worth highlighting the baths of Adonis, a small natural reservoir and a lovely waterfall. You can drive along the trail of Aphrodite as it has unique views. In the dry season, it is recommended to go to the Avakas Gorge.

3. Valley of Diarizos

It is a wine-growing valley in the foothills and mountains of Paphos. You can not only admire the marvelous nature (e.g. in winter, during the rainy season, this place is full of deep rivers), but also take an excursion to the wineries. You just have to refrain from tasting!

4. Travel through several villages

You can choose a route that runs through several beautiful villages in the same district. For a whole day, it is possible to visit two or three villages, to spend some hours in each one, sit in a rural cafe, and walk along cobbled streets.

5. A trip to a dam

It is a great idea to have a picnic and combine it with some extreme sports, especially in the off-season. Nature in this time is as beautiful as it is possible in Cyprus, and the waters nearby will give calmness and a sense of spaciousness.

6. Mountain adventure in Troodos

There are so many forest trails in the Troodos Highlands that it's hard to count them! They all have a different level of difficulty and length. On some of them you can walk on foot, but driving an all-terrain vehicle is something completely different. Cedar forests, abandoned mines, ancient Christian churches, everything can be found on your route and make your adventure unforgettable.

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