Life after retirement in Cyprus for foreigners

Пенсия на Кипре
8 June 2020 Maxim Arte

After retirement, you decided to relocate to a more comfortable climate and spend the "autumn" of your life by the sea in your own cozy home in Cyprus.

Today we will discuss 5 main points:

  • location
  • infrastructure
  • family
  • type of property
  • price.

But first you have to take care of your legal status here. If you are a non-EU citizen, of course. If you are - you can skip this part and start reading below.

Status or visa issue in Cyprus.

A visitor short-term visa to Cyprus, which gives the right to reside on the island for 90 days every six months, is not suitable for a pensioner who wants to live here permanently.

There are several options:

  • You can apply for an immigrant visa for residence without the right to work. After 5 years of legal staying in Cyprus, it can be exchanged for a long-term residence. This is a long way, since from the moment you apply and receive the so-called pink slip (now it's a plastic card) is 9-10 months. All this time, you do not know what the result may be, and after having received permission, you must re-collect the documents for submission to the next year.
  • You can apply for the so-called category “F” visa, which gives the right to permanent residence. To get it, you must meet a number of criteria. First of all, you must prove that you have sufficient passive income outside Cyprus or substantial savings that allow you to coexist comfortably on the island. By the way, in order to obtain a permanent residence permit, it is not at all necessary to acquire real estate in Cyprus. Many foreigners have lived in rented accommodation in Cyprus for years. It is only necessary to submit a long-term lease agreement when submitting documents to the immigration office.


First you need to decide at what location of the island you would like to have your home. Most likely it will be Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Polis or Ayia Napa-Protaras. Any of these locations has its own undeniable advantages. Having decided on the area where you would like to settle, you need to look around. Since you plan to live in Cyprus for most of the year, you should choose a place based on the maximum climatic comfort. Definitely, this is not a seafront house with its dampness and noise.

A car should be purchased - it's very difficult to live on the island without vehicles!

You can consider the center of resort towns, but what is the point of leaving your hometown for the Mediterranean to live among concrete walls which are very hot in summer? The cities of Cyprus in terms of size and population are smaller than many European district centers. Therefore, the nearby suburban villages are usually located a fifteen-minute drive from the city center.

Let's add a few more points that are worth considering:

  • the predominant composition of the district's population (lifestyle, income level, etc.)
  • absence of annoying factors nearby (busy road, popular tavern, convenience store, schoolyard and (sorry) churches (here it is customary to broadcast the service to the street through a loudspeaker
  • altitude (the higher, the cooler and more windy)
  • view from the window - sometimes it is nice to sit on the terrace or balcony with a glass of wine, admiring the sea surface or the outlines of the mountains.


After retirement, you need to live in a place where there are:

  • a good pharmacy, preferably with an English-speaking pharmacist
  • a minimarket (periptero-kiosk) with an assortment of the most necessary products and household goods or a bakery

The bakeries are open from 8:00 to 21:00, and some around the clock!

Family composition

A lonely pensioner, moving from the middle zone to subtropical Cyprus, is rare. Therefore, we will focus on a married couple. Children live and work in their homeland, grandchildren are sent on vacation to see their grandparents. It turns out that the minimum option here is a two-bedroom apartment. Then, adult children can be accommodated in the guest bedroom, and grandchildren in the living room. Quite a nice option.

It's great when kids can come to the sunny island and live near the sea, swim, eat fruit, enjoy life!

Features of different types of real estate in Cyprus

In addition to personal preferences and financial capabilities, different types of real estate require different levels of investment and personal involvement in their maintenance.

By purchasing an apartment in Cyprus, you will have to comply with the requirements for sharing common infrastructure. For example, it is impossible, for example, to install a gazebo on your open terrace without the consent of your neighbors, if it blocks the sea-view for them. It may be difficult to keep pets.

You will spend most of the year in Cyprus outdoors. A large terrace is a needed feature of quality housing.

Having settled in a house with a private pool in Cyprus, you will have to think about how to limit the uncontrolled access of children to it. If your cat or dog is not used to the outdoors, you will need to take care of installing safety nets. There are many nuances, but most of them are individual.

The price of the deal

Living in an apartment, in addition to paying for electricity, water and garbage collection, you will have to pay for the maintenance of the house, the adjacent territory and the pool, if you have it. Depending on the size of the complex and the range of services offered to residents, the fee can range from €500 to € 2.5 thousand per year.

Depending on the size, layout, age and condition of the property, location and similar factors, the cost of an apartment will range from 55 thousand euros for a studio to 300-350 thousand euros for a 3-bedroom apartment in a newly built comfortable complex. We do not take into account the options for luxury real estate in Cyprus, where the cost of an apartment with an individual pool on the terrace of the eighth floor can be 2-3 million, and the common expenses can be several thousand euros per month.

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