Apartment vs. House in Cyprus: which one is the best choice?

Дом или квартира на Кипре - что выбрать?
28 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Cyprus property market has a wide variety of rental and sale offers in all regions of the island.

What to choose? It is quite a difficult question.

 Everyone has his own ideas about the perfect home. Some people dream to live on the seacoast, in the small apartment with sea view. Others – to live in the village and choose a house in a quiet, calm suburb or near the mountains. And usually, people spend a lot of time just thinking about the best option for the ideal life.

What is the best option: an apartment or a house? 

It is not possible to give a clear answer. Everyone should follow their feelings and desires. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option. 

The advantages of the apartment in Cyprus are the following:

  • Price. One of the main advantages of the apartment is the price. Usually, the price is lower than for the house.
  • Maintenance. The apartment's maintenance, with a similar list of expenses (gas, electricity), is cheaper. Also, the repair of the apartment is more affordable and will help to save some money.
  • The appearance of the building. It would help if you did not take care of the formation of the building or the area. In most cases, the management company takes care of arranging repairs and maintenance.
  • Infrastructure. Many apartments are located close to the main infrastructure objects (schools, beaches, kindergartens, parks, medical facilities) and near bus stops, which is very important for those who do not have their car.
  • Windows overlook. Just imagine what spectacular views of the sea and the mountains from skyscrapers or penthouses.
  • Higher demand. Reselling or renting an apartment in Cyprus is more accessible than a house, especially in investing in real estate.

The disadvantages of the apartment are the following:

  • Neighbors. Neighbors from all sides. There is just a shortlist of disadvantages to screams of children, dog barking, loud music, or working drill.
  • Noise. Usually, multi-storey buildings are located near roads and pedestrian areas, and as a result, it is not quiet.
  • Dirty. Living in the apartment, you should be ready for the dirty entrance or scattered leaflets. And it is quite challenging to change, only if all residents will share such a desire for cleanliness.
  • Parking. Than higher the building, as a result, more people live in it. Then more people, as a result, more cars. And usually, there is not enough parking place for everyone. And it would help if you found a home somewhere around and its possible risk for the safety of the car.
  • Size and own territory. If you have a big family, which option is better – a house or an apartment? In most cases, the couples prefer homes in Cyprus because they are larger than flats. The problem with the small space is that you need someplace to keep seasonal items. For example, to store a bicycle or a scooter. 

Until recently, the territory of Cyprus consisted mainly of low-rise residential buildings. 

The variants of houses and apartments in Cyprus for rent and purchase are very extensive so that everyone can find a home of his dreams.

Let's check the advantages and disadvantages of a private house in Cyprus.

The advantages of the house in Cyprus are the following:

  • Freedom of action and no neighbors. You can listen to music loudly, run or jump around the house. Nobody will say any word.
  • Size and the presence of its territory. Usually, a house has several floors and additional outbuildings. But the main advantage is the presence of its environment around the house. Prominent families or couples will appreciate this. It will be very nice to drink a coffee or tea on your veranda every morning.
  • Pets. In the big house, you can afford to have a dog or ten cats. There is enough space for everyone, not only inside the house but on the site too. Of course, you have pets in the apartment also, but it's not comfortable in a small space.
  • Parking. Near the private house usually, there is enough space for parking, and in some cases, there is a private covered garage.
  • Low noise. Firstly, the nearest neighbors are at least ten meters from your house. And nobody above or behind the wall. Secondly, usually, private homes are located in less busy areas.
  • Safety. Thefts – are very often the situation in Cyprus. As you can have a guard dog, it will help reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Also, private houses are usually equipped with video cameras and alarm systems.

The disadvantages of the house are the following:

  • Price. The cost of renting or buying the right house in Cyprus is more expensive than an apartment.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance of the private house takes a lot of time and money. To keep your home in perfect condition requires more effort. You need to monitor the shape of the external walls and roof, take care of the garden, plot, and pool.
  • High utility bills. The bills for electricity and water are much higher than in an apartment. Especially when you have your garden, a swimming pool, you can spend a lot of money only on water.
  • Infrastructure. In most cases, all houses are located in villages and mountains. As public transport is very poor on the island, you have to buy a car.
  • Cleaning. It could be a significant disadvantage for someone to clean a considerable space. Without the help of a housemaid or household, the task would seem overwhelming. 

Before renting or buying the property, you need to weigh all pros and cons and make the right decision.

Source: DOM LiVE
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