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21 April 2021

Multi-storey housing in Cyprus: features of "high life"

a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:13339:"<p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Cyprus is experiencing a real construction boom.</strong></p><p><strong>Big part of new buildings falls on multi-storey buildings - from 6 to 35 floors.</strong></p><p>High-rise buildings in Cyprus are usually called <span style="background-color: transparent;">constructions</span> of 9 floors and higher. Yep, Cyprus is not Hong Kong, 50-storey skyscrapers are useless here.</p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">How the face of the island is changing</strong></p><p>Houses higher than 6-7 floors for Cyprus are not a curiosity, but also not a common occurrence.</p><p><strong>It should be noted that all the cities of Cyprus are old, and some are really ancient. Therefore, the formation of the image of the city takes place in a different way:</strong></p><ol><li>The historic city center is the most variegated in terms of appearance. All old buildings are preserved here, which do not exceed 3-4 floors. But! You can always find space for a new building, usually a multi-storey one. It stands out perfectly against the background of old architecture, but does not spoil the impression. It just makes the city fresher. <a href="" target="_blank">This applies mainly to the coastal area</a> in the coastal cities of Cyprus.</li><li>Residential areas close to the center. Here the building was completed several decades ago. Therefore, a new building in such an area is not a very frequent phenomenon. Yes, you can find 6-7-storey buildings here, they are not uncommon. But they can hardly be called an architectural masterpiece.</li><li>Outskirts. Construction is still underway here. High-rise buildings grow in a variety of variations: from quite simple to pretentious. But the most beautiful and expensive projects, of course, "go" to the center and on the coast.</li></ol><p>Multi-storey buildings make Cyprus look more modern, it cannot be argued, but are they good? You cannot answer yes or no. Someone likes the look of antiquity and seclusion, which is the soul of the island (according to some people). Others want to see Cyprus renewed and in step with the times. European country, developed and lively. Everybody is right.</p><p><img src=""></p><p>Do not forget that the construction of high-rise buildings is the rise of the Cyprus economy to a new level. High-rise homes with luxury apartments attract <a href="" target="_blank">foreign investors</a>, which is important for the island.</p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Why aren't giant skyscrapers being built in Cyprus?</strong></p><p><strong>Anyone who has ever been to Cyprus will easily answer this question. Who has never been - here are two reasons.</strong></p><p>The first is earthquakes. Alas, the island paradise sometimes shakes up. Not very strong and not very dangerous - over the past 30 years, there has been no significant damage from seismic activity. But 1-2 times a century there are tangible earthquakes. Therefore, the construction of 50-storey buildings is not the best idea.</p><p>Of course, progress has reached the point that a very tall building can be protected from destruction by earthquakes. But here Cyprus limits the number of floors for a second reason.</p><p><img src=""></p><p>The second reason is the appearance of the island. All cities in Cyprus are small, and, as already mentioned, there are few tall buildings. Giant skyscrapers will simply block the view of residents of other houses, plus they will look ridiculous - a lonely tower that contrasts too much with the rest of the landscape.</p><p>Therefore, 35-40 floors for Cyprus at the moment is the limit. Most high-rise buildings stop on 20+ floors, and it looks very nice, organic and great.</p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Features of Cyprus high-rise buildings</strong></p><p>Each project is the work of eminent architects. Any of the buildings is a design project that fits perfectly into the existing look of the city and the sea coast.</p><p><strong>Common features of high-rise buildings in Cyprus:</strong></p><ul><li>light colors - white and blue colors prevail</li><li>visual lightness of the structure: a lot of glass and spaces</li><li>minimalism - no stucco molding, columns and heaps of decorative elements</li><li>"green islands"- this is a requirement of our time, when eco-style raises the design project several levels up</li><li>obligatory beautiful view from the window: to the mountains or the sea.</li></ul><p>Some buildings stand alone (like the famous <a href="" target="_blank">Oval</a>) or form <a href="" target="_blank">closed complexes</a>. In any case, residents or employees from the building will have their own parking and additional services: concierge, spa or fitness, swimming pool, playground, etc.</p><p><strong>Yes, and do not forget about the observation deck!</strong></p><p><img src=""></p><p>As a rule, apartments in such buildings are bought in advance, even at the design stage. Wealthy people often take several apartments at once, combining them into one and redeveloping.</p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Multi-storey houses in Limassol</strong></p><p>Perhaps <a href="" target="_blank">Limassol </a>is the most active city in Cyprus in terms of construction. It is most loved by foreign investors, and people of many nationalities really live and work here.</p><p>Therefore, primary housing is in great demand. This is both a way to get <a href="" target="_blank">permanent residence</a> in a simplified way (more on that below), and the opportunity to live or relax on a warm island at any time of the year. Because Cyprus is really good in any of the seasons.</p><p>The most multi-storey buildings are on the coast, in the Central District and in Neapolis. The latter is not about elite housing, but about simple high-rise buildings with 1-2-3-bedroom apartments. Here you can buy primary and secondary housing at an affordable price.</p><p><img src=""></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Real estate in Limassol</a> is used for personal residence or for renting out. There are no problems with the latter: the demand for apartments in this city is very high. If the owner lives abroad, a real estate company can take over the lease - remote services with real estate in Cyprus are well established.</p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Multi-storey buildings in Nicosia</strong></p><p>Nicosia is just a little behind Limassol. Life in the capital is in full swing, young people come here from villages and towns, so housing is also in great demand.</p><p>Most of the high-rise buildings are located in the center, although there are high-rise buildings in remote areas. But if Limassol is "used" to <a href="" target="_blank">high-rise buildings</a>, then for Nicosia this is still a rare thing.</p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Multi-storey houses in Larnaca</strong></p><p>Larnaca has entered the market of multi-storey new buildings only in the last couple of years. But there are a lot of plans for high buildings as there are endless places and possibilities!</p><p>Several high-rise buildings are already under construction. These are: Marigate Larnaca, Habitat, NAOC, QII and QIIII, as well as QN KITION. All of them are located in the coastal area or in the very center of the city.</p><p><img src=""></p><p>It is expected that with their appearance Larnaca will become a completely different city, and not only in appearance: life in this calm city will be in full swing. The sphere of entertainment and services will expand significantly, since now not only seasonal tourists will go to Larnaca, but also people of a different nature. Businessmen, their families, business travelers of large companies. All this assumes a new level of service.</p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Multi-storey houses in Paphos</strong></p><p>Frankly speaking, <a href="" target="_blank">there are almost no many-storey houses in Paphos</a>. The municipality and the inhabitants of Paphos are not at all against new buildings. But no one wants to change the appearance of the ancient port city with skyscrapers.</p><p>The suburb is being actively developed now. These are mainly luxury villas and townhouses, another option is small residential complexes no higher than 5-6 floors. All this organically fits into the general concept that Paphos is an ancient city with preserved ancient architecture. And with an undeveloped, preserved embankment.</p><p>This approach takes place. Perhaps Paphos will remain the only city in Cyprus free of high-rise buildings. But it is unlikely that she will suffer greatly from this, she has a different path of development.</p><p><img src=""></p><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);">Why is it profitable to buy apartments in high-rise buildings in Cyprus?</strong></p><p>In most cases, a foreign investor wants not only to make an investment, but also to receive certain privileges. In Cyprus, this is the registration of <a href="" target="_blank">permanent residence</a> for the buyer of a primary home and his family. To do this, you need to purchase real estate in the amount of 300 thousand euros.</p><p><strong>There are several nuances - it is necessary:</strong></p><ul><li>pay at least 200 thousand euros at a time</li><li>provide police clearance documents</li><li>provide certificates of income from abroad - not only for you, but also for family members who plan to receive permanent residence.</li></ul><p>Renewing Category F permanent residence is not difficult at all. After 7 years of residence on the island, a foreign citizen has the right to obtain citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus.</p><blockquote>More details about the new rules for obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</blockquote><p><img alt="" alt="" alt="" alt="" alt="" src=""></p><blockquote><em>You can choose apartments in high-rise new buildings on the </em><a href="" target="_blank"><em>DOM real estate website</em></a><em>. We invite you to get to know each other better and apply for any type of services related to real estate in Cyprus. We are happy to help guests and residents of the island!</em></blockquote><p><strong style="color: rgb(230, 0, 0);"><em>Read more:</em></strong></p><ul><li>First acquaintance with Larnaca (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>Where to live in Limassol? Coastline vs mountains (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>Paphos Real Estate Market Overview (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>Paphos vs. Limassol. All the pros and cons (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>All about life and housing in Mackenzie, Larnaca (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>Venetian Nicosia, the ideal Renaissance city (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>Skala neighborhood in Larnaca (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>Finikoudes promenade in Larnaca (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li><li>Caravanserais in Cyprus (<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: rgb(255, 18, 22);">link</a>)</li></ul>";s:4:"TYPE";s:4:"HTML";}
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