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1 October 2021

How to issue a power of attorney in Cyprus

When it becomes necessary to have a person who can act on behalf of another person in some private affairs, business or other legal matter, the only option to do so legally is to issue a power of attorney.

In this article, we will tell you how to make it in Cyprus.

What types can be the powers of attorney on the island of Cyprus:

  • general (unlimited right on behalf of the principal)
  • special (the right to a set of actions)
  • one-time (the right to perform one action).

Как оформить доверенность на Кипре и где заверить.

To issue a power of attorney, the principal must be in the country and be present at the execution of documents with a notary. The power of attorney is drawn up in writing for a specified period. It specifies in detail the powers and responsibilities of the attorney.

It is worth considering that usually powers of attorney issued for other countries must be apostilled. Everything related to the apostille is determined by the 1961 Hague Convention.

Power of attorney execution

The text of the power of attorney must contain the following information:

  • Date of issue and title of the document.
  • Information about principals and agents (full name, place and date of birth, residence address, all passport data).
  • Rights for the exercise of which a power of attorney has been issued.
  • Expiry date of the document (if necessary).
  • The name of the person who can be delegated the right (if necessary).
  • Signature and seal of the person who issued the power of attorney.

Where can a power of attorney be certified in Cyprus?

1. Office of the notary of your city

In every town and village in Cyprus there are offices with notaries (Πιστοποιούντες Υπάλληλοι). They certify power of attorney signatures for only €3. Often, local notaries hardly speak English, but they are ready to put a stamp on both Greek and English versions. You can arrange the text in their office, but it is better to draw it up by yourself in advance according to the sample proposed by notary companies. You must have your passport and other documents related to your issue with you.

2. Visit the mukhtaris of your area

The head of the community, or mukhtar (moukhtaris), also performs the functions of a notary. They are attached to a specific urban area. But if your mukhtar is not there, you can also look into the neighboring area. The price of the service will be slightly higher than that of an ordinary notary.

3. The service center for citizens of your city (Citizen Service Center or Το Κέντρο Εξυπηρέτησης του Πολίτη (ΚΕΠ)

This is a room that combines more than a hundred public services provided by various ministries, departments and services. For example, if you have a power of attorney for real estate management, then you should go to the Department of Lands and Surveys. Here you can not only certify your document, but also apostille it. By appointment. In some area of Cyprus, the center is open only a few days a week, which makes it difficult to call them.

4. Consulate or embassy

If you need a power of attorney that will be used on the territory of a specific country, you need to go to the embassy. For example, a citizen of the Russian Federation entrusts the right to control of their house to a close relative. They bring to the embassy a pre-prepared text on a USB flash drive, a passport and all the necessary documents.

5. Power of attorney from the organization

Some reputable organizations in Cyprus have the right to seal a power of attorney if it concerns the rights of their clients. For example, a bank can issue a power of attorney for the right to manage a relative's account, and a real estate agency can competently issue a power of attorney to purchase a house, and so on. Such organizations issue a power of attorney either completely free of charge, or it costs more than the average market value.

6. Power of attorney in a law office

It's good when there is a lawyer whom you can trust 100%. Usually they take €50-100, the cost of a power of attorney in a professional office. Here they will consult, write a text with you, translate it into any language, put a seal and even apostille.

Of course, this is not a complete list of places where you can apply for a power of attorney in Cyprus. Share in the comments where you had to make a document. And we will happily add a safe place to the material.

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Thank you that  has been very helpful. Can you tell me , Can I write my own POA? Are there any forms that I can download free?
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linda illson, good day Linda, will answer you as soon as possilbe.
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