EUR 150 000 or less: EU capitals with most affordable real estate

Доступные столицы Евросоюза: ТОП-15 городов с недвижимостью до 150 тысяч евро
10 March 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Buying real estate in the EU country is an excellent solution for those who want to move here or invest their funds. It is not at all necessary to spend millions of euros on housing, since many EU capitals have apartments at an affordable price.

1. Athens (Greece): from EUR 27 thousand for 30-40 m2

In the Greek capital, you can find a small but cozy studio at such an attractive price. Yep, this will not be the historical center. But problems with transport and infrastructure in any case should not arise. If you have EUR 100-150 thousand, then you can buy high-class housing near the seacoast.

2. Tallinn (Estonia): from EUR 35 thousand for 16 m2

A small studio in a new house can be bought for about EUR 35 thousand. This option would be ideal for students or people traveling to Tallinn on business. More spacious apartments costs at least EUR 50 thousand. If you have EUR 50,000 you can buy a 32-35 m2 living space not only on the outskirts of the city, but also quite close to the center.

3. Riga (Latvia): from EUR 40 thousand for 30-45 m2

Riga can be even cheaper than Tallinn. For example, if you have for EUR 40 thousand, you can buy a spacious studio or one-room apartment, which is quite suitable for a family without children. A little more expensive are 2-room apartments: from EUR 50-60 thousand, but for this price you can get an excellent and spacious living space.

4. Vilnius (Lithuania): from EUR 45 thousand for 45-50 m2

Lithuania is a worthy competitor to the two previous capitals. For very spacious apartments, sellers ask from EUR 45 thousand. You even buy a 1-2-room apartment in the capital, and if you search carefully, you can find real estate of this price closer to the center.

5. Warsaw (Poland): from EUR 55 thousand for 30-35 m2

The capital of Poland is notable for its cheap prices for real estate. At the same time, the country is among the TOP countries with the fastest growth in housing prices, so buying an apartment in Poland is a very profitable investment today. It is interesting that not only Warsaw is in demand, but also other large cities of the country.

6. Bucharest (Romania): from EUR 62-63 thousand for 35-40 m2

Despite the fact that Bucharest is the capital, real estate prices in it are very cheap. A studio or a one-room apartment outside the city center can be purchased for EUR 65 thousand, and this can also be a primary housing. If you add EUR 5-10 thousand, you can consider a more spacious or close to the center apartment.

7. Nicosia (Cyprus): from EUR 65 thousand for 70 m2

The Cypriot capital also offers cheap real estate prices. You can buy a studio not only in Nicosia, but also in other cities for EUR 50-60 thousand, but it will be a suburb and, most likely, a village far from the sea and the center.

Cypriot real estate advantage: the islandres are used to spacious property, so even a studio here is 33-40 m2. 1-2 bedroom apartments cost EUR65-70 thousand not only in the capital, but also in coastal cities.

8. Zagreb (Croatia): from EUR 70 thousand for 70 m2

Croatians are not used to small housing as well. You can find studio apartments in Zagreb, but the demand is more directed towards 1-2 bedroom apartments. For the latter, you need to pay about EUR 70-80 thousand. It is quite possible that the search will give you some property in the center of the capital.

9. Sofia (Bulgaria): from EUR 70 thousand for 60 m2

Bulgaria is just like Croatia. Real estate prices here are higher than in the regions, but lower than in coastal resorts. Therefore, foreigners prefer to buy housing in Sofia permanent living, as well as seaside real estate for holiday trips or to rent out.

10. Budapest (Hungary): 75 thousand euros for 25-30 m2

Budapest is more expensive than the previous cities in everything. The same applies to real estate. A small studio utside the center of Budapest costs EUR 75 thousand, or even more. But the quality of the Hungarian houses is excellent. The buyer does not have to worry about the cold or dampness in their real estate.

11. Ljubljana (Slovenia): from EUR 80 thousand for 40-50 m2

Ljubljana can be considered cheaper than Budapest by price/meter. But studios in Slovenia are not very fond of, and they are more suitable for students. Young families, even without children, prefer larger places. Therefore, the average price for an apartment in Ljubljana is EUR 80-100 thousand.

12. Bratislava (Slovakia): from EUR 100 thousand for 50-60 m2

A similar situation: the living space here is larger and more expensive. The price per square meter varies greatly depending on the location of the house, its quality and the date of construction. Real estate in thehistorical center of the city costs significantly more. In addition, the apartments here are more likely to require renovation. But it is quite possible to buy a good and spacious apartment outside the center.

13. Prague (Czech Republic): from EUR 110 thousand for 26-30 m2

As expected, real estate prices in the capital are higher than in any other city in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the difference can be 1.5-2 times! If a studio near the center of Prague costs around EUR 110 thousand, then a larger one-room apartment in another city (for example, in Brno) can be purchased for EUR 60-70 thousand.

14. Berlin (Germany): from 110 thousand euros for 24-33 m2

Germany is considered an expensive country to live in, but real estate here can be bought for good money. It is possible to buy a small studio in Berlin for EUR 110-120 thousand. In its suburbs it is even cheaper. For EUR 150 thousand you can find a good 1-bed apartment not far from the city center.

15. Lisbon (Portugal): from euros 125 thousand for 70-80 m2

Another country that does not like small properties: apartments here are built spacious. Therefore, the buyer can get a two-room (or even three-room) apartment in a pleasant area for EUR 125 to 150 thousand. Of course, seaside real estate costs more, but if the proximity of the beach is not of interest to the buyer, they will definitely find something cozzy for EUR 150 thousand.

It is obvious that buying real estate in Cyprus (which, by the way, took 7th place in the ranking) is profitable in everyting. The buyer can get spacious housing for a small price, and then obtain a residence permit on this EU island.

On the website DOM you can find great deals with apartments and houses in Limassol and Paphos. Use filters to search or ask our specialists for help. You can also find useful information about real estate in Cyprus and life on the island in the DomLive.

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