All beaches of Paphos and the West Coast of Cyprus

Обзор пляжей Пафоса и западного побережья Кипра
23 July 2020 Irina Zholnirova

What is the most relaxing beach in Paphos? Which one is the easiest to get to? Where are the most beautiful sea views?

The entire western coast of Cyprus (= the Paphos region) is a beautiful coastline. There are rocky white shores and sandy beaches with gradual increase in the depth, and, of course, there is the endless sea.

Beaches in the Paphos city center

You can walk along the Poseidonos Avenue, visit the Archaeological Park and the Paphos Castle and then take a swim in the sea. What a great idea!

SODAP, or Vrisoudia beach 1 (SODAP beach)

A small but very cozy sandy beach almost without stones. It is marked with the Blue Flag (international standard for the "quality" of beaches), it has everything you need: changing cabins, showers, restrooms. Here you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

Pros: sandy surface, bus stop or free parking nearby, lifeguard.

Cons: crowded during summer.

Vrisoudia 2 (Vrisoudia ΙΙ Beach)

The second "part" of Vrisudia 1 is more spacious.The sea here has gradual increase in the depth, everything is clean, there is only sand and azure sea. Changing rooms, toilets, showers, they all are free of charge for tourists. Active recreation on the water is well developed.

Pros: it is convenient to relax with small children, there is a bus stop and parking nearby.

Cons: There are breakwaters that not everyone likes.

Municipal beach (Municipal Baths)

Located in the heart of ancient Paphos, close to the fortress and the Archaeological Park. It has everything you need, there is a water bike rental, although the size of the beach is small.

Pros: the famous ancient site is just a stone's throw away, the water is clean and warm.

Cons: seabed near the beach is full of stones.

Faros Beach (or Lighthouse Beach)

Faros (of pharos) means 'lighthouse' in Greek. The beach is located in an open area, which creates a feeling of spaciousness. The beach is sandy, although stones are found on the seabed. Changing rooms and toilets are available.

Pros: amazing view (especially at sunset), there is always a free place to lie down, the bus stop is close.

Cons: there are stones on the seabed, in April-May the water is still cold.

Pachyammos Beach (see on the map)

A comfortable sandy beach, very well located in the most pleasant part of Poseidonos Avenue. There is everything for a comfortable stay in different directions: changing rooms, restrooms, beach equipment rental, water activities, lifeguards during the season.

Pros: free parking, perfect sandy beach and seabed.

Cons: Crowded during the season as the beach is not very large.

Geroskipou beaches

Geroskipou (= Yeroskipou) is a small village, the southern suburb of Paphos.

Yeroskipou Municipal Beach (see on the map)

A large and spacious sandy and shingle beach, where hundreds of tourists relax and it does not seem "overpopulated" even during the high season. There is everything for sunbathing and active pastime: equipment rental and typical entertainment.

Pros: accessible by foot and transport, ideal place for families with children, gradual increase in the depth and warm sea.

Cons: there are small pebbles and breakwaters.

Rikkos Beach (see on the map)

It is smaller than the municipal beach, but also equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Aphrodite water park is located nearby and you can move there after for a more active pastime.

Pros: convenient location, intimacy, proximity to nice pubs.

Cons: Beach is narrow, there are lots of pebbles.

Beaches from Paphos to Peyia

Peyia is a small town north of Paphos. It is located in an ideal place as nature created here amazing coast reliefs.

Coral Bay beach (see on the map)

One of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Cyprus. It is modernized according to the latest European designs, which even more emphasizes the beauty of nature. Rows of umbrellas and changing rooms only complement the landscape, framed by rocky slopes on all sides. It is the ideal place for beachgoers: soft sand and gradual increase in the depth. Despite the absence of breakwaters, high waves in the summer are rare.

Pros: exceptionally beautiful nature, ideal for relaxation and diving.

Cons: it is crowded and noisy during the season, there are no public transport stops nearby.

Coralia, or Laourou Beach (see on the map)

It is located just 2 km north of Coral Bay beach, but much quieter than it due to the lack of water sports and a large number of bars and restaurants. There are beach equipment, changing places and bathrooms. The beach is located in a pleasant cove, so there are no waves here, and the views are amazing. NB. Not to be confused with Lara Beach!

Pros: calmness, gradual increase in the depth.

Cons: no water activities, limited choice of eateries.

General George Grivas Beach (see on the map)

The beach is located in Chloraka, in a suburb of Paphos. The place is quite lively, but picturesque and comfortable. Some of the sun loungers are on the grass in the shade of palm trees. Covering is soft sand.

Pros: gradual increase in the depth, several interesting sights are nearby.

Cons: Crowded during the season, far from the city center.

Beaches in the bay of Polis Chrysochous

A huge bay in the northwest of Cyprus is a calm place even during the high season. Families come here to taste the delights of a quiet pastime and relaxation.

Latchi, or Latsi beach (see on the map)

The fishing village is a secluded spot popular with family tourists. The beach is spacious, it has changing rooms and restrooms, there is an opportunity to go sea fishing or diving. The surface is sandy and pebbly, the sea has gradual increase in the depth.

Pros: calmness, absence of waves, a playground and parking.

Cons: rocky seabed, a long distance from urban areas.

Municipal Beach of Polis (see on the map)

Comfortable and spacious beach with the view of Akamas Peninsula harbor and hills. The beach is pebble with sand, but the sea here has a gradual increase in the depth, so you can relax with children. The beach is located in a large bay, thus strong waves are rare here even in winter.

Pros: there is all the needed beach equipment, walking distance from the Polis city center.

Cons: there are quite large pebbles, there is almost no entertainment.

Argaka Sandy beach (see on the map)

Argaka is a quiet village near Latchi. Its advantage is a coniferous forest nearby. People come here to improve their health in body and soul: first, they sunbathe on the soft sand, then they take a walk among the pine trees.

Pros: sand and pebble beach, an unforgettable panorama of the Chrysochous Bay.

Cons: relative wildness, remoteness from urban areas.

Wild and protected beaches of Paphos

It is a special pleasure to come to a wild, but insanely beautiful beach and swim among the beauty of nature. The Paphos coast provides all this very generously!

Aphrodite's Beach (near the Aphrodite's Rock) (see on the map)

This is a pebble beach that is loved for its rockiness. The beach is a little "fenced off" from the road by white rocks, which create a magical atmosphere. According to legend, the goddess Aphrodite set foot on the earthly shore in this place, and now anyone who bathes here will find their youth, beauty and good luck in love. Some even claim that swimming near the stone of Aphrodite heals women's diseases. The beach has no equipment, but there are enough swimmers here, even in winter.

Pros: convenient exit parking, incredible views.

Cons: a lot of people making their photos.

Lara beach (on the map)

This is a beach reserve: it is protected by nature conservation organizations as rare Caretta turtles nest here in summer and they are on the verge of extinction. Therefore, you can sunbathe on a towel on the beach, and that's it: you can't put umbrellas and dig holes in the sand. This could damage the turtle eggs. But the inconvenience is nothing after the views and a sense of boundless space.

Pros: almost 2 km of sandy coastline ideal for swimming.

Cons: desolation, the need to observe special rules.

White River Beach (on the map)

Akamas is a peninsula-reserve where human presence is extremely limited. All the more beautiful is to come to the White river beach and enjoy solitude. The beach on both sides is covered with white rocks, which adds comfort to it.

Pros: beauty and gradual increase in the depth, the ability to fruitfully dive with a mask.

Cons: remoteness, mostly pebble.

Mandria beach (on the map)

A wild beach in every sense. There are often strong waves here, which will be appreciated by surfers. The terrain is rocky, but so beautiful! You can see here the wild nature and the the open sea.

Pros: the ability to "catch the wave" and see an unforgettable sunset.

Cons: for a relaxing swim, you need to wait for the right weather.

A beach holiday in Paphos is a charge of health and warmth for a long time to come. To feel comfortable, you do not have to move into the hotel as you can rent a property here for any period of time. There are many seafront apartments and houses for rent in Paphos, so it will be easy for tourists to find an option to their liking.

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