What property is suitable for obtaining long-term Cyprus residence?

Какая недвижимость подходит под условия для получения ПМЖ?
15 September 2019 Ellie Ginger

Only new real estate from € 300,000 (excluding VAT) is eligible for the permanent residence permit program. Secondary housing is not eligible for the program. You can purchase one real estate or even several (one house and one apartment, or 2 apartments, or 2 houses). New buildings must be purchased from one developer.

Evis Hadjipetrou
Evis Hadjipetrou
10 September 2021 11:45
The scheme for 300,000 and over is called section 6.1
There is another Permanent Residence scheme called Category F whereby you can purchase any suitable house that fits your family for any price and apply for residence. You must prove that you are financially independent, meaning proof of source of funds from out side the country. In fact the scheme allows you to even rent a house. have a look here
Place qoute
Interesting offers

Cozy villa by the sea

€ 750 000

Luxury penthouse

€ 2 500 000

Apartments in the center of Limassol

€ 1 350

Villa for sale in Limassol

€ 3 200 000

House for sale in Limassol

€ 661 000

Villa for sale in Limassol

€ 1 200 000

Buy apartment in Limassol

€ 1 700 000

New apartment in a top project

€ 999 000

New apartment in Limassol

€ 277 500

Giant house in a picturesque place

€ 1 800 000
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