How to find and inherit real estate in Cyprus, if we are foreigners?

3 February 2021

Good day. Our close relative has died. The legal heirs are two children and the mother of the deceased. There is some information that during his lifetime he obtained real estate in Cyprus. We don't have any documents and reliable information. Can we try to find a property, and if there is one, inherit it?

Andreas  Menelaou
Andreas Menelaou
Managing Director Andreas Menelaou LLC
3 February 2021 19:19
Yes, of course you can find it. 
The heirs of the deceased appoint an administrator of the deceased's affairs in Cyprus. The procedure is carried out through the court. 
After the appointment of the administrator, he has the opportunity to apply to all authorities and gain access to all movable and immovable property of the deceased. This property is distributed among the heirs. 
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