Hygge for your home in Cyprus: how to create Scandinavian comfort?

Хюгге для вашего дома на Кипре: как создать скандинавский уют?
8 August 2022 Angelica Michael

It would seem that residents of southern countries should be the happiest, as it is warm, sunny and fruits grow on the streets here.

However, statistics show that the happiest people on the planet live in regions where most of the year is gray, gloomy and cold, nature is harsh, does not please with bright colors, and where for 8-9 months a year the sun can only be seen for money (buying ticket to the southern country).

The UN annually publishes the ranking of the happiest countries in the WorldHappinessReport. It is compiled on the basis of many criteria (ecology, level of trust in the authorities, satisfaction with the quality of life, etc.). For many years, the first places have been occupied by the Scandinavian countries: Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

In this they are helped by the philosophy of hygge - an untranslatable concept that includes a feeling of happiness, peace and harmony. The most important thing is that you need to create hygge with your own hands.

You can create the comfort of an Alpine chalet at home and enjoy it every day. In this article, we'll show you how to do it.

The most important thing is to understand that hygge is not so much a thing as an atmosphere. Hygge is happiness that comes from within. This is harmony, the ability to enjoy the little things and appreciate every day. The fact is that hygge cannot be created by throwing a blanket on a chair, placing candles and preparing a cup of hot cocoa - it will look cute and cozy, but comfort is only an outward appearance of hygge.

Because of their inhospitable climate, Scandinavian peoples tend to romanticize home as a "safe haven" where families come together and gather strength before going out into the outside world. The home is the physical embodiment of hygge, and the family is its social embodiment: it is hygge in its original form. If we are looking for hygge outside our own home, it is always found in places that have the features of home: closed from prying eyes, subdued lights, comfortable furniture, says hygge professor Jeppe Trolle Linnet.

However, let's not go along with the manufacturers of "cozy" goods, since clutter has nothing to do with happiness, rather, on the contrary.

As The Guardian columnist Michael Booth notes, the Danes are happy not only because they live surrounded by beautiful things and scented candles that smell of freshly baked cake, but also because they are rich, sexy and do not work so hard.

What's hygge?

The taste of hygge is something familiar and evokes pleasant emotions and memories. For example, the taste of fragrant cherry pie or pancake with blueberry jam.

Hygge has the sound of waves, the sound of raindrops on the windowsill, the crackle of firewood in the fireplace. Christmas melodies familiar from childhood.

Hygge scents are of Christmas tree, freshly baked cinnamon buns, autumn forest scents: mushrooms, leaves, fire smoke.

The feeling of hygge is the warming effect of a sip of mulled wine, soft leather thrown over the sofa, silk bedding, uneven texture of wooden furniture.

Hygge has natural colors, fire in the fireplace, snowflakes swirling under the lantern.

Hygge for Scandinavians is in their homes. In a safe harbor, islands of warmth and light in the dusk and cold of the northern climate. The most important thing in the materialistic embodiment of hygge is natural eco-friendly materials, calm natural colors, purity and simplicity, plus lighting and living plants.

Hygge as an anti-stress

The topic of hygge has become especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, when people had to stay at home for many months. Their apartments and houses have temporarily turned into a place where they spend around the clock from dusk to dawn and again until sunset. It was necessary to make their housing as comfortable as possible. This is where the philosophy of hygge comes in handy. Even a very small space can be transformed with a cozy chair, a couple of throws, a scented candle and a spreading plant with large green leaves in a clay pot.

If you add to this the soothing sounds of nature in stereo speakers (the sound of the surf, the sounds of rain, the gentle ringing of Balinese bells, the singing of birds), then you will get a real therapeutic anti-stress cocoon where you can work, read or just dream while looking out the window.


Swedish IKEA is the perfect embodiment of the "Scandinavian dream". Comfortable functional furniture, discreet colors, minimalist interiors with white walls, simple design that does not become obsolete over time, inexpensive but tasty and always organic food.

And most importantly - a serene lifestyle in catalogs and the exhibition part of stores - it seems that happy people live in these interiors, in whose lives there is no place for stress, problems and hardships. Or the personification of happiness, to which rebels and non-conformists are so intolerant. As you remember, in “Fight Club” it was the IKEA catalog that symbolized conformity and insanely infuriated the main character.

Yes, in the Cypriot climate, many of the ideas of hygge look out of place. All these fluffy carpets, fluffy pillows and warm blankets are not needed on a hot island for most of the year. Moreover, they will collect dust and take up space in cabinets.

How to create hygge in Cyprus?

Set up a hygge corner in your home

Even if it's just a balcony, you can hang a hammock there or put a chair with cozy pillows, find a place for a couple of beautiful candle holders or hang eco-friendly solar-powered lanterns and create a mini hanging garden from potted plants attached to the ceiling.

Make a hygge entrance to your home

A beautiful wreath of seasonal natural materials on the front door, a new rug with a funny greeting, a garland of light bulbs above the door - make the entrance to your house a fairy tale!

Create a hygge greenhouse

The most budget-friendly and eco-friendly way to surround yourself with fresh flowers is to grow them, and your world will become bright and fragrant.

Hygge for the bathroom

A transparent vessel filled with water with beautiful stones, floating candles, artificial water lilies, a shelf with seashells, rare stones, crystals, scented candles, baskets with pastel-colored towels, hanging shells on the wall in the shower - all this is perfect to create hygge in bathroom.

Hygge in the kitchen

Since the main concept of hygge is the feeling of happiness and comfort, the kitchen can be one of the most suitable places for such a design. For this you will need:

  1. Hanging panel entwined with plants;
  2. Low lampshade with "warm" light above the dining table;
  3. Clay pots with aromatic herbs.

Hygge in the living room

The living room is a place where the whole family gathers, where New Year's gifts are sorted out, where they receive a company of friends, where they fall asleep if they have not made it to the bedroom. So, here, like in no other room, there should be a spirit of warmth and comfort. It's very easy to create with:

  1. Floor lamp on the floor;
  2. Plants with large green leaves in floor vases;
  3. Aquarium;
  4. Candles, lamps with "warm" light.

If, after reading this article, peace descended on you, you felt warm in your soul and a desire to arrange hygge at home appeared, share the article with your friends - let there be more islands of light and harmony in the world during this difficult time. Tell us about your hygge in the comments - or rather, show it!

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