TOP 8 kitchen design trends in Cyprus in 2023

ТОП-8 трендов для оформления кухни на Кипре в 2023 году
2 November 2022 Irina Zholnirova

The kitchen remains an important part of the home in Cyprus for both locals and newcomers. Therefore, it is important to arrange it in such a way that all residents of the apartment feel comfortable, convenient and, of course, beautiful.

Here we collected 8 new trends that will remain relevant in the next few years. Because you don't wants to start new repairs every year?

Trend #1: invisible Kitchen

In most Cypriot (and European) apartments and houses, the kitchen and dining area are combined with the living room. This is also referred to as "open floor plan". Thanks to it, space expansion and space saving are possible.

Of course, most people prefer to focus on the living room area, as it is more comfortable and can serve as a gathering place for both family and guests. The “invisible kitchen” trend has become popular in recent years, when it became possible to order ready-made food at home and large spaces for cooking were no longer needed. Cypriots are spending less and less time at the stove.

This does not mean that the kitchen should be fenced off with a wall. Partitions, even transparent ones, still eat up space. It is better to embody the invisibility of the kitchen in more tricky ways:

  1. The most neutral color scheme. It should not “fall out” of the overall color concept of the living room and stand out. Ideally, the kitchen should be in tone with the main background of the entire room.
  2. Rejection of zoning. If you want to separate the kitchen area from the living area, you can use completely inconspicuous methods: a raised or “recessed” floor, different lighting, and so on. Furniture (bar counter or dining table, shelves, sofa) will not work.
  3. Accents on the central zone of the living room. You can and should make the center of the living room bright, comfortable and most noticeable: the correct arrangement of furniture, color accents, textured accents, lighting.
  4. Everyting is along one wall. If possible, you should abandon the corner kitchen in favor of a linear one. This will draw attention away from it and make it feel like is has less space in the room.
  5. Hidden storage systems. For small rooms, this will be a real salvation.

If you are not going to update the kitchen set, then it may be worth changing the tone of the walls and arranging the furniture in a different way. Do not forget to first draw a plan on paper or estimate it in a special application. So you can better see what and how can be done exactly with your layout and your furniture.

Trend #2: Minimalistic Style

There was a whole articleon the DOM portal about why the style of minimalism and its “relatives” is so common in Cyprus. In short, here are its main advantages:

  1. maximum functionality with a minimum of items;
  2. calm, restrained tones that do not bother for a long time;
  3. the ability to create the most open space, which is facilitated by panoramic windows;
  4. the philosophy of a common area for recreation and eating, which is common in Cyprus and in many southern countries.

Today, minimalism is gaining popularity around the world. Many people like it, but it can be intimidating in terms of use in bedrooms, nurseries and living rooms - due to the fact that outwardly it does not seem cozy enough. Even those who maintain restraint in many aspects of life prefer to be more conservative in interior design.

But for the kitchen, minimalism is just perfect. It is discreet, multifunctional and at the same time not bulky. A minimum of decor and smooth, light surfaces are what you need for a cooking zone. So minimalism "sneaks into the masses" along this path. If you have long wanted to try it, but did not dare, start with the kitchen.

Trend #3: Smooth Corners

Comfort is not necessarily an abundance of textiles, ruffles, pillows, flowers and everything else. Sometimes it can be expressed in rather restrained details, confidently playing on visual perception.

So, sharp corners in the interior are a thing of the past, and they are gradually replaced by smooth, rounded lines. If you have long dreamed of an oval table or wicker furniture - it's time to make your desires come true!

Of course, this does not mean that you need to abandon the corners - in some moments it is impossible. For example, a stove cannot be made oval in any way, and a similar story with a refrigerator. But this can be solved with unobtrusive decor and the purchase of new furniture.

In addition, arches are becoming popular in the interior. Of course, it is not at all necessary to break door and window openings. You can create a visual effect without much effort.

Trend #4: Focus on texture

This trend is slightly contrary to trend number one, but only at first glance. Firstly, the texture can be made quite calm and neutral. Secondly, the "inconspicuous kitchen" is not suitable for everyone. And here you can give free rein to your imagination and beat the texture so that it looks beautiful and attractive.

Since the “eco” style and everything connected with it is becoming more and more relevant (not only in design, but also in many areas of everyday life), the first thing that comes to mind from textured is wood and stone. Indeed, today these are top materials that allow you to create an eco-friendly, natural texture without unnecessary ideas. But this is not the only way.

You can use anything: from decorative plaster to bizarre furniture shapes. If you manage with simpler means, you can use textiles, for example, with coarse knitting, terry, or, conversely, thin and openwork.

Something that seemed outdated for a long time is back in fashion: grandmother's napkins and knitted lace. With this element of decor you need to be careful. It should be kept to a minimum so as not to “lubricate” the overall impression.

Trend #5: Sustainability

Since “eco” was mentioned above, it is worth dwelling on it in more detail. The main two directions of this principle (not even style, but the principle) of interior design:

  1. Use of natural materials. They try to either completely abandon plastic, or reduce its “participation” to a minimum. The same applies to the color scheme of the design - it must match the natural colors. These are not necessarily calm tones. You can use something bright, the main thing is to find a source of inspiration precisely in those combinations that nature creates.
  2. Respect for the environment. This means that things from recycled material and those things that, after use, can be recycled without harm to the environment, are at the peak of popularity. This also includes the philosophy of conscious consumption: this is the absence of frills and the repeated use of things. Restoration of old objects, rather than throwing them away, can be attributed to the same category.

It should be noted that in Cyprus the issues of ecology and reasonable consumption are very acute. And if the inhabitants of the island are accustomed to saving water and electricity, then recycling and conscious consumption still remain at a low level of acceptance. Nevertheless, this philosophy still gradually penetrates the masses. So you can start with yourself and give not only beauty to your home, but also cleanliness for the whole of Cyprus.

Trend #6: Pastel, Muted Colors

We all remember the boom caused by the fashion trend of bright kitchens. I (being born and raised in the USSR) was especially impressed by the opportunity to make a bright kitchen: it was almost impossible to make a cooking zone unusual in Russia those years.

It is a very good solution for people who really want it. And bright, saturated colors do not tire and do not bother as quickly as some experts tried to predict.

But fashion passes, and many want to return to more calm tones of kitchen design. In this case, it is not necessary to turn to an achromatic scale (black-gray-white) and some overly restrained solutions. You can take your favorite color and make it the main one, but not in a saturated version, but in a pastel one.

How good this idea is for those who are afraid of bright colors and boredom at the same time! This is just the “borderline” that will suit almost anyone.

The most important thing is to agree with all family members about the color. Because serious battles can break out between those who want a delicate olive and those who have always dreamed of a “dusty rose” shade.

Trend #7: Only One Tier

If you have the opportunity, remove the second tier (mezzanine cabinets, etc.), leaving only the first tier for storing kitchen utensils and, possibly, high cabinets and shelves (not higher than the refrigerator). This technique will solve several points at once:

  1. visually raise the ceiling, which means free up space;
  2. make the kitchen area less visible against the background of the living room;
  3. make it easier to take things out when cooking (no need to reach up);
  4. will help get rid of unnecessary trash that could accumulate over the years.

Of course, it’s not so easy to give up what you have lived with all your life (and have you ever been in kitchens without wall cabinets?). But just look at the photo. This looks really great!

If you really like this idea, but don't have enough storage space, use open little shelves. They, unlike cabinets, do not create the feeling of a second tier, but here it is important not to litter them and carefully consider what can be stored there. Most likely, these will be beautiful jars of spices or something like that.

Trend #8: Vertical Visualization

Very well suited to rooms where there is a problem with low ceilings. Because it visually raises them. But in general, this is always a good solution, with the exception of individual square kitchens, where verticality will create a feeling of a “well”.

Vertical lines can be both created and emphasized - this is done in many ways, here are just a few of them:

  1. installation of tall cabinets or shelves right up to the ceiling;
  2. if you need to finish the walls or parts of the walls with tiles, then use not square, but rectangular - and place it vertically;
  3. the pattern on the wallpaper should be vertical, but not too contrasting;
  4. the use of texture and relief in surface finishing;
  5. the use of lamps that shine strictly from top to bottom.

Vertical visualization fits very well into all popular styles for kitchens: neoclassical, minimalism, hi-tech. Its main task is to make the arrangement of objects in space not boring and visually add space to the room.

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