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TOP-10 real estate options for students in Nicosia

Buying a property for a student planning to study in Cyprus is an excellent option for several reasons. The first reason is that it is very difficult to get into dormitories, and often students have to rent an apartment, at least for the initial period. The second reason is that it is a great investment with a long-term perspective. Real estate in Cyprus is steadily increasing in value, and there is always demand for rentals, especially in certain areas. The third reason is that when purchasing property worth 300,000 euros or more, family members of the owner are entitled to expedited Permanent Residency (PR) in Cyprus and can also move to the island.

In our selection, we mainly feature small apartments located near the universities in Nicosia. These are excellent options in new buildings that will be a great investment.

Tip: Before looking at apartments in Nicosia, read our article where you will find descriptions of the most popular districts in the capital.

One-bedroom apartment in Strovolos

This is a fairly spacious and cozy apartment in a new building in Strovolos. This area is ideal for those studying at the European University, but it is also easy to reach the University of Nicosia from here. The location of Chryseleousa is one of the most convenient in all of Strovolos. It offers excellent transport links, developed infrastructure, and everything necessary not only for living and studying but also for leisure activities.

The apartment is located in a new building designed by London architects. The high construction quality ensures maximum living comfort, providing both tranquility and temperature stability. It is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. It is also worth noting the high energy efficiency class A, which means that utility bills will be low.

The open-plan area consists of a spacious kitchen combined with a living room with panoramic windows. Here, you can entertain guests and set up a study area. There is a separate bedroom and a combined bathroom. The apartment will be delivered with finishes, so this option is one of the best for the upcoming academic year.

One-bedroom apartment in Engomi

Engomi is an elite district in Nicosia. It is perfect for students studying at the University of Nicosia or the European University. There are also large supermarkets in the area, a well-established road network, and everything you need for a comfortable life. Many families choose to relocate here. Moreover, property prices in Engomi are moderate.

The new building is located in a quiet and cozy green area. It is quite small, with only a few apartments, but the building meets high-quality standards. Thermal insulation, double-glazed windows, smart layouts - these are just a few of its advantages. The energy efficiency class A will help reduce utility bills.

The apartment features a separate bedroom, a spacious kitchen-living area, and a large terrace. The convenient location allows you to use the apartment not only for personal living but also for renting it out.

Studio in Aglantzia

This is an excellent option for those studying at the University of Cyprus, as it is located near this small complex. Aglantzia is a well-organized family district that provides easy access to other locations in Nicosia. Another bonus is the large Athalassa Park, an oasis of nature in the capital.

The complex itself is a two-story modern building with excellent finishes. The parking is located on the first level, and the studio apartments are on the second and third floors. Each apartment has its own balcony with decent views.

The living area of each apartment is 35 square meters. It comfortably accommodates one or two people. The apartments are delivered with finishes, so the owner does not have to spend time and effort on renovations.

One-bedroom apartment in Aglantzia

Another good option for University of Cyprus students, but this one is more spacious. The three-story complex with mountain views is located in a convenient area with developed infrastructure. It's easy to reach the city center from here, and access to Athalassa Park is also preserved.

The apartment has a large separate bedroom, a living room and kitchen area, as well as a small balcony. There are only 4 apartments on each floor, ensuring privacy and tranquility.

One-bedroom apartment in Kaimakli

Kaimakli is a good residential area, and it's not far from two universities: Frederick University and the University of Cyprus. It's quiet, cozy, with excellent infrastructure, and property prices are relatively low compared to central Nicosia.

The beautifully finished complex offers 1-bedroom apartments with finishes and a convenient layout. A spacious bedroom is adjacent to a large living room combined with a kitchen. The apartments feature a cozy terrace with great views, even from the first floor.

It's worth noting the energy efficiency class A+. This means that the building is almost self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Two-bedroom apartment in Agios Omologites

Agios Omologites is one of the central districts of the Cypriot capital. It's easy to reach any part of the city from here, both by private and public transport. That's why choosing property here is suitable for students from any Nicosia university.

The small modern complex offers a gated area with parking and heating. The apartment comes with not only repairs but also an Italian-made kitchen set. The windows of the apartment offer a pleasant view of the city, even from the first floor.

Please note that two bedrooms are quite spacious, making the apartment suitable for both families and students. This option is relevant not only for students but also for faculty members.

Two-bedroom apartment in Agios Dometios

Agios Dometios is located close to the city center, so it has all the advantages: peace, tranquility, and access to all infrastructure. The University of Nicosia is just a 10-minute walk away. There are also supermarkets, shops, and places for relaxation and entertainment nearby.

The apartment is located on the 3rd floor of a small residential complex, allowing residents to enjoy a magnificent view from the terrace. The comfortable layout, spacious rooms, and excellent finishings with furniture make this option even more attractive.

Three-bedroom apartment in Dasoupolis

Dasoupolis is a small and cozy neighborhood that is considered one of the central areas. It is well-developed and a great place to live for both families and professionals. Getting to any university from here is not a problem, especially by private transport.

The small beautiful complex is in its final stages of construction, so this year you can move into the apartment, start your studies, and begin a new life in Cyprus. The apartments feature luxurious terraces, three large bedrooms, and common areas, making it comfortable for the whole family.

Please note: the apartment is priced at over 300,000 euros, which means that upon its purchase, the owner and their family can obtain Cypriot Permanent Residency through an accelerated program.

Two-bedroom apartment in the city center

This is an excellent option in a luxurious gated new development suitable for both personal residence and investment. It is located in the heart of the capital, literally in the most cultural and business district. It is convenient to reach any part of Nicosia from here, and the residents have access to their own parking, storage rooms, and excellent apartment quality.

The apartments are situated on the 12th floor, offering excellent panoramic views. The beautiful terrace and panoramic windows contribute to this. The large bedrooms are separated from each other, and the common area consists of a spacious living room and kitchen. Additionally, the apartment is equipped with 2 bathrooms for convenience.

Despite its comfortable features, the apartments have a very attractive price. Since it exceeds 300,000 euros, the buyer is entitled to expedited obtaining of Cypriot Permanent Residency.

One-bedroom apartment in the city center

Our final option is one of the top choices. Starting from its location (the very center of Nicosia) to its status as an elite new development. The complex has everything for a comfortable luxury lifestyle: a gym, a swimming pool, heating, a stylish lobby, and apartment services.

All apartments feature luxurious finishes with natural stone, parquet flooring, European brand fixtures and fittings, and are equipped with a smart home system for convenient property management. The panoramic windows, jacuzzi, and underfloor heating complete the image of an ideal apartment.

This option is not only suitable for personal residence but also for investment. It is a profitable investment that can pay off through subsequent resale or rental. The buyer can also participate in the accelerated Cypriot Permanent Residency program.

Detailed information about all projects in Nicosia can be obtained from the specialists of the number one real estate agency in Cyprus, DOM, by calling +357 22 030670, or by arranging a personal meeting at Archiepiskopou Makariou III 1, Lakatamia 2324, Nicosia, Cyprus.

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