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8 December 2022

TOP 10 residential projects in Nicosia for obtaining residence permit

Nicosia is a great option for those who dream of living in the capital of a European country or want to make a profitable investment in real estate. The demand for housing here is very high, in addition, the city is experiencing a boom in construction.

The Cypriot authorities have developed a project to simplify obtaining permanent residence for non-European buyers of real estate worth over 300,000 euros. According to the rules of this program, not only the buyer, but also members of their family can obtain a permanent residence permit. At the same time, they don't need to take a language proficiency exam or collect a huge amount of documents.

Read a bit more about how to get permanent residence in Cyprus here.

We have collected for you the TOP of the most interesting new buildings in Nicosia, the objects in which the cost exceeds the required threshold of 300,000 euros. Perhaps among them you will choose the property of your dreams or a good option for investment!

1. Acropolis Residences, Acropolis

This small new cool building in the club house format is located in the elite area of Nicosia, not far from the Acropolis park. Acropolis Residences is a gated community of 6 apartments and 2 penthouses. In the immediate vicinity there are clinics, kindergartens and schools, entertainment venues, offices of institutions and private companies, and more. In a word, the infrastructure here is very developed, so an apartment in Acropolis Residences is ideal for permanent residence.

Residents are offered all the necessary amenities: covered parking, storage rooms for each apartment, built-in split systems. The building is made of high quality modern materials, so it has good heat capacity and energy efficiency class A.

Penthouses deserve special attention. They have 3 bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms, an office and an excellent layout. A special highlight is the private roof garden, which covers about 80 m2 and is designed for relaxation and leisure. The terrace offers a magnificent view of the city.

Units available for sale in Acropolis Residences

2. Weatheroak Centre, Acropolis

Another elite new building in the Acropolis area. Weatheroak Center is located in the most developed area, which ensures the convenience of life (if you take an apartment for yourself) or high demand from tenants (if you buy an apartment for investment or for rent). The location will be appreciated by both families with children and busy people who are passionate about their careers.

Weatheroak Center can be called the "house of the future". During its construction, modern materials were used and the latest technologies were applied. Thanks to this, as well as solar panels on the roof, the building has an A+ energy efficiency rating. The developer has made sure that the residents are as comfortable as possible at any time of the year: there is both an air conditioning system and heated floors.

On the ground floor, there is a covered parking with EV chargers. There are also storage rooms for the owners of the apartments.

If you want to get the permanent residence permit, it is enough to buy a 2- or 3-bedroom apartment. All of them have a large area, comfortable layouts, panoramic windows with access to large terraces.

Units available for sale in Weatheroak Center

3. Attikis Residences, Aglandjia

Aglandjia is a large suburban area of Nicosia, which is located close to the center and at the same time has its own developed infrastructure. Its big advantage is a large park, which is ideal for walks and sports activities. Platy is an elite part of the area, where silence and tranquility are combined with developed infrastructure and increased comfort of living.

Attikis Residences is a new complex consisting of two buildings. It has its own gated territory with security, parking (with EV chargers) and a playground. All apartments have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, panoramic windows with pleasant views and terraces for relaxation. All objects are suitable for obtaining permanent residence when they are purchased.

Units available for sale in Attikis Residences

4. Domocare Complex, Strovolos

Despite the fact that Strovolos is nominally a suburb of Nicosia, de-facto it is part of Nicosia. It is very conveniently located: with quick access to the center. At the same time, it has its own developed infrastructure and is ideal for permanent residence.

Domocare Complex is located in a gated and guarded area and is suitable for business people. And all because the building has not only apartments, but also offices. Covered car parking is provided for residents.

Comfort is provided by modern materials and technologies. Domocare Complex has been assigned energy efficiency class A, which will allow homeowners to significantly save on utility bills. Also, the apartments are fresh in summer and warm in winter.

For sale there are 1- and 2-bedroom apartments, as well as commercial premises with an area of more than 100 m2.

Units available for sale in Domocare Complex

5. White pearl, Strovolos

Another luxury complex in Strovolos. It is located in a quiet and green area, which will appeal to lovers of frequent walks and a beautiful view from the window. White Pearl is within walking distance of shops, cafes, restaurants and schools. This complex is ideal for family living or long-term rental property.

All apartments have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, located on a spacious living area of 100 m2. Separately, it is worth counting the open terraces, which are equipped with glass panoramic doors, which allows you to "prolong" the effect of freedom and open space in the rooms.

For all residents there is security, covered parking, storage rooms and other amenities.

Units available for sale in White pearl

6. Perfect Homes 127, Antoupolis

This complex of villas is located in the immediate suburbs of Nicosia, next to Lakatamia. From here it is easy to get to Strovolos and the central regions of the capital. Nearby is the new Nicosia Mall shopping center. At the same time, life in the suburbs guarantees peace, quiet and increased privacy.

Perfect Homes 127 are several private villas located in a gated guarded area with parking spaces. Each villa has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, panoramic windows and free terraces. The houses have a heating system, they have been assigned energy efficiency class A. The plot area is 275 m2.

Units available for sale in Perfect Homes 127

7. Cape Town Lofts, Strovolos

The modern complex called Cape Town Lofts is a comfortable place for permanent residence. The convenience of the position makes it suitable for working people, businessmen, families with children and students. Also, this area is in great demand among property tenants, and housing prices are steadily rising. So buying an apartment in Cape Town Lofts can be a great option not only for living, but also for investment.

Residents of the complex will enjoy a host of amenities, from covered parking and storage rooms to spacious layouts and cool finishes. All apartments have panoramic windows and a private terrace, where you can relax and enlighten your time in good weather.

One-bedroom apartments cost around 200 thousand euros, but in order to obtain permanent residence in Cyprus, you can buy several units in order to reach the amount of 300 thousand.

Units available for sale in Cape Town Lofts

8. Kaimakli Court No 4, Kaimakli

Another good area for students (there is a university nearby) or for those who do not like to live in the heart of busy cities. Kaimakli is quite calm, but there is everything for a comfortable stay. The area is located close to the center, and the Kaimakli Court complex is located in it very well.

Despite the highest quality of construction and decoration, the apartments here are not too expensive. To obtain permanent residence, the option of buying two properties is suitable. Such a scheme works well if two families want to move to Cyprus - parents and an adult kid.

There are options for 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. At the same time, each apartment has a spacious layout, panoramic windows and access to an open terrace.

Units available for sale in Kaimakli Court

9. Adamantia 70, Dasoupoli

The Dasoupoli area is adjacent to the developed suburbs of Nicosia - Aglandjia, Strovolos and Acropolis. From it it is very convenient and quickly you can get to the center of the capital. This makes the quiet area very attractive in terms of infrastructure development. It is comfortable to live here, while the city noise does not bother the inhabitants of Dasoupoli. Nearby there are 2 English schools, which attracts families with schoolchildren.

The Adamantia 70 complex is located in a cozy place and provides its residents with everything necessary. Parking spaces, closed territory and good roads around - what everyone needs, regardless of their type of activity.

The 2 or 3 bedroom apartments offer generous living space, chic terraces and high quality finishes. Many apartments are suitable for the price of a simplified obtaining of permanent residence in Cyprus.

Units available for sale in Adamantia 70

10. Kimonas 38, Engomi

Engomi is a fashionable, comfortable and clean area, which attracts with its developed infrastructure and all kinds of amenities. The atmosphere here is quite quiet, but it can't be called boring - Engomi is located close to the city center, so entertainment and business offices are within easy reach. The location will appeal to both family people and businessmen. In addition, the area is good for real estate investment.

Kimonas 38 is a club-style complex with a small number of apartments. All apartments have connections for air conditioning and underfloor heating, high-quality finishes and energy efficiency class A. All rooms have panoramic windows with good views, as well as a spacious covered terrace.

Units available for sale in Kimonas 38

Detailed information about all projects in Nicosia can be obtained from the specialists of DOM Real Estate - the No. 1 real estate agency in Cyprus DOM by phone +357 22 030670, or in person at: Archiepiskopou Makariou III 1, Lakatamia 2324, Nicosia, Cyprus.

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