How to furnish your bathroom in Cyprus: five factors to consider

Как обустроить идеальную ванную комнату на Кипре: пять факторов, которые необходимо учесть
2 September 2022 Angelica Michael

You have just purchased a new house or apartment in Cyprus and have begun furnishing your bathroom. What should be taken into account, what features of the Cyprus climate should be learned in order for the bathroom to be comfortable and not require repairs for many years to come?

As you know, it is very hot in Cyprus for at least 4-5 months a year, and there is high humidity all year round.

The main criteria for choosing finishing materials and sanitary ware should be moisture resistance, heat resistance and durability, as well as their environmental friendliness.

We all have our own idea of ​​the perfect bathroom. For many people, the bathroom is a functional space that serves for hygiene procedures, and therefore it should be ergonomic and comfortable.

For some, this is a space of solitude, where you can be alone with yourself, soak in a bubble bath and have pleasant spa rituals. Anyway, the bathroom is a place where we start and end our day, which in the morning is designed to give cheerfulness and charge with positive energy, and in the evening to help relax, so the bathroom should be a comfortable, aesthetic and convenient place that gives only positive emotions.

In Cyprus, most modern apartments with two or more bedrooms have at least two bathrooms: usually a big bathroom with a shower or bathtub, the second bathroom can be a “guest” toilet, where there is only a toilet and sink.

Newer apartments/houses with three or more bedrooms have at least two bathrooms and may also have a "guest" toilet attached to the living room for the convenience of guests and hosts.

If you have only one but large bathroom, you can install two sinks with separate mirrors to reduce the risk of 'morning traffic' when all family members need to go to work / school at the same time.

The main aspects to consider when planning a bathroom in a new apartment or house in Cyprus:

1) Hydro and thermal insulation

Decide on the location of pipes and partitions. Be sure to equip the ventilation system, otherwise dampness and mold cannot be avoided, especially during the winter months.

Important: in Cyprus, the use of electrical appliances in the bathrooms is strictly prohibited, there are no outlets in the bathrooms by default, so other places in the house must be provided for the washing machine, dryer, hair dryer, etc.

2) The choice of plumbing

A walk-in shower, a spa bath, a frameless shower with a glass partition and a drain hole right in the tiled floor? A toilet with a cistern or a cistern hidden in the wall? One or two sinks? Do you need a bidet? Should you install a heated towel rail? Is it worth making a warm floor in a bathroom in Cyprus?

Discuss these issues with your household and architect, check what local shops have to offer and how it fits into your budget and the space in your bathroom(s).

Important: plumbing must be designed in the same style and color scheme. Randomness or a combination of new and old looks sloppy and spoils the impression of the room as a whole.

3) Finishing materials

Ideally, for ceilings in a new building that has not yet shrunk, drywall can be used, including in bathrooms. It will "adjust" to the shrinkage of the building, without deforming or weighing down the structure.

For walls and floors, tiles will be the most budgetary and practical solution. If you are not constrained by funds, you can choose expensive designer tiles, granite, marble - a matter of taste.

Pipes are now made mainly of plastic, since plastic is resistant to temperature changes and is not affected by changes in water pressure, and it is not subject to corrosion and does not emit harmful substances.

Important: be sure to make a slight slope near the bath and shower and a drain in the floor - this will facilitate cleaning and allow the water to drain on its own, and in the event of an accident / leak, it will save your home (and neighbors below) from the global flood.

4) Lighting

If the project provides for a window in the bathroom, you are very lucky: it will be lighter there, and most importantly, it will be possible to ventilate it, and thereby the issue of high humidity will be resolved. If you got a dark bathroom without windows, choose light shades of tiles for walls and floors, make two or three levels of lighting (light from the ceiling, spots above the mirror and bathtub / shower stall, pendant or wall lamps). You can also make a whole mirrored wall or ceiling - the room will look very bright and spacious.

In addition, one of the walls (for example, adjacent to the bedroom) can be made of transparent glass blocks, which will allow light to pass through and at the same time not so transparent as to deprive bathroom visitors of a sense of privacy.

Important: electrical wiring must be made of special materials with good waterproofing to avoid short circuits.

5) Color and style

As we wrote above, skillfully selected shades of finishing materials, plumbing and flooring, mirrors, multi-level lighting and glass blocks can radically change even the most modest and cramped room. Consider storage space: lockers can be made under the bathtub, sink, or placed along the wall.

Transparent or frameless showers and bath screens can save space in a small bathroom. In terms of style, you can make a bright “tropical” bathroom in green and blue tones, a calm and peaceful blue or beige bathroom, a minimalist black and white Japanese-style bathroom, and choose Provençal-style floral tiles. In general, the choice is yours.

Important: think over the details and accessories in advance - lighting fixtures, mirrors, shelves, hooks. Nothing should stand out from the general style.

Share your know-how and useful bathroom ideas in the comments!

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