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13 September 2022

Creating your ideal house or apartment in Cyprus

Everyone imagines their ideal home in different ways.

For some, this is a tropical villa with a swimming pool, surrounded by exotic plants, for others it is a solid, spacious house with a large garden, located in a quiet place, for still others, the ultimate dream is a new apartment in a prestigious residential complex, someone dreams about a small cozy house in the countryside.

Any ideal home has one distinguishing feature - it is comfortable to live in.

Whether it's a tiny studio with a folding bed where a young student lives, or a huge villa by the sea. The inhabitants should be comfortable there - light, warm, quiet. In addition, the ideal house or apartment should be environmentally friendly and meet all safety and energy saving requirements. Even very rich people don't like throwing money away and paying their bills for things they could save on.

There is an opinion that the “correct” house or apartment can only be built by starting the layout to your liking at the building design stage. We hasten to dissuade you! When purchasing a property, you can make changes at any stage and make it ideal without extra costs.

The ideal home should fully satisfy your domestic needs. It should be fully created comfortable atmosphere for all family members and pets. And your guests will enjoy. A perfectly designed and thoughtful home gives you the opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle you have always aspired to.

We have collected the opinions and experiences of our readers in Cyprus and offer you valuable ideas to help you create your dream home.


The kitchen should have a closed plan - always with a door or partition separating it from other rooms. If you have a choice - an open-plan kitchen that connects the kitchen with a dining room and a living room, or a full-fledged separate kitchen, choose the second option. If you have more space, also make a utility room next to the kitchen, where kitchen appliances and a second refrigerator / freezer, washing and drying machines, ironing board and more will be installed. Spacious living room with access to the kitchen, that is, the kitchen will have 3 doors: one of them will lead to the veranda, the second - to the living room, the third - to the utility room.

Later, you will thank yourself for installing in the kitchen (and utility rooms) a large number of built-in wardrobes.

And one more undeservedly unpopular thing in Cyprus, which is actually incredibly convenient and will save you hundreds of euros a year - a household food waste grinder (or dispenser). This device grinds and disposes of food leftovers, namely: vegetable and fruit peelings, green leftovers, chicken and fish bones, egg and even nut shells, melons and gourds, fruit and berry bones. By installing a shredder, you will once and for all solve the problem of garbage disposal, buying garbage bags, and unpleasant odors in the heat.

Here we talk in detail about how to create your ideal kitchen.

Master bedroom

In the master bedroom, it is recommended to provide a place for a dressing room with good “correct” lighting, mirrors, wardrobes for shoes and bags, as well as a dressing table and a separate place for accessories.

Children's and guest bedrooms

In all bedrooms, we recommend large built-in wardrobes, drywall canopy porches with built-in lamps, and dimmable light switches. Also later, you will thank yourself for the provided sockets, conveniently located so that dangling wires are not visible when you turn on electrical appliances.

There must be mosquito nets on the windows. We also recommend installing double-glazed windows with triple glazing in case there is a road near your house or apartment or construction may begin. An absolute must in Cyprus is thick, durable blinds, preferably automatic, so you don't have to do a "manual sunset" every day with mechanical blinds.

And, perhaps, it is not necessary to mention the need to install air conditioners in every room?


In the master bedroom, it would be good to have the bathroom with a big bath, not with a shower (in 95% of Cypriot houses, for some reason, the opposite is true). Another oddity of Cyprus - for some reason, unlike Italy and France, it is extremely rare to find a bidet here, although it is very convenient and practical.

In addition, in the bathrooms, a water drain on the floor will be quite useful, which will facilitate cleaning and will not allow you to flood your apartment, house and neighbors downstairs.


If you are an owner of a house or villa in Cyprus, it is an absolute must to have your own well for watering the garden and washing the territory. Keep in mind that drilling a well requires special permission from the municipality.

An excellent solution for the yard would be a dedicated barbecue area away from the house so that smoke does not enter the premises, as well as a rustic clay oven, the obligatory presence of a sink and a granite table that is not affected by temperature and humidity and will serve you for several decades.

It would be quite useful to have a utility room in the yard (for garden tools, household chemicals, etc.) a few meters from the house, preferably on the north side, so that it is always in the shade.

If the motto “my home is my castle” is yours, install outdoor and indoor video surveillance cameras, as well as install safes and alarms to feel completely safe.

And remember - it is in a sunny climate here, you can have photovoltaic panels, from which water will be heated, heating, air conditioning and "warm floor" will work, and which will ensure the operation of the pool mechanisms.

A very convenient thing is an automatic gate that allows you to drive into the yard without getting out of the car. And another important point is covered parking. Take my word for it, this is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity in the Cypriot climate. The car, which has stood for several hours under the summer sun, turns into an oven.

In the event that you decide on a full-fledged garden with trees, keep in mind that fruit trees need constant care. Otherwise, choose conifers or evergreens that don't shed their leaves. And one more detail - street lights on the territory, as well as tree lighting will turn your house into a glowing oasis in the evening.

And what valuable finds did you manage to make in the process of arranging your house or apartment? And what else would you like to read on the pages of our publication dedicated exclusively to Cyprus real estate?

Share your tips and recommendations in the comments - let there be more beautiful happy houses!

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