How to make your bedroom more comfy in Cyprus

Как создать уют в спальне на Кипре
7 November 2022 Angelica Michael

The bedroom is the most important room in the house.

According to statistics, we spend one-third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do so. That is, out of 75 years, at least 25 will be in the bedroom. Now you see how important it is to make this place comfortable and cozy?

It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating or remodeling an old apartment, or developing a new one from scratch with an architect, there are always a lot of solutions to make even a small modest bedroom comfortable and cozy.

First you need to take care of sound insulation, comfortable temperatures, humidity. All this is achieved with the help of special materials that have soundproof, waterproof properties and allow you to keep warm / cool depending on the season.

Windows and blinds

Even if your bedroom windows face a noisy street, triple glazing will solve the problem. In order not to be awakened by the first rays of the sun, choose thick outdoor blinds. They have two bonuses: they will protect the glass from heat in summer, the room will be cooler. In addition, in a private house or on the lower floors of high-rise buildings, it is difficult to overestimate the role of security blinds. The function of security blinds is also performed by roller shutters. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: save your bedroom from the rays of the hot Cypriot sun and protect your home from robbers.

If the house is not new, it is necessary to check the condition of the pipes in advance and replace the old ones, which may leak in the near future and spoil your comfort with dampness.

Color solutions

Usually, locals prefer muted pastel shades and one of the walls (most often the one that is located behind the head of the bed) can be made in a bright contrasting color. Golden is suitable for blue colors, ocher for green, deep emerald for amethyst-violet.

If you want something unusual and sensual, look at rich shades, especially when paired with an interesting texture. It is difficult to decide on such an experiment, but the result will be incredibly spectacular, elegant and truly cozy.

The most important thing is to choose a palette that will be comfortable for you.

In addition, very dark walls (coffee, chocolate, burgundy, dark purple, dark blue, asphalt and graphite colors, and just black) create an absolutely incredible effect in the bedroom. These colors will make the room intimate and cozy.

It sounds paradoxical, but this is a great solution for small bedrooms - the boundaries of the room seem to dissolve, visually such a bedroom seems even more spacious than if its walls were light.


Consider built-in wardrobes, extra storage space and other ergonomic solutions to keep your bedroom as free as possible. Choose minimalism. Later, you will thank yourself for this choice. It will be easier for you to clean up if your bedroom has only the most necessary items and minimalist decor elements. Remember that fleecy surfaces, dense fabrics, draperies tend to accumulate dust that you will have to breathe. Choose simple, smooth surfaces and interior items that can be packed and put away for storage during the warm season, when the windows are always open and dust gets into the home from the street.

Mirrors and accessories

Another way to make your bedroom unique is to install large mirrors on one or two sides of the bed: both beautifully framed mirrors and floor-to-ceiling mirror panels. They will reflect the lamps, flowers and candles on the bedside tables. The game of reflections will give the bedroom comfort, romance and mystery. Unusual items can be used as bedside tables: stools, vintage suitcases, chests, ladders, stumps, as well as decorative velvet pillows, fleecy rugs, fur blankets, knitted accessories.

Bed: mattress, canopy, layering, large pillows for reading and relaxing

The bed is the very place where you spend a third of your life, so it’s worth investing and buying a good orthopedic mattress and quality bed linen. By no way synthetic! The most pleasant for the skin is silk, or, do not be surprised, bamboo.

You can make a canopy over the bed, which will turn your bedroom into the bedchamber of a 16th century Venetian nobleman and will evoke sweet dreams. Do not forget about such a design find as layering. Bedspreads, cozy throws and pillows of different sizes will make your bed a cozy nest and a comfortable place to read or watch movies before bed. By layering bedspreads and blankets, you can create the illusion of a new interior and additional comfort in winter.

Mini bar

If you want to feel like an inhabitant of a Hollywood villa or a guest of a luxury hotel (and, of course, the size of the bedroom allows), you can install a mini-bar in the bedroom and even a table with a crystal decanter and glasses for strong drinks. And why not - you can’t forbid living beautifully!

Translucent wall between bathroom and bedroom

A translucent wall between your bathroom, which is, of course, en-suite, will make both rooms extraordinary. Translucent blocks that are used for interior walls let in enough light, but nothing can be seen through them.

Built-in aquarium in the wall

If you want to turn your bedroom into an exotic place full of bliss and beauty, don't waste your money on a built-in aquarium in the wall. It can be located both at the head of the bed, and opposite, or in the side wall. On hot summer nights and chilly winter evenings, the beauty of bright tropical fish and a piece of the magical underwater world in your bedroom will help relieve stress and fatigue and give you peace. The only negative is that it is quite difficult to care for such an aquarium, but the pros outweigh the pros! An aquarium in the wall will cost you no more than a TV, but it will be much more useful and enjoyable.

Japanese screen

If your apartment is small in size, you had to place a desktop with a computer or an ironing board in the bedroom, this place can be fenced off with a beautiful Japanese screen that is in harmony with the rest of the design. So you will not only create competent zoning, but also bring notes of exotic and distant travels to your bedroom.

Outdoor decoration (balcony, patio, yard, garden)

If you are the proud owner of an apartment with a bedroom overlooking the courtyard, patio, terrace or garden, you can make the most of the beauty of nature by making large glass doors, hanging a hammock, including details from natural materials in the interior: bamboo or rattan, glass vases, candlesticks, earthenware jugs with succulents. All the same, only in miniature, you can arrange even on a modest balcony.

How did you decorate your bedroom? Share photos in the comments!

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