Choosing the layout of new apartment in Cyprus

Выбор планировки квартиры в новостройке на Кипре
26 September 2022 Vladimir Melnik

Choosing the layout of a new apartment is not an easy task, the solution of which depends on many factors.

It is extremely important that a general idea of ​​future housing, plans for the future and a wish list be formed before visiting the office of your developer.

Having decided on the number of family members, including pets, it is necessary to take into account the habits of the whole family and each household member.

If resale property can be walked around, then in the case of a new building, you may have to be content with floor plans and rooms from which to choose. The outer perimeter of the apartment should be of the correct shape with right angles, and not resemble a piece of cake or a trapezoid.

The apartment should not be too dark or too lit, window openings should go to different sides. In the process of studying the plan, you should pay attention to the location of the apartment on the floor, the number of windows, engineering networks and many other details. For the most accurate visualization of the premises, it is recommended to involve the appropriate specialist and listen to their advice.

There is an opinion that the large area of ​​​​the apartment is guaranteed to make it comfortable for living.

However, its correct zoning, location and proportions of each room are much more important.

Functional layout allows efficient use of every square meter, provides convenient and comfortable living. When determining the purpose of each room, it is necessary to follow several universal rules that apply to different types of objects:

  1. Before buying, you should evaluate the height of the ceiling in combination with the size and shape of each room. The distance from the upper edge of the window to the ceiling must be at least 20 cm so that it is possible to hang beautiful curtains.
  2. If redevelopment in a new apartment is inevitable, you need to find out from the developer the location of the load-bearing walls and get acquainted with the wiring diagram.
  3. The most comfortable and cozy rooms with right angles in the form of a square or have an aspect ratio of 3 to 4. For irregularly shaped walls, a design solution should be thought up in advance. A glazed radius bay window will give the room additional volume, but sharp corners that steal usable area are unlikely to decorate it.
  4. A separate kitchen should be spacious, have an efficient range hood and ample natural light. For the option of two or more rooms, its area should allow four people to comfortably accommodate while maintaining free passage.
  5. In multi-room apartments, the optimal number of bathrooms should correspond to the number of bedrooms, but not less than two. In the process of getting acquainted with the project, you should find out the location of the water meters and check the operation of the ventilation system. Bathrooms should not be cramped.

Attention should be paid to the project where the entrance hall is separated from all other rooms. The entrance area should be no larger than the smallest room, the hall should have enough space for two or three people. A built-in wardrobe in the hallway and access to the pantry give it additional advantages.

You should not choose an apartment with an extended layout, when all rooms are connected through a dark, long and narrow corridor with a minimum functional load. In addition, in it, with the doors closed, there is a tunnel effect. The optimal proportions of the corridor are the same as those of the room (see above), with the possibility of arranging a storage area.

To date, developers offer enough types of apartments and everyone can choose the best option.

Studio apartment

Here, a kitchen and several functional areas are connected in one room, only a bathroom remains separate. There are no permanent partitions in the room, which means that you can divide the guest and relaxation space with a competent arrangement of furniture and decor elements. The studios have a small total footage and belong to the budget category of housing. The disadvantages include the lack of personal space in the case there are several residents.

'Euro layout'

This format means that there are one or more isolated bedrooms and a kitchen combined with a living room. Apartments with this layout are usually called by the number of bedrooms. Comparing the "one bedroom" with the classic "one bedroom" of a similar area, it is easy to see that the first has a certain guest area, but cooking takes place in the living room. Euro-style apartments, as well as studios, are often purchased on the sea coasts, they are also popular in Cyprus. The owners use such property for permanent residence or spend their holidays earning rental income at other times.

Classic one, two and multi-room apartments

The most popular type of property differs from previous options with a kitchen allocated to a separate room with a window. During the selection process, it is necessary to find the optimal combination of the required number of rooms, the total area of ​​the apartment and its layout. Modern projects include spacious entrance and storage areas, several full-fledged bathrooms and provide each resident with personal space. The most preferred layout is with separate rooms, where the public area (guest bathroom, living room, possibly kitchen) is closer to the entrance, and the owner's area is further away.

Duplex Apartment

The location itself on two levels automatically divides the living space into the public part (lower) and the personal space of the owners (upper). Such a property creates a feeling of increased space, and an interfloor staircase brings a certain charm to the overall interior design. As a rule, duplex apartments occupy the last floors of buildings and provide great opportunities for functional zoning and comfortable living. In the Premium segment complexes in Cyprus, developers, in some projects, make an exit from the second floor of the penthouse to the roof terrace. Several zones can be organized on it at once: a barbecue, a playroom, a tropical garden and even a pool.

Apartments with free planning or "Open area"

As a rule, this is a rectangular space with many windows, filled with air and light, where all life is in plain sight. Such premises are most often chosen by creative individuals who are not burdened with family relationships. A number of projects allow the placement of "wet" areas at the request of the owner. Such apartments are very fond of designers for the possibility of implementing their creative ideas and developers, for the absence of the need to build internal partitions.

Climatic conditions and the location of the residential complex relative to the cardinal points must be taken into account in the process of choosing a new apartment. It is unlikely that you will like the chilly wind constantly beating on the windows or the sun in all rooms. In these cases, you should pay attention to real estate oriented to other parts of the world. We must not forget about such a detail as the view from the windows, it should please the eye.

It is impossible to imagine a successful layout of an apartment without a balcony. Sometimes it is better to give up a larger area without it in favor of a more compact one. The balcony can be used as both an outdoor storage area and a relaxation area, which allows the owners to communicate with nature without leaving home. Spacious balconies and terraces are an important integral part of modern apartments on the sunny island of Cyprus, with its warm climate and beautiful sea views.

An unsuitable or ill-conceived layout of an apartment can cause a large number of problems. The objects considered for purchase should be studied in the most detailed way and make the right choice. In this case, the new housing will provide comfortable conditions and will cause only positive emotions.

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