How to choose your ideal vacation villa in Cyprus?

Как выбрать виллу на Кипре для отдыха?
18 June 2021 Irina Zholnirova

A villa on the coast is an extremely comfortable and pleasant way to spend your vacation. Which villa to choose and what nuances need to be taken into account so that nothing overshadows heavenly pleasure?

A villa is much better than a hotel room or apartment

Often the phrase “villa vacation” brings up the idea of exorbitant prices. Only millionaires can allegedly relax in a country house by the sea. But this is not the case!

You can rent a villa in Cyprus for a very reasonable price. Moreover, in any of the areas of the island:in Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca or Ayia Napa.

Who should think about renting a separate house:

  1. If there is at least one small child. A villa means freedom for children. They can walk around the plot, swim in the pool. Also, many parents prefer to stay away from too busy tourist locations, so that children can relax during the day and sleep at night in silence.
  2. Big family. If a large and friendly family is going on vacation - parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles and nephews, brothers and sisters. It is much easier to rent a private villa in Cyprus. Sometimes it comes out cheaper than staying in hotel rooms, and there are much more amenities.
  3. Groups of friends. If you are going to relax with 5 people or more, then it is more convenient to rent a separate villa. In a large living room or by the pool, everyone can get together, and go to separate rooms at night.
  4. Couple embarking on a romantic trip. If the lovers want to spend their vacation only together, the villa is the ideal option. You can rent a small cottage for 2-3 bedrooms and enjoy the privacy.
  5. Those planning a wedding or corporate event in Cyprus. Any event requires a separate and comfortable space. So that the holiday does not interfere with others. For such purposes, you can rent 1 or even 2 villas located on the same plot.

It should be borne in mind that the villa is most often rented for a period of at least a week, less often - for 3+ days. Some landlords generally rent them out for a long time - from 4 weeks and more.

It is better to book a villa in advance. As a rule, this should be done 1-6 months before the start of the vacation.

Prepayment is usually made in installments: 30% - 40% of the cost is paid immediately upon booking, 20-30% - a month before arrival, and the rest is upon arrival. This is only an approximate percentage, each landlord has the right to ask for a different percentage of the prepayment.

Luxury villas in Cyprus

A luxury vacation in Cyprus is, of course, your own spacious villa. It can be located right on the seashore, have its own private beach and even a yacht pier.

But there is another, no less attractive option - a villa in the mountains of Cyprus. Here you can see a magnificent view of the sea and wooded mountains. There will be clean air, peace and tranquility.

Typically, staying in luxury villas include a full range of services:

  1. incoming service staff: cleaning lady, cook, bartender, gardener, etc.
  2. use of the pool, barbecue area, golf course, etc.
  3. drinks in the home bar
  4. one or more cars - or even a driver service
  5. yacht and captain's services
  6. organization of private excursions and trips.

It is recommended to rent a villa in advance and through a booking agreement. If you want assistance, then the DOM Real Estate will do everything for you.

The choice criterion # 1: distance to the sea

Someone imagines their ideal vacation like this: woke up, left the house and now the azure sea is already splashing at their feet.

Others do not see their vacation without regular walks, shopping, nature trips and other activities. Still others want to live in silence and solitude, away from the tourist infrastructure.

Villas in Cyprus include all the variety of choices according to the needs of holidaymakers:

  1. by the sea, with an own beach
  2. inside the city, close to shops, restaurants, bars and clubs
  3. far in the village, in silence and solitude, but with all the amenities.

There are even villas without neighbors at all, for real hermits. Which location to choose is up to you.

The choice criterion # 2: price

A small villa in a convenient area can be found for little money. The price is often compared to renting one double room in a five-star hotel. Many people prefer to give up hotel services and relax in villas.

A spacious villa far from the city is also a fairly budget option. It is suitable for those who are not averse to getting to the sea by car and spending their evenings in silence and nature.

Large business and luxury villas are expensive, especially during the high season. But at the same time, absolutely everything that the guest wishes is included in the rest.

The choice criterion # 3: number of beds

A home with 1 living room and 2 bedrooms is enough for one person, couple or family with small children. Such villas in Cyprus are called two-bedroom apartments. Each room usually has one double bed. Villas accommodating guests with children often has two separate beds in one bedroom and a cot or a bassinet upon request.

A large family or company needs to rent a cottage based on the number of people. For example, a 4-bedroom villa with a living room is perfect for 6 guests.

The choice criterion #4 additional amenities on the plot

A villa is not only the spaciousness of the building, but also an enclosed area.

As a rule, many vacationers are satisfied with the standard set:

  1. pool and sun lounger area
  2. barbecue area or summer kitchen
  3. alcove.

Some owners are improving the outdoor recreation area: installing a playground, laying out a beautiful garden, creating green arches and fancy lawns, making fountains or decorative ponds, equipping sports grounds (tennis, volleyball, golf, etc.).

The choice criterion # 5: Special Guest Requests

Individual vacationers have special needs. Someone goes on vacations with their pet - a cat or a dog. They need to discuss this with the owner of the villa in advance. As a rule, owners in Cyprus don't mind tenants' animals, but there can be exceptions.

Another common guest requirement is privacy. Famous people want to spend their holidays in peace, without crowds of fans or clients. Therefore, they are provided with a well-closed area, a separate entrance, a reliable security system and other amenities.

Finally, some owners are equipping villas for the convenience of people with disabilities. This includes special house layouts, additional handrails, mechanisms and ramps, and special services.

The choice criterion #6: transport accessibility

If the villa is located at a distance, it is not very convenient to constantly call a taxi or walk several kilometers to the bus stop. If you are not planning on renting a car, consider staying near a transport infrastructure.

If driving is not a problem for you, you can safely rent a villa anywhere in Cyprus. The distances here are small, and even the neighboring city you can reach in 30-40 minutes, and the way to the sea will be 10-20 minutes.

Important point: help with choosing a villa in Cyprus

If booking a hotel is a familiar and understandable process, then renting a villa is not always as easy as it seems. If only because you need to draw up a lease agreement with the owner, taking into account your personal circumstances and nuances.

The easiest way is to contact a real estate agency in Cyprus, which provides a large database of private holiday homes. Specialists will help you draw up a contract, prepare the necessary documents, select the best option in terms of area and location, and also take on all the difficulties of translation.

If you are looking for good options for renting (out) or buying a home in Cyprus, then be sure to check out DOM Portal. The website has the largest database of real estate in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca.

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