The construction of the skyscrapers in the historical center in Nicosia is rejected

Заявка на строительство небоскребов в историческом центре Никосии отклонена
20 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

May 19, 2020 – the unanimous decision of the members of the Urban Planning Committee of the Municipality on Nicosia examined the preliminary views of the company Rotos for the construction of a 16-floor building on Gladstonos Street, which is located in a protected area.

Remember, that the plan concerns the construction of a complex of five towers up to 16 floors on a plot on Gladstone Street.

The difficulties now begin as others propose legislation that allows the construction of three-floor buildings and up to four floors can be built.

Заявка на строительство небоскребов в историческом центре Никосии отклонена

There were also those, who despite their disagreement with the 16-floor building, withdrew in order to take a position before the Municipal Council, which is expected to discuss the issue in June.

However, the municipal councilor Mr. Kyriakos Tsimillis, in his statements insisted that it is not allowed to build more than four floors (three plus one under certain conditions) while in case of demolition of the five-floor skeletons of buildings built by the previous owner, stresses that the new owner cannot take them for granted but must comply with the provisions of the legislation. He clarifies that even the director of Urban Planning does not have the discretion to approve an increase in the number of floors in a special area.

The service of the municipality expressed the opinion that based on the building factor that the company has at its disposal it could build 2-3 floors buildings along Gladstanos Street. Behind them (between the road and the river Periaios) they suggest that buildings of 6-7 floors could be erected and in a third row, near the river, also building of 2-3 floors. The chairman of the Committee, Mr. George Mesaritis, told that the position that a proposal for the construction of 16 floors is not being discussed was unanimous. 

However, there are also opinions that it is better to increase the floors by 1-2 and keep free space for green than to fill the whole area even with 2-floor buildings.

Meanwhile, the text will be prepared, so the municipal councilors are aware when the plenary session of the Municipality of Nicosia convenes.

Source: Philenews

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