Polis Chrysochous Signs Contract to Create Plan to Reconstruct Latchi Port

Муниципалитет Полиса Хрисохуса подписал контракт на разработку детального проекта реконструкции порта Лачи
30 May 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The long-awaited contract for the development of a project for the Latchi port reconstruction was signed on Friday, May 28 in the municipality of Polis Chrysochous.

As it became known, it will be handled by Efpalinos Meletitiki Ltd.

According to the plan, the project will include dining areas, roads, sidewalks and a bicycle path, toilets, parking lots and street lighting, reconstruction of residential buildings, creation of recreation areas with green spaces, as well as ramps and stairs where necessary, a water supply network and power supply, rainwater and sewerage management system.

The project should also include the renovation of the central part of the road leading to the port and the beach in the center of Latchi, the construction of a 1,900 m2 parking lot and the renovation of the coastal strip as almost 40% of the total budget allocated for the resort modernization will be spent on this.

In total, €2.7 million were allocated for the improvement of the popular vacation spot.

The complete renovation of Latchi is expected to take a bit more than 4 years, after which it will turn into a center of attraction for locals and numerous tourists. The main goal is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the resort, as well as its accessibility and functionality.

As you may know, the port of Latchi is a small marina located in the heart of the village, which is part of the municipality of Polis Chrysochous, on the northern coast of the Paphos region.

Latchi marina is one of Cyprus official ports of entry, it has all the services traditionally provided in the harbor.

Initially, the port of Latchi (Port of Polis) was used by fishing boats and other small vessels. In recent years, due to the increasing demand from tourists, the harbor has been expanded - a new outdoor pool was built to serve recreational boats, while the old port pool was left for fishing boats.

Over time, two docks with a length of 70 meters were erected, as well as a platform for small vessels with a length of 100 meters. Depth in the port is 2 to 4 meters.

After the work was carried out, the port became the landmark of Polis, and the village of Latchi became widely known. Nevertheless, today the port has many operational problems and requires a radical reconstruction.

The municipality of Polis Chrysochous signed earlier an important contract with L. Papamichael Holdings Ltd. The agreement provides for comprehensive improvement and modernization of the Latchi Port Authority's warehouses.

Муниципалитет Полиса Хрисохуса подписал контракт на разработку детального проекта реконструкции порта Лачи

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