Larnaca Municipality Has Ambitious Plans for Site of Former Oil Storage Facilities

У муниципалитета Ларнаки грандиозные планы на территорию бывших нефтехранилищ
18 August 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Larnaca Municipality intends to transform the site of the old oil refinery into a 'human-friendly' urban space. This was announced on Tuesday, August 17, by Andreas Vyras.

When reconstructing the territory of oil storage facilities, we intend to use modern methods of energy planning, such as land reclamation, construction of residential areas, multifunctionality and sustainable development, - said the mayor.

By the way, it is expected that after the transfer of oil storage facilities in Larnaca, about 3 km of the coastline will be vacated.

Part of the new multi-million euro project includes the creation of a promenade along the Larnaca-Dhekelia road, a linear park encompassing the coastal strip, and a multifunctional ecological place on Psiloritis Street.

In addition, the municipality plans to put in order the artificial canals and the Archangelos Kamitsis river flowing from Livadia, which are located near Jumbo. On the vacated land, it is proposed to create a garden city of Arcolivada, as well as to build up the territories with residential and tourist microdistricts.

All this became possible due to the transfer of oil and gas facilities from the coastal strip of the city. By the way, this process is very time consuming, it has been going on for many years, however, thanks to the efforts and cooperation of the Development Committee of the Larnaca District, deputies, ministries, oil companies and, above all, local residents, it finally got off the ground, '' said Vyras.

As you may know, the territory of the former oil storage facility in Larnaca should be completely vacated by the end of 2021.

The former Cyprus Refinery was closed in April 2004 and an oil storage facility was built in its place. It held the reserves of private fuel companies operating in Cyprus, as well as the state organization KODAP, which is responsible for maintaining the volume of strategic fuel reserves of the republic.

In May 2018, Petrolina demolished its first fuel tank. It was the largest in capacity ever built in Cyprus. In March of this year, the company began dismantling 19 more fuel tanks with a total capacity of about 40 thousand m3. She was given 3 months for this.

Another company, Hellenic Petroleum, also began demolishing its reservoirs in April this year and was supposed to clean up the area by summer. During the demolition, all facilities, pipelines, tanks and equipment that were part of the company's oil storage facility were dismantled. The third company, ExxonMobil, is expected to take another two to three months. By the way, at present the companies are actively moving their tanks to the Vasiliko station.

У муниципалитета Ларнаки грандиозные планы на территорию бывших нефтехранилищ

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