Ministry of Labor of Cyprus tightens inspections at construction sites

Минтруда Кипра ужесточает проверки на строительных площадках
5 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Department of Labor Inspection of Ministry of Labor, Welfare, and Social Security announces that today, Monday, May 4, 2020, intensive inspections began.

The officers of the Public Sector and the Municipalities participate in these inspections. These officers have taken on the task of overseeing the obligations imposed under the Law on Infectious Diseases and the relevant Decrees as well as the Legislation on Safety and Health at work.

Recall you, that the first phase of lifting restrictions took effect on May, 04. The main condition of reopening construction sites is the full observance safety rules during the pandemic, which was approved by the Ministry of Labor of Cyprus. 

But, unfortunately, not everyone complied with these obligations. 

Today, 370 retail inspections were carried out, during which a satisfactory level of compliance was established, but there were also cases of the non-existence of marking and failure to use the mask. In 95 site inspections were carried out, during which a low level of compliance was found. It was found that there were no sanitary facilities, cleaning facilities, nor antiseptics. In those cases, the strict recommendations have been made to improve protection measures and prohibition notices have been issued.

Based on reserved results, the inspections will be more intensive on May 5, to achieve better compliance. In this case, inspectors will be required to impose the penalties provided be law.

Late payment of a fine will be considered a crime. In some cases, the construction sites will be closed, as the most stringent measure.

Source: Philenews

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