May 04 the construction sector of Cyprus will be opened up

С 4 мая официально запускаются все строительные площадки Кипра
29 April 2020 Angelica Michael

Tonight April 29, President Nikos Anastasiades delivered a televised address to the nation about Coronavirus restrictive measures. Citizens were waiting for the moment so long, as the island has been living in quarantine for almost two months.

The Health Ministry’s team of scientific advisers reported to President Nikos Anastasiades on the coronavirus situation for looking for the first steps to gradually ease the lockdown in Cyprus.

The relaxation process is expected to come in four stages. The first stage will take effect on May, 04.

First of all, the President announced that the construction sector can reopen.

May, 04 the construction sector and all its supporting businesses will be opened up. All the restrictions in this sector will be lifted.

First phase of lifting restrictions – May, 04:

  • Increase in the allowed numbers of outing from one to three
  • Opening construction sector
  • Opening small shops (not malls)
  • Opening outdoor markets and travel offices.

Second phase of lifting restrictions – middle of May:

  • Opening barbershops and hairdressers and gym

Third phase of lifting restrictions:

  • Resume interrupter sport championships and completions, but only without the presence of spectators

Fourth phase of lifting restrictions:

  • Opening malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes but with limit of visitors at the same time


  • From May 04 – people may take three trips outside a day, up from one by SMS permission (to rent or buy real estate, for example)
  • The curfew from 22:00 to 06:00
  • From May 21 – all restrictions on movement will be lifted (people can go to other cities)
  • From May 04 - opening churches and mosques (but there are should be up to 10 people inside)
  • From May 04 – people may walk along the promenade, swim in the sea (up to 2 persons)
  • From June 01 – people may go the public beaches.

According the epidemiological data, the duration of each phase will be about two weeks. However, the situation will be monitored by expert very carefully.

From May 04:

  • All retails shops (except malls) will reopen. Employees are required to wear masks. Cyprus resident will also be required to wear masks inside.
  • The contraction sector and all its supporting businesses will be opened.
  • Public markets and bazaars will reopen.
  • Tourism and travel agencies will reopen.
  • The courts may operate again.
  • All workers from the public sector will return to work.

Health and Education

  • Clinics and hospitals begin to operate. Dental clinics will reopen
  • May 11 – lyceums will reopen. But only to students who are in the final year. The Education Minister will make an announcement soon about others.


  • From May, 18 – allowed team training. The list of the athletes who are significant for Cypriot sport will be prepared by the competent authority.

From May 21:

  • Restaurants, bars, cafes (only with outside services) will reopen
  • Bookmakers will reopen
  • Hairdressers, beauty salons will reopen
  • Also, people can go the parks, marinas, ports, libraries, museums, archeological parks.

The whole process will take from two to three months. During this period all residents have to observe personal hygiene and social distance. 

Source: DOM Live

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