Construction of New Dormitory for Students Nearing Completion in Limassol

В Лимассоле завершается строительство нового общежития для студентов
16 November 2021 DOM LiVE

The construction of a new dormitory for students in Ekali, Limassol is being completed.

The modern building is located on a plot of land belonging to the Church of Cyprus, next to the fourth roundabout of the Limassol - Paphos highway, the Tsirio Stadium and the Church of St. Arsenius.

One of the biggest problems for every second Limassol family, as well as young people, is the high cost of renting housing. Realizing the importance of supporting students, many of whom today cannot afford to live in rented apartments, the Church of Cyprus has allocated a plot of land and funds for the construction of a dormitory.

It is worth noting that the opening of the dormitory took place a year ago. However, the landscaping work is still ongoing. It is expected that the new building will be fully commissioned within a few months.

В Лимассоле завершается строительство нового общежития для студентов

In total, it can accommodate 220 students. At the same time, 200 places are allocated for govenment employees, another 20 for foreign graduate students. The new dormitory serves the needs of TEPAK University, where 298 students are currently studying.

It is noteworthy that the rent for the hostel is subsidized from the funds of the Church of Cyprus.

The Archdiocese signs a contract with each student for 10 months. The maximum cost of renting a room, including electricity, water, Internet, parking, reaches 350 euros. At the same time, 250 euros is covered by student grants.

The apartments in the hostel are fully furnished studios with an area of 20 m2. There are also several two-room apartments in the building. For the convenience of students, the new hostel provides a cafe-restaurant, laundry, reading room, gym, table football, billiards and other public recreation areas. The building has a spacious parking lot.

The workers are now finishing the decoration in the restaurant, where they will soon begin to accept not only students, but also everyone who wants to eat at affordable prices for residents of Cyprus. According to the management of the dormitory, there will be 5 dishes to choose from daily at a reasonable cost.

Since the quality of the housing offered and the payment terms are very attractive, the students who were lucky enough to live in a new hostel are very satisfied with their housing.

В Лимассоле завершается строительство нового общежития для студентов

В Лимассоле завершается строительство нового общежития для студентов

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