Olympic Swimming Pool To Be Built in Kato Polemidia, Limassol

В районе Като Полемидия в Лимассоле построят олимпийский бассейн
25 June 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Friday, June 25, an official meeting was held in Limassol between the Mayor of Kato Polemidia, Nikos Anastasiou, the delegation of the Limassol Nautical Club (NOA) and the Cyprus Sports Organization (KOA).

In particular, Andronikos Andronikou and Vasilis Zoumpos were present from the KOA side. On behalf of the Municipality of Kato Polemidia -\was Municipal Councilors Mamas Pateras and Georgios Mavris, and on behalf of NOA was Vice President Panayiotis Kontides and CEO Euripides Manoulos.

As part of the event, Anastasiou and NOA announced to the Cyprus Sports Organization their intention to build a new Olympic pool in the area of ​​the former village of Verengaria.

According to the idea, the pool will be available for both athletes and ordinary citizens. In addition, it will be used for international sports tourism. NOA coaches plan to conduct specialized programs for young people and people with disabilities in the new pool.

According to the mayor, the creation of a new modern swimming pool will bring many social benefits to citizens and will contribute to the further development of sports in the city.

We intend to create a modern sports complex in this area, which will become a place of attraction, first of all, for young people, Anastasiou emphasized.

By the way, Limassol already has one outdoor pool in the Germasogeia area. Previously, the municipality of the city proposed to the Cyprus Sports Organization (ΚΟΑ) to build a similar pool behind the Phytidio Sports Center - GSO. However, the project has not yet started.

As you may know, Verengaria is a former village that territorially belongs to the municipality of Kato Polemidia.

Local authorities intend to turn it into a campus. Dormitories for students will soon appear on the territory of Verengaria. The University of Technology (TEPAK) has already signed a contract with the architectural bureau E. Papachristou LLC, which will develop the project. In total, university students will be provided with 485 rooms for living, as well as a number of other common facilities provided for a convenient and comfortable stay.

It should be noted that the project was highly praised as it is hoped that it will help students find affordable housing in a city known for its high cost of living.

В районе Като Полемидия в Лимассоле построят олимпийский бассейн

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Source: philenews.com
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