Сompany Sakyrco

General information:

City: Limassol
Year of construction: 1991
Direction of development : Elite , Apartments


Sakyrco is a national construction and project development company with years of experience in the industry having been established in 1991. Our aim is to bring lasting benefits to our clients with the places we create for them to live in.


Since the foundation of Sakyrco in 1991, the company has developed very fast, and has taken over a significant part in the Cypriot construction field.

In construction works, the company has a first class building permission. It has undertaken and completed great constructive developments such as tourist villages, hotels, universities, joint developments, mansions, movie theatres, bowling, factories, schools and residential apartments.

Furthermore, the company specializes in the development of technical projects.

Technical projects our company has worked on include football fields, desalination plants, garbage loading stations, water and wastewater plants and biological stations amongst others.

The company’s goal is constant development, maintaining the high quality of our projects, strict keeping of timelines and constant improvement of our relationship with our clients.

As a company that undertakes major projects, we state that our priority is the continuous improvement of the quality of our projects through the consistent education and training of our staff.


Our projects stand out for their unique and exceptional design and their fascinating structure and competitive prices. We tend to build residential buildings in areas very close to the beach where people in Cyprus want to live in. We strive to develop properties of the highest calibre for our clients and we are always flexible to adapting and helping the clients decide on the interior design of their flat according to their needs.

We tend to offer title deeds to our clients shortly after the delivery of a project. 

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Tatyana Kovalsky
Developer representative:
Tatyana Kovalsky


№ 55136
Sakyrco 7 - Maria Residences
Limassol / Neapolis
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№ 55004
Neapolis Apartments
Limassol / Neapolis
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№ 47531
Limassol / Agia Fyla
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